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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention that the above is a quote from Srila Bhaktiraksaka Sridhara Gosvami.
  2. Somehow or other, from a pure devotee, a bit of real Krishna consciousness should enter through our ears into our hearts, and Krishna will supply whatever is required. One who has imbibed even a slight regard for Krishna consciousness is assured of success in spiritual life, today or tomorrow.
  3. SRI DASA-VIDHA NAMAPARADHA The Ten Offences to the Holy Name (to be carefully avoided by the devotee) hari-nama mahamantra sarvva-mantra-sara yadera karunabale jagate pracara sei nama-parayana sadhu, mahajana tahhadera ninda na kariha kadacana [1] vrajendranandana krishna sarvvesvaresvara mahesvara adi tara sevana-tatpara nama chintamani krishna-chaitanya-svarupa bheda-jnana na karibe lila-guna-rupa [2] "guru krishna-rupa han sastrera pramane guru-rupe krishna kripa kare bhagyavane" se gurute marttya-buddhi avajnadi tyaji ista-labha kara, nirantara nama bhaji [3] sruti, sruti-mata saha satvata purana sri-nama-charana-padma kare nirajana sei sruti-sastra yeba karaye nindana se aparadhira sanga karibe varjjana [4] namera mahima sarvva-sastrete vakhane atistuti, hena kabhu na bhaviha mane agastya, ananta, brahma, sivadi satata ye nama-mahima-gatha sankirttana rata se nama-mahima-sindhu ke paibe para? ati-stuti bole yei-sei duracara [5] krishna-namavali nitya golokera dhana kalpita, prakrita, bhave - apardhi-jana [6] name sarvva-papa-ksaya sarvva-sastre kaya sara-dina papa kari sei bharasaya - emata durbbuddhi yara sei aparadhi maya-pravañcita, duhkha bhuñje niravadhi [7] atulya sri-krishna-nama purna-rasa-nidhi tara sama na bhaviha subha-karmma adi [8] name sraddha-hina-jana - vidhata-vañchita tare nama dane aparadha suniscita [9] suniyao krishna-nama-mahatmya apara ye priti-rahita, sei naradhama chara ahamta mamata yara antare bahire suddha krishna-nama tara kabhu nahi sphure [10] ei dasa-aparddha kariya varjjana ye sujana kare hari-nama sankirttana apurvva sri-krishna-prema labhya tara haya nama-prabhu tara hride nitya vilasaya [11] Hare Krishna Mahamantra - of all mantras the best, Throughout the world is preached by saints' potent grace behest; Such saints to the Name devoted, such pure souls great: Never dare offend them - dare not show them hate. Lord Krishna, son of Nanda, of all lords the Leader - The great Siva and all the gods serve His feet forever; The touchstone of the Name is Krishna incarnate - His Pastimes, Nature, Form also think not separate. "Guru's a form of Krishna- the Scriptures corroborate; In the form of Guru, Krishna blesses the fortunate." Never offend that Guru by thinking him mere mortal; Gain your highest objective - serve the Name for time eternal. The Vedas with Mother Gayattri and Srimad-Bhagavatam Illuminate the Lotus Feet of Sri Hari's Name; Whoever vilifies those Holy Vedic Scriptures - Never keep their company, know them as offenders. The Glories of the Name - all Scriptures' exaltation; Dare not think their praise to be exaggeration, Agastya, Ananta, Brahma, Siva, etc., ever Sing the Glories of that Name with full-hearted fervour. Who can cross the ocean of the Glories of that Name? Whoever says 'exaggeration' have their sin to blame. The Holy Names of Krishna - eternal wealth of Goloka: Who thinks those Names imaginary, mundane - he's offender. All Scriptures claim the Name all sin it can destroy, But those who spend their time in sin making it a ploy - Such a wicked attitude is that of an offender Deceived by illusion, perpetually to suffer. Incomparable Name of Krishna - the treasure of ecstasy: Never dare compare it with auspicious piety. Those who're faithless t'ward the Name - deceived by Providence: Giving them the Holy Name surely's an offence. Despite them hearing the infinite Glories of Krishna's Name, Those whose hearts don't melt in love are rascals of ill fame; Only pride and avarice their thoughts and words do yield The Pure Name of Krishna to them is ne'er revealed. Casting off these ten offences, leaving no exception, Those pure souls who chant the Name in Holy Congregation - The miracle of Love for Krishna they will surely savour, The Name Divine Himself will shine within their hearts forever. - Tridandi-bhiksu Sri Bhakti Sundar Govinda Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Kolergañj, Nabadwip, Nadia 2nd April, 1989
  4. svarna koti darpanabha deha varna gauravam padma parijata gandha vanditanga saurabham koti kama murchitanghri rupa rasa ranganam prema dhama devam eva naumi gaurasundaram The Lord's lustrous Form surpasses the brilliance of a million mirrors of gold. The fragrance of heavenly and earthly lotus flowers is humbled by the subtle scent of nectar filling the air around the Lord Sri Gaurasundar. Millions of Cupids are stunned by His infinite beauty.The Cupid's finite capacity to charm and create rapture is surpassed by the attractiveness of the Lord. Sri Gaurasundar's dancing in various moods of devotional love makes everyone seeing Him swoon. Dancing in the deepest bliss of spiritual love, Sri Gaurasundar is the Artful Dancer Sri Krishna Himself, come again into this Earth in a Golden Form. I sing with joy the unending glories of my sweet Lord, my golden Gaurasundar, the One and Only Divine Abode of Pure Love.
  5. Sri Sri Prabhupada-padma Stavakah (Dedicated to Nitya-lila-pravista Om Visnupada Paramahamsa Astottara-sata Sri Srimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada) by Om Visnupada Paramahamsa Parivrajakacarya-varya Sarva-sastra-siddhanta-vit Astottara-sata- Sri Srimad Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Deva Goswami Maharaja Prayer unto the Lotus Feet of my Lord and Master Srila Prabhupada 1 His lotus feet are served in devotion by multitudes of high, virtuous souls; he is the establisher of the religion of the age (as Sri Krsna-sankirtana); he is the presiding monarch (of the Visva Vaisnava-Raja-Sabha - the universal society of the pure devotees that are the true 'kings' or guides of all); and he is the fulfiller of the most cherished desires of those who dispel fear (for all souls). I make my obeisance unto the lotus feet of that illustrious great soul, worshippable by one and all - perpetually do I make my obeisance unto the radiance emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Lord. 2 He is the leader of the fortunate souls blessed with the treasure of internal pure devotion; he is greatly merciful upon the fallen souls, being their only shelter; and his inconceivable holy feet are the shelter for the deceivers, by deceiving them. I make my obeisance unto his lotus feet - perpetually do I make my obeisance unto the radiance emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Lord. 3 I make my obeisance unto his divine, charming yet commanding lofty form of golden hue. That beautiful figure shames the mad ecstasy of golden lotus stems. Venerated by tens of millions of Cupids, the moons of the toenails of my Worshipful Divine Master reveal the beauty of his lotus feet. Perpetually do I make my obeisance unto that effulgence emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Lord. 4 Like the moon that delights the stars, he is surrounded by his circle of personal servitors, making their hearts bloom in divine ecstasy. The malicious non-devotees are made to flee in panic by the sound of his thunderous roar, and the simple, inoffensive souls attain the ultimate fortune by accepting his lotus feet. I make my obeisance unto him; perpetually do I make my obeisance unto the brilliance emanating from the toenails of the holy lotus feet of my Lord. 5 He has revealed the vast, magnificent beauty of Sri Gaura Dhama; he has broadcast the tidings of the supreme magnanimity of Sri Gauranga throughout the whole universe; and in the hearts of the fit recipients of his grace, he has firmly established the lotus feet of Sri Gaura. I make my obeisance unto him; perpetually do I make my obeisance unto the effulgence emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Lord. 6 He is the eternal shelter and the Universal Guru for the souls surrendered unto Sri Gauranga. Absorbed in the service of his Gurudeva, Sri Gaura Kisora, he wholeheartedly adores Sri Bhaktivinoda Thakura. I make my obeisance unto him; perpetually do I make my obeisance unto the effulgence emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Lord. 7 He is the illustrious personality to raise the flag that sings the glory of Sri Rupa, Sri Sanatana, and Sri Raghunatha. His glory is sung throughout the world as nondifferent from the powerful personality of brilliant erudition, Sri Jiva. And he has won the renown of being one with the hearts of Srila Krsnadasa Kaviraja and Thakura Narottama. I make my obeisance unto him; perpetually do I bow down to the brilliance emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Divine Master. 8 Bestowing his grace upon all souls, he is Hari-kirtana incarnate. As the associate of Sri Gaura, he relieves Mother Earth of the burden of offenses committed upon her. And he is so gracious that his endearance of all beings excels that of even a father. I make my obeisance unto him - the mine of all these qualities; perpetually do I bow down to the effulgence emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Divine Master. 9 Like a wish-fulfilling tree for his surrendered servitors (he fulfills their heart's aspirations), even a tree is shamed by his magnanimity and forbearance. And great personalities who are competent to confer boons - they, too, worship his lotus feet. I make my obeisance unto him; perpetually do I bow down to the radiance emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Divine Master. 10 The crownjewel of the paramahamsas, the Prince of the treasure of the supreme perfection of life, Sri Krsna-prema, he accepted the robes of a mendicant sannyasi just to deliver the fallen souls. The topmost tridandi sannyasis attend his lotus feet. I make my obeisance unto him; perpetually do I bow down to the effulgence emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Divine Master. 11 He is the dearmost intimate follower of the Divine Daughter of Sri Vrsabhanu, and I know myself as the most fortunate by taking the dust of his holy feet upon my head. I make my obeisance unto his invincible, wondrously purifying lotus feet - perpetually do I bow to the brilliance emanating from the toenails of the holy feet of my Divine Master.
  6. Jai Sri Krishna! Not all Christians say like that. Seems like you have been talking with Evangelical Christians. Many Catholic and Protestant theologians say that God reveals Himself in other religions too. It may be true that Jesus was the only way, in that time, place and circumstance. But it should not be considered an absolute statement. It is not that Jesus is the only way, in every time, place and circumstance. y s Govinda Dasa
  7. Sri Rupa Manjari Pada by Srila Narottama Thakur Commentary by Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Maharaj Founder-Acharya of the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math Sri-rupa-manjari-pada, sei mora sampada, sei mor bhajana-pujana sei mora prana-dhana, sei mora abharana, sei mor jivanera jivana sei mora rasa-nidhi, sei mor vancha-siddhi, sei mor vedera dharama sei brata, sei tapa, sei mora mantra-japa, sei mor dharama-karama anukula habe viddhi, se-pade hoibe siddhi, nirakhibo e dui nayane se rupa-madhuri-rasi, prana-kuvalaya-sasi, praphullita habe nisi-dine tuya adarsana-ahi, garale jaralo dehi, ciro-dina tapita jivana ha ha rupa koro doya, deho more pada-chaya, narottama loilo sarana Commentary by Srila B.R. Sridhar Dev-Goswami: Sri-rupa-manjari-pada, sei mora sampada, sei mor bhajana-pujana- my everything is Sri Rupa Goswami’s holy feet. We are to discuss so many classifications and positions of rasa: santa, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya, madhura. And in madhura-rasa Radharani’s camp is special. Then again there are so many gradations of sakhis. Then there is the class of the manjaris, the younger girls, and they have more freedom to approach: when Radha and Govinda are in union in a private environment, the manjaris can still approach. They have such freedom to visit Them. If any materials of service are necessary, the sakhis send the manjaris to that place. The sakhis do not approach there. In that way the manjaris enjoy the best confidence. The most secret service of both can be supplied through the manjaris. In the highest position they have free entrance, and their leader is Rupa Manjari. She is understood to be the leader of the whole group of younger girls, the manjaris, therefore in madhura-bhajan she is all-in-all. This has been taught to us by Narottama Thakur. For us - and the younger batch - she is our highest resort. Sei mora sampada- my wealth is there in her feet. Sei mor bhajana-pujana - my worship and service is also in her. Sei mora prana-dhana, sei mora abharana- the very wealth and gist of my life is there; and the ornaments of my life, if any there may be, that is within her grace. Sei mor jivanera jivana - indeed, the very life of my life, if there is anything, that is also her. I am for her pleasure. Sei mora rasa-nidhi - if there is anything, the source of any and all desirable ecstasy is only to be found there. The mine, source, and fountainhead of all rasa is there in her feet. Sei mora vancha-siddhi - and if I am to expect any other fulfilment in life, that is also there in her feet. Sei mor vedera dharama - if any duty is recommended by the Vedas for me, I would like that such duty be at her feet. Sei brata, sei tapa - if at all there is any desired accumulation from any penance or observance of vows, that is also to be found there - sei mora mantra-japa - and the continuous repetition of a mantra in japa all ends there: all things have only one end in my case, and that is that they all meet in different phases in the feet of Rupa Manjari. If she is satisfied then the variegated nature of all sorts of my devotional practices are satisfied. Sei mor dharama-karama - and any of my conceptions of duty or activity of any phases or form all have one end and meet in one point: the holy feet of Rupa Manjari. Anukula habe viddhi, se-pade hoibe siddhi - I only pray to the controller who is at the root of all these arrangements of affairs in this world, "Please connect me there. Oh Absolute Manager, may you grant my prayer that all my tendencies may go to attain her favour. Nirakhibo e dui nayane - and it will be so very intense and concrete as if I can see it with these eyes. It will not be vague, abstract, or imagination, but I want the most concrete realisation by the grace of the Absolute Manager." Se rupa-madhuri-rasi, prana-kuvalaya-sasi - what sort of high class beauty is there in her holy feet! I want to jump. Let my heart be a lotus. There are two classes of lotus: the white lotus came from the sun and the red from the moon. The kuvalaya is a mixture of the two. The lustre of her body will feed me day and night as the life of my life which is compared to a kuvalaya. The kuvalaya is fed and nourished by the lustre of the moon, and her holy feet are the moon, and my very vitality is likened to the lotus. May the lustre of her beauty maintain and nourish my heart of hearts. Praphullita habe nisi-dine - and the lotus of my heart will grow by that ray, and dance. Tuya adarsana-ahi - this is my prayer, but what is my present condition? My present condition is in the negative side, my Mistress. My present position is such that without having a sight of you, Your Grace, my heart will burn into ashes. That is my present position. Garale jaralo dehi - this is just like the poison of a cobra which produces pain within my heart. I have been bitten by a snake, and what is that snake? It is that I am not getting any direct contact with you, Your Grace. The serpent’s poison has captured my heart and I am going to die. Ciro-dina tapita jivana - and this is not a sudden thing, but from the beginning I have been suffering this sort of pain of separation from such a beautiful and hopeful life of fulfilment. Ha ha rupa koro doya, deho more pada-chaya, narottama loilo sarana - but I have now reached the extreme position and for the last time I am begging for your favour; otherwise I am going to be finished. This was composed by Narottama Thakur in praise of Srila Rupa Goswami. In this way he has given us light of the higher quarter of bhajan life. This sampradaya is named as the Rupanuga-sampradaya, and our Guru-parampara and all these things are adjusted according to that. He wrote many songs and they are of very substantive firmament, very ecstatic, and of deep faith.
  8. Sri Sri Prema Dhama Deva Stotram, verse 1. deva siddha mukta yukta bhakta vrnda vanditam papa tapa dava dagdha dukha khanditam krishna nama sidhu dhama dhanya dana sagaram prema dhama devam eva naumi gaurasundaram Sri Gaurasundar is the Personified Form of that oceanic consciousness of the flavour of nectar which is found in the Holy Name of Sri Krishna. Demigods, perfected beings, salvationists, mystic yogis and dedicated devotees of Sri Krishna sing the glories of the Holy Name of the Lord. Like a raincloud showering nectar, the mere shadow of the Name extinguishes the blazing forest fire of tormentful cravings and insatiable desires that chain the jiva (living soul) within the material world, a place where the jiva again and again experiences the agonies of birth, death and rebirth. I sing with joy the unending glories of my sweet Lord, my golden Gaurasundar, the One and Only Divine Abode of Pure Love.
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