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  1. Note: why i`ll be damned! it`s talasiga who`s behind all these atrocities. calling fbi and the cia, i have here the master taliban.
  2. note: it was this time that the computer i was using was racing with valaya`s unit. the time between 7:30 - 8:00 pm on sept. 11, 2001.
  3. why don`t you join the formula 1 with michael shumacher and his ferrari as your car to smashdom? better drive carefully.
  4. guardian angels if only you knew is no other than the child your wife is trying to put to sleep. nanda maharaj`s guardian angels were krsna and balarama but the former could n`t imagine how these two little boys could protect him from harm, calamities, and miseries. that`s why to those who don`t believe finds it inconceivable to believe in the existence of angels which is no other than that baby they are now holding in their arms. these angels already existed before you were born and when you were born, they were inside you until the approriate time they decided to be born through you. in other words angels are the spirits of our long departed great grandparents. its they, the pitrs who protect us from untimely death and this urge to commit a sin against morality and crimes against our fellowmen. without our guardian angels to watch over us is like a life without the children around. what a boring life would be if there are no angels to sing us this song, " twinkle twinkle little stars how i wonder what you are up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky twinkle twinkle little stars how i wonder what you are." [This message has been edited by mel9 (edited 11-18-2001).]
  5. let`s respect saktyavesa avatar, lord jesus christ preached mayavada philosophy so people could step up unto his platform of being one with the father christ. it`s a step one rung higher than being called an animal. animals don`t have the intelligence to reach the stage of liberation from the material body. humans however are an exception. that`s why lord jesus christ preached mayavadism so that his followers would at least value human life. before christ the people were always at war, no peace in sight where one could take a breather. but when christ appeared before men he was able to convert the people how to love one another instead of killing each other. of course one reasons that life is eternal and therefore they reasoned that if we die today there`s no need to worry since the self takes up another body in the next life where it is given another chance to enjoy and eventually lord over the material creation. christ on the other hand treated the sick and repaired his followers`s ailing bodies. in other words lord jesus christ was a physician who swore to uphold the sacredness of human life that it`s made in the image of god the almighty. there are confidential scriptures written by lord jesus` scribes stating that the former may have been a vaishnava who took up the role of a margi, a follower of sankaracarya who is lord shiva himself. you must remember that lord shiva is one of the twelve mahajanas of lord krsna who is acknowledged by lord chaitanya as the supreme personality of godhead. in other words a devotee of lord shiva is also a vaishnava if he protects the devotees of lord krsna from demons like kamsa, ravana, hiranyakasipu, etc. to criticize therefore a follower of christ even if one`s faith has not fully matured can not yet be considered a first class devotee of lord krsna. its an offense to think that he`s above everyone else in experiencing what god has done to him in this life. nothing can be further from the truth.
  6. it`s a reactor like no other! [This message has been edited by mel9 (edited 11-17-2001).]
  7. god is the cause of our remembrance, intelligence and forgetfulness. people with alzheimers, dementia, progressive atropy of the brain, amnesia and senility are just a few of the many diseases that affect the brain of man but it can recover if we only concentrate ourselves within the heart the beauty of god, every second, minute, hour of the day. if you think its easy it is not because the mind`s attention span is very short considering that it has to serve its master, the self on how the latter should settle his bills, how to run a big family, corporation, community, governmens and even the world! that`s the cause why brains deteriorate rapidly having concentrated on the things that are not fraternal. spirit comes spirit not materiality from spirituality. if you think materially not eternally then you lose sight of what is fraternal and beautiful which are responsible for us to be able to remember the past and renew ties severed long ago. if you can acquire this art of always remembering what is good within your heart then consider yourself on the road to recovery against forgetfulness. the forgetfulness of not wanting to recall the memories of our youth which is too painful to remember during our twilight years like a once fresh flower that has withered by the ravages of time. do become god conscious and surely you will find your youthful memories again. it`s the only prescription that i know of. [This message has been edited by mel9 (edited 11-17-2001).]
  8. today is the ramadan hence we should respect allah`s followers as they start cleansing their bodies as they fast and reflect over time the transgressions they may have incurred against allah and his teachings which god conveyed through the prophet mohammad in the koran. it would be unwise for those who keep on waging war against the muslims, good or bad, to go ahead with it. as it is in war there is also peace. give peace a chance even if its only for a month. [This message has been edited by mel9 (edited 11-17-2001).]
  9. Mateo, don`t try to be discourteous and ease yourself a bit. Before you interact with someone whom you do not know, be polite in your words. How can you convince that Lord Jesus Christ is our Lord if you continue to act this way. Why don`t you just show them that you have the authority to convert the religious back to the Catholic fold. I know of a lot of Catholics who became Protestants because of dogmatic doctrines the Vatican want her flock to uphold. Like celibacy, divorce, the evil of using oral contraceptives in planning a family. These are sensitive issues that need an address, why its members should do this and that. But if you have it that such issues can be settled then the first step in what you do is try not to step on the shoes of others. That will help your mission in declaring to all that Christ is really our Lord. [This message has been edited by mel9 (edited 11-15-2001).]
  10. You don`t have to be sorry for yourself. It will only hurt more to remember what your father have gone through. Try to take it easy and hope that things would turn out for the better. It`s not the end of the world. After death, there`s another life. Don`t hold unto the past. Try to do your best in the present for there`s in the future a lot in stored for you and your family. Always believe in yourself that you can do things you thought would be impossible to do. If there`s a will there`s a way if you have the Lord with you.
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