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  1. Dear devotees, Any good that has come to me in my life has been brought by you or those like you. I justed wanted to thank you for that and recently for the travel tips,good wishes and inspiration to visit the holy land. Both before in this section and recently I have been privilaged to receive your good blessings as they appeared in the various current threads.I can't properly thank you. And the nerve of me to beg one more favor.Please forgive my many offenses: my arrogance,my coldness, my anger and harsh tone.How I pretend to know and understand when in truth I am just a tiny soul lost in darkness,lost to Krishna, myself and all living beings.How I have sought discord on these forums over unity and love.And how I have taken your presense so lightly.Please forgive me. And, being shamless, I beg yet another.Please pray to Sri Sri Radhe Shyama to bestow Their mercy upon this ragged soul. Hare Krishna YS MC
  2. I see the answer right here is Prabhupada's words. We have to recognize all living beings as part of Krishna and not as objects to exploit. No piece meal 'solutions' will prove effective. The fact is many of us have no genuine respect for Krishna or other jivas despite our endless pontificating.But until we experiencea true change of heart all these problems,in various forms, will remain.
  3. sin_patas, This is a beginning to an interesting thread,one I hope to have a little time for later today. It is not possible to escape belief even in one's ordinary life,let alone the philosophical or religious side of it. For example your idea that belief is a material attachment and we should strive to get away from it for that reason may also be seen as a belief.Quandry if we try to negate it. It seems to me that belief is a necessary step towards any goal including God consciousness.It may be immature at that level but yet an indespensible step. I know Janus has had some interesting views on belief and may join the conversation along with others. Hare Krishna
  4. Dear FaithfullDevotee, Just a suggestion here.Forget most of this thread.There was some positive replies but the static may be hard to hear over. You question on the reason for trying to reach the heavenly planets is a very good one. Here is the suggestion.Take it to the letters to the editor thread and pose it to JNdas.Others here could also give a nice answer but that letters thread is static free. Hare Krishna MC
  5. Simple question it is.But as we have witnessed from the response that followed not one Master Morph is willing to answer. M.M. Satyraja, Your avoidance of questions and your constant change of positions is noticed by all. You do it to avoid the weaknesses in your arguments and by doing so just cause them to become more noticable.Kind of like a child hiding in the middle of a room by covering his eyes.Cute but not effective. Hare Krishna
  6. Thank you M-dd.I'm now convinced.It's full immersion for me.
  7. JR, I took valaya's comment about the turtles at straight value.He wasn't calling you or anyone else here a turtle. Found it funny also as I have heard stories of these monster turtles that live in Radha-kund and had become resigned to just pouring some water over my head.
  8. Valaya, Thanks for the good advice on the previous page.I'm taking it. One thing I noticed about this thread is that the pop-pyschology is thick and characteristically missing Krishna's name. Just because you are remaining doesn't mean you must beat your head against this wall bro. Hare Krishna
  9. It's ok.You thought it was for you and became startled"eek".
  10. I'm still in the US.Thank you for the good thoughts Mr. das.Someday I hope to realize that the good wishes of the Vaisnava's are the only true wealth and sustenance for the soul.Until then I wander.At least this time I seem to be headed in the right direction. I am packing now and have been going back and forth on the laptop.I am going to try to get it in.I leave Sunday night.
  11. See."It's for me, its for me"
  12. When you can here a rukus or maybe even a small riot happening up on Telegraph ave. and you are only a few blocks away and it is only 11:30,but you decide to watch Niteline instead.
  13. The pic should stay.It is hilarious as was Gauracandras inital post. His[CC] bringing your name into it was rude however.Maybe you should jpg or img him back. [This message has been edited by Maitreya (edited 09-26-2001).]
  14. LOL that pic is so funny.So right on.There isn't anything they won't do for a buck.When she gets a trick he just goes back to the pimpmobile and beats his drum.You know the one he bought in Africa.
  15. Suryaz said [quoting Rishi]: Nooo, women don't practice seduction,no way.Ha ha ha.That is evident in the chaste way they dress here in the West.Tight, low cut, see through blouses, look at me look at me.Titilation nation.I'm a lusty dog so I'm not complaining just stating the obvious. If you want to be real and honest then at least admit that women do try to seduce men.I know men try to seduce women.If that fact isn't the most obvious basic thing to someone then this discussion has no hope. Admitting to that is not admitting to hatred of the opposite sex.It is just admitting to something every 11 year old already knows. Forget it Rishi.You tried. Suryaz,I could be wrong, but I hear you speaking through Rishi to someone else in your past.We all do this.Rishi is not your enemy.He is just a nice person who put himself out there and got a swift kick in the face with a spiked shoe for his trouble.Unlike you from what I have read in your many other posts. Here is a fact that I have noticed and I'm sure the world may have seen an exception or two, maybe even three. The woman wants to change the man.If the man changes she will lose respect for him.If he doesn't she will keep trying and complaining that "Oh woo is me,I've tried so hard in this relationship but he is so insensitive,he just won't improve the way I want him too.I guess I just love too hard.I just care too much." Contemplating the sense objects breeds lust.Lust brings frustration and anger.[For both sexes]Then bewilderment of memory intelligence is lost and we fall down deeper into the material muck. By not nderstanding this sequence when we experience the anger then the blame for that rotten feeling gets shifted to the opposite party.They failed to make one happy.It works both ways. Nectar in the beginning and poison in the end.[remember this is sexism thread and not the relationship one]. A deep dark forest of bewilderment. Alfred
  16. I don't know Satyaraja.Isn't the forest suppose to be located in a sacred place?There might be some in Brazil.Definetly avoid the beaches near Rio, that I can say for certain.The main thing is no phone lines,otherwise you will be tempted to proselytize.And that might upset the self appointed shruti guru's at Harvard and the University of Chicago.
  17. Forget the marketplace Satyaraja and find a cave.That is more in line with what you claim shruti says. I hear there are some vacancies now in Afghanistan,but I wouldn't recommend the neighborhood.
  18. If divine wisdom should be kept secret, why does Satyaraja keep posting his version of it on a world wide forum? Satyaraja please head for a cave with no phone lines to use for your internet proselytizing.Otherwise I'm sure you will not be able to stop yourself from trying to save us. Hare Krishna
  19. TRANSLATION In this world, there is nothing so sublime and pure as transcendental knowledge. Such knowledge is the mature fruit of all mysticism. And one who has become accomplished in the practice of devotional service enjoys this knowledge within himself in due course of time. Bg 4.38
  20. Every material comtaminated soul wants to usurp Krishna's position as the Supreme Enjoyer, the Supreme Male. While trying to dominate and exploit others we sometimes we find ourselves getting the short end of the stick.Tough for us. When we stop trying to exploit we will find that our own experience of being exploited will vanish in due course. From a lecture on Bg13.1-2 Lect. 9-24-73 Therefore those who are actually intelligent, they should not neglect this movement, Krsna consciousness movement. It is the greatest welfare movement for the whole human society to make people God conscious, Krsna conscious, without which there will be so many troubles. It is already there. So everyone is trying to enjoy the prakåti, the material nature. Therefore the question is prakåtià puruñaà caiva kñetraà kñetrajïaà eva ca. This is material nature and anyone who is trying to enjoy this material nature, he is called purusa. Purusa means enjoyer and prakrti means enjoyed. Just like in ordinary life we see a man is supposed to be enjoyer and the woman is supposed to be enjoyed, similarly, prakrti is feminine gender and purusa is masculine gender. Anyone who is trying to enjoy, he is purusa. It doesn’t matter, outwardly he’s dressed as man or women; if he has got the desire to enjoy, that is called purusa. And his object that is enjoyed, that is called prakrti.
  21. I have noticed this for a long, long time.Glad Ananta Sesa Naga das brought it to the fore. ------------ Have Things Changed That Much? Is This Happening Worldwide? by Ananta Sesa Naga das I had the privilege of being initiated by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada in 1970 in London. The devotees there were always preaching and going out on what was then called sankirtan. On a Sunday all devotees attended the feast, and whenever a new face appeared, a devotee would always be 'assigned' to the individual. That way a new face would receive KRSNA's blessing by hearing the philosophy. Nowadays when I attend some temples in the UK I see that non-devotees are often left on their own while devotees sit in groups talking. It also surprises me that a large number of devotees enter and leave the Temple room without paying respects to either Srila Prabhupada or Their Lordships. The amount of times that I have been left on my own on a Sunday is unbelievable. No one approaced me at all in one temple. It is obvious to anyone who looks that I am initiated. Is this practice worldwide or does it just occur in some of the UK temples? In one particular Temple, very few devotees attend Arti in the evening. If this happened in Bury Place in the early days, our feet wouldn't touch the ground. This is not intended as a criticism just a question of observation. Ananta Sesa Naga das © CHAKRA 24 September 2001
  22. Not in this age. They would rather try the sage. The Devil "Innocent" The proclamation. As the jury revels In nullification.
  23. What I am happy about is Arvind has used his own words to speak to us after all this time.Haribol Arvind prabhu.
  24. Bg. 3.7 - On the other hand, if a sincere person tries to control the active senses by the mind and begins karma-yoga [in Krsna consciousness] without attachment, he is by far superior.
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