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Some useful advices pure devotee.

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Some useful advices pure devotee.


Main in the sermon - line to bend, in time to speak I "do not "know" and at first to do(make), and to think it is possible and then.


In three years of practice and learning The books Prabhupada, pure devoted understands at last that one small rule(situation,position), is detuned certainly, that so it is not enough, but nothing do.


In three years of practice it(he) understands one more rule(situation,position).


In three years it(he) understands 10, three - 50, and per following three years it(he) understands them all. By then he(it) has 2-3 really realized things. But one of them is at a level of release, and another it Key from a gateway bhakti yoga.


Pure devotee never can understand itself as pure devotee. All remaining too do not understand It.


Other pure devotee, having noted pure devotee, thinks - " us all only two, that here to be pleased " to.


Pure devotee as a rule acts as madhyama being descended to the stipulated souls, but madhyama adhikari tries to act as uttama adhikari aiming to To perfection. Posted Image


Present kanistha adhikari imitates madhyama adhikari , just as some madhyama imitate uttama adhikari . Present madhyama never will allow anothers to speak about it(him) as about uttama adhikari . Present kanistha Never against it.


First that does maha kanistha adhikari, it tries to become uttama adhikari , if it(he) does not leave after that, it(he) is successful.


Kanistha adhikari it is eternal, constant, immovable and incomprehensible Category.


Kanistha adhikari sometimes sees innocent (karmi), as pure devotee, thinking, that is units uttama of devotion.


íÁhÁ kanistha sees not devoted as pure devotee, but it proceeds not for long, nevertheless to remain in such consciousness hardly.


The god blessings (?) pure devotee only in case of the special necessity, as is always sure in it(him) and thus, pure devotee acts not having the special advantage before others. Therefore possible(probable) complaints on pure devotee, Supersoul not Considers.


Pure devoted randomly has overturned on itself a plate sabji - " Probably it is the schedule of the God " - has thought he. Posted Image



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Originally posted by kailasa:

Main in the sermon - line to bend, in time to speak I "do not "know" and at first to do(make), and to think it is possible and then.


I do not know the mainline sermon

to bend at first

to speak in time

and then to think

It is possible



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Who could edit the stories about pure devotee? Pure devotee in paradise, pure devotee there is the agent of a special service, a visit Atlantida è.ò.ä. I would transfer(translate) by the machine, but the edition on English is necessary, there not so it is a lot of. Posted Image



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Having realized a hopelessness of material life, these grey everyday lives of a pursuit behind the threaded paper under a title money the freed soul feels a powerful impulse starting with depthes of its(her) heart. Having discarded inexhaustible I crave the recognitions, mental a health and vain attempts of achievement of spiritual perfection, pure devotee the Lord Visnu, takes in labour of a hand radiating glowing Brahmajoti the book about the Supreme Person of the God.


The material nature habitually bombed by the next catastrophes, floodings and crimes local population. Not showing external tags of ecstasy devoted was skilfully transformed to the standard fanatic, non-traditional, but perspective religion. Nothing indicated thunderstorms! The demons, having adjusted all kinds of mystical interaction, have decided to name themselves demigids and for an accuracy have accepted water christening in all known to the world religions. Respectfully, with a heart pray, raising to a sky of an eye and wine-glass, they appealed to world-wide to the spirit - character of their greatness, reason and release.


Pure devotee moved on streets, lowering(omitting) on to transitions the underground, on business looking narrowly to the people, going on meeting. Certainly for him and in thoughts was not to get, especially to sell, invaluable book, and who will understand it, it(he) thought. " The Kind day, book about the Supreme Person of the God, unexpectedly was heard by(with) it(he) an own voice. " A fantasy, this man has thought devotee -, was stopped! He similar perfectly has forgotten, that he does not have time and already as Two billion of life him not be interested by(with) any sects tradition!.


One hour has passed. The shadow of an easy alarm has run on an empire of demons. Nothing indicated thunderstorms. Taken into account(discounted), insured, federal and municipal property, mobility, resources, the factor of an immune system of country worked with force new ÊÀÌÀÇà( The good machine) . In this hour three proofs of progress as five skulls of our underdeveloped grandparents have added. Astronauts having made next victories the orbit, is surprised peered into a lone packet of garbage peacefully floating on adjacent orbit.


What can become a source of anxieties in this leveled course of world development? The small book monoteistik of the doctrine? Nobody has noted small failure brahman of a health. Pure devotee has thought: " Why I have taken with myself only one book? There can be it the schedule of the Supreme Person?..... Is not present, I am similar simplly fool... " - and he did not make an error never!




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MEETING WITH STIRLITS ( The famous agent KGB )


Transcendental to a place and time, pure devotee moved, for the present not an old body, on small, cosy to streets provincial, but european Cities. Pleasantly heated the western sun. Through equal intervals of asphalt there were accurate empty urns. A various style the Switzerland man or Switzerland woman (pure devotee did not see differences) walked on stores. Sometimes, being smoothly descended with top of spiritual implementation devotee started to act spirit of reasons and corollaries.


The time slightly hurried, having oriented in space, he has accepted the wise solution and has addressed to two stipulated souls temporarily accepting the delightful form of a female body.


- "Hari bol! - he has told on purest hindi - you will not tell as to pass in the library? "


The library of placed by a floor of above small cafe. The hours on the area have made 12 impact, devotee has come in premise(room).


In a distant corner having disorganized in a seat, sat Stirlits viewing " Moscow News. "


- "Yes, dear friend, the command recommended you as the best expert in implantation of the spiritual concept in broad layers of a society" - fiducially has told devotee Stirlits - "to the Sixth department KGB it is entrusted to spread spirit retractings in countries of West. " Stirlits was again threw off on seat-back with a soft smile looking on pure devotee.


- "At last - has thought pure devotee - and in a special service not only the fools work. "


- "Well that, we shall begin - has told Stirlits - us the weighty arguments of a truth of true " - Stirlits steadfastly are necessary has looked on pure devoted.


Feeling simultaneously both pleasure and liability devotee, faltering, beginnings to speak:


- Supreme Person God - absolute True!


- Yes, yes - with understanding has noded Stirlits , doing a drink of excellent swiss beer.


-"Excavation Dvaraka and the riches astrjlogy - indicate a source of substance."


Stirlits for one minute has reflected, having stroked a polishing of desktop, he has risen, was passed till cafe, music from a unknown movie unexpectedly has played. Stirlits has recollected childhood, last wife and communism. " What still? " - he has asked having returned for desktop.


The feeling of happiness overflowed devotee, but words did not suffice.


- "I understand - has told Stirlits once again having begun to miss on to communism - my old and tested friend, and and he Now should approach! " In doors hardly a round-shouldered figure of the old man in an accurate costume has appeared. - "The priest the Slak"- has presented Stirlits and it our friend, sincere representative of tradition".


- The slag - has corrected Stirlits priest, having raised a hat. In crafty shine of an eye priest saw thorough understanding of life. Pure devotee shortly has expounded a conception. Priest the Slag did not hurry with the answer, his silence with new force underlined boundless true, not holding in tight frameworks of words.


" We the Switzerland"- very much thoughtfully has uttered priest,( Stirlits has had a fit of coughing)- is not our religion! Our religion - religion of the Switzerland! " - he has uttered true not requiring of the proofs.


The pride of a native land strutted priest. " We trust, as our grandfathers " - trusted has finished priest with sweeping victory looking on devotee. He experienced even some compassion to unfortunate devotee, not understanding of such simple things.


Stirlits has recollected a native Land, rotten capitalism and is false singing about itself " a field, Russian field ", having slapped the newspaper on desktop, has deafened sleepy a fly. Stirlits perfectly knew, that priest not Switzerland , but has decided to monitor(track) further a course of world development. As if to the God, from early childhood he hardly has realized, that It(him) is not present also other thought with that times him did not visit.


- And how on the score of meat? - silly has asked devotee. Fatherly the smile has played on good-natured, executed by love to near, person priest. " Desecrates not that, the friend mine, that enters " - soft has told priest. " That enters, leaves " - has thought Stirlits.


" However - priest is surprised has looked at hours - it is time. " Completely distinctly seeing of a picture of a spiritual world - Lord - the God of mean years, and that and the old man (that especially it was pleasant priest), on a cloud, in a long white night shirtsleeve, lonely stands in the middle of a blue sky, or - Lord the God on a huge throne, and around people is eternally pleased to birdies, colours and infinite dinner, and can already and supper - priest of the beginnings to be forgiven.


Having conducted priest by a sight, Stirlits has thought - " of Vodka ", but the charter did not allow also he was pulled behind fourth to bank of beer. Slightly having got drunk, Stirlits has finished meeting - " we want to send you in USA, plane tomorrow, here visa and ticket. It is necessary to finish an enemy in him place " - frankly Stirlits. - In USA so in USA" - thought pure devotee walking along the street.


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The second month pure devotee lived in small a temple on 32 to a street. Irreproachably executing the directed duties, he suddenly has felt melancholy. " Of Humility in the people to become it is ever less and less " - has thought devotee, having looked by a sight the past. In the future, between numerous catastrophes and wars, already began to be seen a beginning varnasrama. Year after year, our hero, sharpened engineering of distribution of the books, but in next time, examining sword, devoted has noted on him tracks of rust. Having realized, that the situation has accepted a dangerous revolution devoted has abandoned a hospitable temple and has left on a street.


City the monster scooped force from bottom by this installed, demonstrating uselessness of material life in all her to beauty. Tama- guna blossomed, delivering weight of the necessary goods, the advertising is pleasant sang, both eat, and drink, and buy. The country continuously monitored(tracked) the latest news of sports. And not having invented, as it is possible to use sports in devoted service devoted has minimized from the circular. Unexpectedly road was partitioned off by(with) a huge private residence.


- "The good day"- affably was told by(with) he to the security guard, showing the shabby travel card of the Moscow underground of axle-"book fo you chief! " - slightly slewed, security guard compliantly has conducted to the chief.


The chief, with overall dimensions of a case of the mean sizes, sat on a sofa from a natural leather papuasa (endangered species of a parrot). The walls of a huge room were covered with manual machine guns, by places with portraits Madonna. The mighty labour legs had weight, the relief of muscles appeared through a cool jacket dressed atop the armour a waistcoat.


- "Àrà"- extending a steel hand was presented Swarts- what new in the world of mysticism? - he has asked, examining dhoti devotee. Pure devotee has recollected the Lord Siva, but has decided to remain in svarupa and has started talking about Krisna: " Krisna has raised a hill....."


" A Hill? " - has asked again Swarts, swallowing the next portion trankvilisator- it is new! Come in the evening, here will be Jakson ".


In the evening, as it is usual, not having the definite schedule and completely having relied on the Supreme Lord devoted mechanically tried to find by a sight Swarts, among elegant audience. The exotic clothes and sikha made excellent effect on audience. Young and mature of a star enthusiastically stared on devotee, correctly determining in him of the monk. Swarts guess devotee has introduced in new taste to plastic style of a party. - Shall go I shall introduce you with Jakson " - has told it is not known whence appeared Swarts.


Jakson shirked favourite small dog. Caring about precious health, on him there was a canister mask and number(series), the leg in a leg, went three his doubles.


- Quite good day! - has croaked a canister mask - yesterday I has bought constellation of a Goat!


- Krisna- the most talented and influential Person - has answered devotee.


The canister mask a little became dissatisfied, is similar he considered differently.


"Popularity, nasty thing"- has thought devotee, and continuing to act as the true gentleman, he has sold a full complete set of spiritual classics Madonna.


Having spread a pair of hundreds of books thus and having received power, but the friendly clap after a spin from Swarts and small donation, pure devotee the Lord Visnu, peacefully rested in a temple on 32.




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Having woken up in the morning devotee has recollected ten thousand from Svarts- " It is necessary to plot a community " - he has thought. The president of a temple both remaining and all remaining were held by distribution of the books both day and night in dream. The family people worked who in the corporation who in øîïå. Pure devotee has recollected about Svarts- " Quite good idea " - he has thought.


Having bought ground where that in by Moscow, devotee has rung up Svarts- " Allo, Svarts? You look BBC? The day after tomorrow flood! Take Madonna and roll to me. "


Through forty from small o'clock small two local planes Svarts has landed on a soft herb. Svarts there was a plane bearing in a hand a favourite machine gun, Madonna as well as was always irresistable.


- Matadji Madonna let starts puja, and we shall go to plough " - has disposed devotee.


- Plo-ugh - smiling has repeated Svartsnegger.


Pure devotee did not recognize engineering, in the bought plow for the lack of versions, was is put mighty Svarts. Not parting with a favourite machine gun, Svarts vigorously pulled a strap.


Two weeks have passed.


The local residents came to look on living Svarts, Madonna has given of a gal a concert in local club. Attracted by beauty Madonna, the chairman of collective farm has offered her a hand and heart, but Madonna hardly has decided to devote life Krisna- " Tama- guna " - she has told him on broken sanskrit.


On outcome of the third week Svarts has told pure devotee: " it will seems of a flood not. It is impossible blindly to trust BBC. "


" Svarts similar advances " - with satisfaction has marked about itself devotee.


The visitors saw off by all village. The population has begun to sing national songs and the plane has merged with a line of horizon.


Having heard this history many devotee have thrown useless scrambling for convenience in infernal cities and have moved to live on a farm of a name Arnold Svartsnegger.




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Having put a beginning varnasram in Russia, pure devotee has recollected a task Stirlits. " The People have forgotten the God and are held by boring family life " - he has thought. Recalling hypnosis the effect on world community Madonna, pure devotee decides to become a variety star.


Using constant favour Swarts, devoted takes some lessons music and having bought a guitar "Fender" - takes off for Sweden.


In flight, having outlined ten is hit and having spread one hundred books, he descends on impersonal ground of Stockholm.


Devotee delays. The stadium pumped up by beer and upset the balance by continuous advertising, sing that has got.


Pure devotee starts to play rhythmic haus with units of an acid. With some confusion and under the schedule the Supreme Lord, he makes some awkward motions. The stadium receives it for new style, everyone move, trying to imitate. Overlapping shout fans, devotee sing "Sankarsana" with thanks recalling lessons music. The huge snakes, welcoming pure devotee, issues some piles of a flame in a sky installed, demigods in fear start to be asked, having recollected about the pralaya. Lord Siva leaves for a trance and starts to dance in ecstasy, similarly to mad.


The stadium feeling release, tries to break through cordons of police. Pure devotee recalls the control of feelings. " Yes there was you " - he has told someone. From space g-loads is broken "Fender". Having finished a guitar about nearest a pillar devotee, uplifts prays. Demigods, envying his effect, dispatch a rain on Stockholm.


Pure devotee sees, how the flight of demons, not having maintained a sound of a sacred name, with by wild shouts drops in the nearest sea. Feeling some compassion devoted continues a concert. At three o'clock in the morning under the confidential command a premiere, the concert is stopped. Devotee remove by the helicopter.


- In England!! - he shouts to the pilot - time a little!


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At a concert in England devoted bring a slip: " Mister, with you wants to meet the professor Zinger. We wait tomorrow on the Canary islands to the second supper. "


The professor Zinger the ancient old man in an invalid carriage.


- I would like to transmit to you my invention - he speaks through the voice vehicle. Two whether Japanese, whether China introduce a large black box.


- The machine of time - explains the professor - I traveled much your guys sing and dance up to thirtieth centuries - professor slightly gloomy - that further you will know from your books. Take off from here, so it is more safe. The scientists - villains, Hare Krisna - the professor is forgiven.


Not knowing of fear, pure devotee the Lord Visnu easily has pushed on a box the unique(sole) button with an approval plate "to not actuate". Space was minimized in a point...




Hardly having avoided meeting with medieval inquisition, pure devotee has departed to ancient Egypt. Having heard the description of a spiritual world, faraons have begun construction of pyramids in hope to reach an eternal sky. After 4 of years of unsuccessful attempts to explain by him difference of soul from bodies devoted has visited country maya and has departed on Atlantida. On Atlantida there was a holiday.


Tehnokratic the civilization submitted(conquered) the world surprising by achievements of the household and industrial technology. Atlanta, smiling listened pure devoted. The description of planets of a spiritual world has not made on them of the special impression. Absorbed by scientific manipulations, they absolutely have lost common sense, is silly including itself by a ring of creation. To religion on Atlantida practically remained. Listening pure devotee, doomed of Atlanta is clear understood, that the God it âñåëåíñêèé reason and living especially on own arbitrariness, they were hardly sure in final success.


Pursuant to last scientific data, Atlanta have taken place from giraffes, owing to durable process of changes of aircraft attitude. The water has developed in seaweed, the seaweed became fishes, and fish of steel, naturally, all remaining. General(common) high growth(increase) and similar structure of a stomach, indicated last link after giraffes, it were the people. And the people, pursuant to the visual doctrine, continuously developing progress, already controlled all island and any more far that light future when they will run in and will subdue all installed!


Developing phenomenal achievements, Atlanta have deleted by then set of the forms and kinds of life on Atlantida, have poisoned third of continent of a various kind with withdrawals and eat besides some kinds of marine skates and such life modestly was considered as progress.


Pure devotee is tired by him to preach, and the material nature began to whisper to him gradually: " What sense to explain true abnormal? Look, they brush away on ass during a conjugal season. " Devoted being on a nature restrained, has agreed, eventually and has decided to depart to paradise - " There that I meeting pure devotee " - he thought, flying in dreams of paradise.




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On an entrance in giper space, devotee the paradise police has stopped. The girl of angelic beauty has taken an interest: " What planet wish to visit? Quite good rest on moon, drinks from a soma - race. Any point is not higher tapa loka. Today swan decreases on seven stars " - she has finished demonstrating glowing of the faultless form.


Pure devotee it he expected least - path on tapa loka is closed. Posted Image


. Habitually looking on an empty place to the right of a fish soup of graceful lady, he has told - " me in asram. " Per the same second he has appeared on a paradise planet, the ground was is scattered a small-sized brilliant. Surprising of plant added in a talented picture. On a coast of the river from a sugar cane, there was a small hut with a straw roof(cover). Not concerning ground, towards to devotee has left sacred.


" You from the Earth? How there christians? " - he has asked. Pure devotee began to collect with thoughts. " Good and so all I know " - has helped him sadhu. Sacred looked very much old - " So more conveniently " - he has told, having understood thoughts devotee - " Be afraid apsara. Here there are two paths - to wait for the end of light or again on the Earth. On the Earth queue, and without queue only in China. Also I sit here, I meditate. This year war with demons. And why I not pure devotee? " - dueing sacred has returned to a hut.


" That do - has thought pure devotee and the paradise is material - It is necessary to move back. "


Being experimental in all on definition devoted is successful having avoided paradise temptations, has returned on earth.




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Originally posted by kailasa:

Being experimental in all on definition devoted is successful having avoided paradise temptations, has returned on earth.




the devoted Being

successfully having avoided

all the temptations

of paradise and definition

is on an experimental return

to earth.



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Spirit demoniac was spread on a planet. Violence, narcotics, the slaughterhouses and heavy industry became a habitual background of life. The fools incidentally have deleted the scientists, having magnified a general degradation, part of a nature, out of unhealthy curiosity they continued " to research" the world device. Everywhere there were wars. The unreasonable souls were bought up for small convenience and large promisings. The TV set strongly has come in consciousness of the people drawing the distorted pictures last, present and future. Blindly trusting in happy tomorrow, the mankind was promptly rolled in hell. Unreasonably about approaching perils, where - that in a corner of scale violence of a devil, is weak protested group of the intellectuals.



Having realized, that all channels of the sermon are superimposed (except for the books certainly), pure devotee has decided directly to battle to an enemy.


Having deleted some demons on a road devotee moved directly to center of free life of demons. All became more gloomy. Residences demons lighted by shining hydrogen sulphite, strongly stood on scorched to ground. Everywhere lied bones. The nuclear mushrooms mounted from polygons chemists. On the right and to the left of a road there were bottomless gorges. Some ugly princes of darkness, slowly moved on the horses of death. Light became ever less, in air the discharges have appeared. The flight of huge crows, silently flied to the beginning of the next catastrophe. In a grey sky began to appear outlines of a huge crypt. He was guarded by(with) herd of the man-pigs, their muddy eyes mirrored infinite vacuum.


Feeling danger of a situation, the demon has taken the form of a huge insect. Not spending precious time for admonitions, pure devotee has prepared sword, as always with him accompanied determination, fearlessness and possession of feelings. Pure devotee has shot first mantra. Mantra flied precisely to the purpose, but the giant, using sins of mankind, has dispersed a sound of military weapon. Fast moving in space, permanently changing the sizes, form and colour, the demon has created two hundred fifty millions wild dogs. Releasing waves of horror, the dogs rushed from different directions of horizon. In meditation on the disk Sudarsana, devotee has issued an arrow of ascetism satva-guna, having deleted dogs and having paralysed a demon. Having thrown a useless body, the demon has accepted the molecular size. Lighting path by glowing brahman, devotee moved with speed of thought on channels of the nuclear world. The artful demon has tried to hide, having spread everywhere concept world of a brotherhood. " We Know your love " - has told devotee, continuing prosecution. The charter from prosecution, satan has taken the form of the perfect girl and has mixed up with crowd. Having doubled number of the patients by AIDS, satan has come in alkoglic and has gone to the nearest restaurant. In turn acting as great scientific, intellectual, and patriot, he has resulted in chaos a world social system and at the end of the action has taken root into one prestigious and conventional religion.


Again and again attacking devotee, being covered full illiteracy of the people he tried to destroy motion from within and outside. Devotee began to lose patience and were silent beat off arguments of the opponent. Pure devotee began gradually to reach the purpose. Feeling the close end, the mad demon, be twisted and damning the creator, began to make asketic, under a kind of religious life.


In an indivisible instant devoted has found out principled mismatch and sword of knowledge and retracting, has demolished a head ancient snake. A head was rolled on installed, giving rise new wars and catastrophes. The inhabitants of paradise monitored a course of battle. Having seen falling of the Satan in a hell, all world is joy has begun to shine.


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Pure devotee, widely smiling, reflecting unearthly light of the books about the Supreme Person of the God, confidently moved among grey crowd of selectors personal healthes. Making magic tantra- " it hinduism ", he passed all the unit-posts of a society of general prestige. Again and again offering the books devotee Was immersed in light of Supersoul, which biessed him from each foreseeable atom.


Using one nothing the limited spiritual power, pure devotee free invited the caused souls of all categories back to the God. " Let they will take these books he thought. The god not the old man also does not work " - he has told to a saleswoman of pies, stretching her The visiting card of club " of the Public -useful programs "......


Next summit was delayed - " we do not know, how these books - slowly work the governor - has told And the people does not read them and all lacks is printed regularly, at us in Urupinsk, only one active distributor " - assembly is self-satisfied smile. " It is necessary to remain the people, our people is not silly, with us and Native land and tradition, the people will understand, check up him on moral conformity. "

" Why they so worry - reflected pure devotee - they we advertise a soap, spiritual life, as about democracy. " This day the cunningly ten books.


Nothing foretold thunder-storms. Pure devotee peacefully eat the offered apple, spontaneously thinking about All able of the Person of the God. Him have put in prison.


The morning, prison To wake up began. " Hare Krisna, Hare Krisna " - was heard from the different parties settlement. Testing love to the God devoted thought as though to him to be transferred to other zone. " It is necessary there, where do not know about Krisna ". The rain began and in the sky has struck a thunder - in far Urupinsk light has died out.

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" How we shall name the boy? - the father - Adolf has asked? Mefistofel? " In parent heart the love - "Prahlad" - has woken up has flashed in mind(wit). " Let's name him Prahlad " - she has told. "Prahlad? " - the father - Strange name and has thought where I already heard him? " The Parents were without mind(wit) from the child. At date of birth were have presented a ski, sports yaguar and hundred thousand in hard currency.


The child grows clever, skilfully broke the computer, were afraid the powerful father, the teacher obligingly put Prahlad in all subjects not below is excellent. Has passed childhood. Prahlad finds the book in a dust ÷åðäàêà - " Bhagavad Gita ". Nothing foretold thunder-storms.


" Word about the God! - in anger the father - space and genetics has told! The future of mankind! "

" Yes the daddy " - is restrained has answered Prahlad. In one week he has left from a train at unknown station. "Urupinsk" - the drunk passer - by has answered.


The inhabitants Urupinsk were good-natured and up to dullness is simple. Trusted by all heart in the God, which, as they have told, anybody and never saw. The church holidays marked usually by all amicable family on a cemetery is it seemed strange, but Prahlad did not despond. " It is necessary to give them the books - he thought - though 12 chapter should they understand? " The Inhabitants Urupinsk smiled in the answer, regularly carried out(spent) ritual on a cemetery, worked on the governor, the books bought seldom. " Nigilism what - whether to sow? " - thought out Prahlad. The inhabitants listened to him attentively, but century religion was more dear - TV set, iron and cemetery. Nothing foretold thunder-storms. "VARNASRAMA" - the bright inscription by mystical image has arisen on a wall. Thirty years have passed. The technology has failed, having left charcoal memoirs, the father has died from insult transformed in a heart attack with metastaza of a skull.


The small community devotee peacefully was floating on current of time. The commission on struggle for cleanliness varnasram was headed by(with) the former governor. The assembly of a commission was delayed. " Prahlad does not understand historical importance varnasram - governor, not blinking looking on become silent believer slowly has told. " Certainly he has made much, him by idea and we live here, but the order should be in all that will tell the people? Our people is not silly, what duties at Prahlad? " Believer is oppressed who looked in a floor who on shining tilak of the former governor. " The Laws Manu! Sacred sacred! The institute asram, dedication of sacred fruits of work " - with a menacing kind was listed by(with) the boss - " And as is told: and bread the man is uniform, to work, to work and to work...... Prahlad does not work, it is necessary to arrange. "


Prahlad the second night slept in a shed under local arrest. Having woken up he has groped in darkness are precise - " Well though are precise have not taken away " - he has thought. To run away was easily, but the shed quite suited him. A rain in the street began, in the sky has struck a thunder and through in holes a roof the apple - " Well has fallen when the God with you " - has thought Prahlad.

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Storm Ostankino


Having woken up in the morning and having entered in a unenviable situation of the caused souls, pure devotee has liked to them compassion and having forgotten about importance of continuous comprehension itself as the servant of the God, he develops the grandiose plan of the sermon. Having made 500 nut burfi, devotee is sent in the telecentre Ostankino (Moskow, who does not know).


The creative people are known ekscentric both indispensable deep and latent while, from a look usual man, talent. Per one century Kali, actors concerning the lowest category kast, send on the foreground of life of a society. On the other hand, is tired to play not the roles, they frequently showed benevolence to simple devoted the Lord Visnu.


The attendants Ostankino, having got in shadow of glory running on rectangular corridors of the centre to celebrities, was on - worker is weakened. Having spent 420 burfi, pure devotee the central studio of TV has reached.


" Here Krisna - he has told conducting, peacefully touching the reports of last accidents - I would like to learn(find out) your opinion concerning yesterday's events. " Conducting has quickened, having weighed strategic situation, with obviously quite good result in the near future, conducting cultural has had a drink a drink there is some coffee from circles with a badge of the native channel. He looked far, seeing tactical rearrangements and qualities of the opponents, simultaneously keeping in mind(wit) a course of all world(global) events. Sometimes he had to look this or that tactical fragment from the point of view of known politik, adding their opinion in the worker game.


Conducting did not make sound, is speculative speaking brisk dialogue. Sometimes emphasizing graceful definition conducting with humour looking on devotee, estimating pleasant intellectual ñàðêàçì. Having finished a ten-minute impromptu, he felt complete satisfaction from the ingenious analysis. Having plunged in memoirs of a seminar on problems of adequacy of perception(recognition) conducting has not noticed as have included the chamber.

" It is good - has thought pure devotee - that is necessary that - to preach. "

" The Kind evening - smiling was told devoted - by(with) I shall tell to you today some histories. " The People like to listen to histories, he has thought. The studio waited for the stories of the new visitor of author's transfer conducting, the management clearly understood, that all goes from submission of the centre, the centre clearly saw new idea of a management.


Having begun with the description varnasrama, devotee harmoniously has passed to the device installed. Outgoing from devotee the energy excited sitting with a number(line) conducting. Conducting joyfully looked in the chamber, giving to picture solidity and decent a kind. The country, unshakably trusting in conducting, rejecting prejudices, listened pure devotee.


The time of a serial began, the audience has grown on fifty millions. Having finished the description of UFOs and having told some ridiculous histories from life demigods, devotee have passed to the description brahman. A little vigilant sektants true sekt, in time having come round, have switched off boxes. Having entered in heart of the telespectator devoted continued to work. Having seen with words of the devoted executed immeasurable greatness the Supreme Lord Narayana, many have tested a spiritual shock.


Pure devotee has passed to the description of races. Consistently go up to the matrimonial attitudes(relations) devotee has decided(solved) to not risk and having mentioned about riches Dvaraka, has finished a narration. Conducting, having heard devoted, about idle time faith in reinkarnation, has risen on a level nistha - unshakable fidelity Lord Visnu, firmly having decided(solved) the day after tomorrow to shave head.



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The president of Russia!


Having heard a cycle of lectures on the TV set, the country offers devotee to become the president. Having accepted the oath on Bhagavad Gita, pure devotee for the first time has reflected as now to operate.


Huge forces and means took away military system. The state completely depend on trade in petroleum and gas. The debts, inflation growing criminality, corruption - devotee began to be asked... Having repeated 16 circles ìantra, he vigorously has undertaken business. Having left on battle watch three nuclear boats (three it is enough, that - to destroy all four times), devotee has sold half of stayed arsenal of USA, second half is grateful has accepted China. Having extinguished an external duty by money of NATO, pure devotee has sold two billion gift by China of towels to the countries of Africa. The centre of intensity has passed on China, the atmosphere in the country was improved. States were pleased, preparing economic expansion. Having handed over in rent Kuril and New ground to the Japanese devotee has enclosed money in an agriculture, having published in press the data on harm of meat. The meat industry, not supported by the population, has disappeared. The bulls and cow have destroyed manufacture of all kinds of fertilizers, development an agriculture has reduced to zero western expansion. The people began less to be sick, having felt inflow of forces and reliance in tomorrow's day.


Having dismissed hearings about an exhaustion of all stocks of minerals, pure devotee has reduced their production - 80 % of an industry have ordered long to live. The interest world community to Russia almost has disappeared. On the country the favorable field was distributed, the spirits have begun to pack suitcases, understanding what to do(make) here there is nothing more. Russia has lost any prestige. The atmosphere was improved even more considerable. A part of reforms we hide, were afraid outflow of the information. Mad continued the jumps, periodically falling that from AIDS, from a heart attack. At the grandiose cultural centre under Moscow was begun 2õ a monthly festival. Ïîëóáîãè have consecrated Russian ground and the world has recognized Russia as a source of culture and eternal religion.

The demons have announced meeting.

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It is interesting to hear useful advice pure devotee. Mine unpure devoted will above so-called pure devotee, and kailasa that is higher with whose Goloka. Posted Image


Amanapeter, I thought you read only extremely about Radharany. Radharany in the spiritual world Posted ImagePosted Image, where all of you so are hasten, feeling mature taste of devoted service. Sakti it is everything, but it by all who that operates. That who operates and there is a God. But from behind the insults some love to invent what to show the height, not having real connection.


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