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govinda das

The simplicity of Krishna Consciousness

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Somehow or other, from a pure devotee, a bit of real Krishna consciousness should enter through our ears into our hearts, and Krishna will supply whatever is required. One who has imbibed even a slight regard for Krishna consciousness is assured of success in spiritual life, today or tomorrow.

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"Simply but the Greatest "


"There are many personalities possessing

the qualities of Bhagavan, but Krishna is

the supreme because none can excel Him.

He is the Greatest Person, and His body

is eternal, full of wisdom and bliss. He

is the primeval Lord Govinda, the cause

of all causes." Brahma-samhita(5.1)


If Brahmaji admits Govinda is the cause

of all causes, why do people with low IQs

think of the Lord as one of them? "Fools

deride Me when I descend into this world

because they don`t know My transcendental

nature and My supreme dominion over all

that be." Bg.(9.11)


The Lord(Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu)

is not an ordinary person when he took

birth in India on February 18, 1486. In

fact He is the Absolute Personality of God

(saccid-ananda-vigraha) and there is no

difference between His body and His atma.


To know how powerful the Lord is, Pariksit

didn`t ask his Guru, Sukadeva Goswami, to

relate Krishna`s pastimes in Vrndavana. But

first, he wanted to hear the creation of

the Lord. The time for such an inquiry was

rather short(7 days), and Sukadeva Goswami

could have described the Lord to Maharaja

Pariksit by touching on Canto 10 of Srimad

Bhagavatam to make a brief cut of the whole

thing regularly done by professional Bhaga-

vatam story tellers. But the King and the

greatest speaker of the Vedanta-sutra did

not leap like the organizers of Bhagavatam,

both having proceeded systematically so the

future readers and hearers of Srimad Bhaga-

vatam might take lessons from the example.


Those who control the external energy of the

Lord should know before hand how this Durga

devi energy of the Supreme Being Hari is ac-

ting, knowing that she is only the shadow of

the Lord. Behind her astonishing display of

illusory energies is the direction of Sri



His Divine Grace in his point of view of Sri

Bhagavatam have seriously warned his disci-

ples to guard against the pitfalls of igno-

ring knowledge about Sri Krishna Chaitanya

in regard to how great He is. Only an un-

flinching faith in Him that they shall find

how truly great is He, otherwise, they will

mistake God for Lord Siva, or a historical

personality, or a myth.


The transcendental pastimes of the Lord in

Vrndavana, or at Mathura, are relishable

for persons who qualified themselves in ad-

vanced spiritual techniques. Like Bhaktivi-

noda Thakur, who have attained that stage

by the gradual process of devotional service

and inquiries about the Lord Nimai Pandit,

as we saw in the behavior of Maharaja Parik-

sit who kindly requested Sukadeva Goswami

to help him describe how the Lover of the

Surabhi cows, Srila Govinda, engages His va-

rious energies and expansions in maintaining

all of creation in His role as Maha-Vishnu

and winding up this phenomenal world in the

sporting spirit of the Greatest Player of


(108 Sri Bhagavatam Canto 2, Ch. 4, Text 7)

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