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can anybody answer??

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I am a human, but just to be more indicative, I have to necessarily indicate the divisive identity of being an indian, a south indian in fact. I work in Japan. I have read the english version of the gita, bhagavatam, etc..... but i still dont know what am supposed to do. I have a decent employment, pays me well and a nice family. I am more interested in doing what I like to do and that is more of working for a service organisation. I have never been ambitious and am not now either, not very career oriented, but ofcourse need a sustenance to fulfill my responsibilities to my family and to the body which sustains my life spirit. I prefer to come back to south india, a quiet place, a place where service is done for the sake of service, without any ulterior motive...can i get an opportunity? I have had all that I needed in life, a global travel, all kinds of fun including girls and sex, money, but now i realise there is something more than all these trivia in life and I realise that the culprit is the mind and have been able to live away from its erratic pulls and pushes..but this desire is a final 'coming out' of all that has been in the past... to be away from the tricks of the mind, and just serve....

am sridhar and am 35 yrs and am a male, this is just for your information..

my id is srix29@

if anybody has any inputs feel free

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Do what satisfies u. Believe in Him and do your karma without thinking about the result. I am not someone who knows the true meaning of life and therefore cannot explain the purpose of life but its better to ask if u dont know something then to mess with it. Spread the Bhagvat-Gita and u should feel elated.

Om namah shivaya,


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As per my knowledge the real enjoymnet of human life can be achieved only by serving Guru and Gauranga as well as by serving Vaisnavas.

The desire what U've mentioned is really a

nice desire and that desire can come only

if some body will have some past Sukriti.


My suggestion is to read more Prabhupada Books (ISKCON books) and to keep chanting if

U have already started else start Chanting holy name of krishna.

"Harekrishna Harekrishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare !!"


Please Keep on discussing regarding Krishna consciousness and if possible send U'r opinion to me.

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Dear srix29

I think that u get much chance in this life time. To realise that all materials activities do not give satisfaction is in fact a great benediction. They can be seamingly very enjoyable but as long as something cannot last for ever it cannot brings real satisfaction.

The nature of the soul is to be: sat, cit, ananda, which means: eternal, full of knowledge and bliss. This is what we are all looking for, but there is no way to find it in sense gratication as long at it as a beginning and a end.

So rather than to go deeper in sense gratification, u choose the right way to look for real pleasure somewhere else.

In fact all the bliss that we are all looking for is so close to us that we cannot even think to look for it wher it is: this is in our heart. Everything we are looking for is inside ourselve.


Of course u need to acomplish material activities to maintain your body and your family members. So u don't have to give up evrythink to get salvation from your insatisfaction. Your material activities (work and so on) have to be done just as u have to eat and take care of your body to be in good heath. But this should not be considered as a goal, but as a mean.


It is a very good idea to want to go in a place where u can perform service for the sake of service. But u do not need to go elsewhere to realise your spiritual nature.

You first need to know yourself by any kind of meditation or reading books. Reading books is an obliged way, but u have to realise this knowledge by any way u want.


According to Srila Prabhupa, the best way is to chant Hare Krishna.


There would be many other things to tell you, but one is most important: As long as you do not anderstand that you are not this material body but a spiritual soul you will never be able to find any real peace in this world.


Your servant.



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Dear srix29,

You seem to be bored with all the things you have enjoyed so far. Are you sure you do not want to enjoy new things if they come on your way? You have attained a temporary vairagya to pursue in the spiritual path. Let the vairagya become permanent by reciting God's name continuously. Then you can think of going further.


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What you say is not very far from truth but I think it to be a little discouraging for some body who wants to engage in a spiritual path.


We all know the kind of desire for enjoyement that you are discribing at each level that we are; but that does not mean that we have to be discourage and not try to engage ourself, and just seat down and chant up to the point where we are completly realised to move and do something else.


Of course as anybody else srix29 will experiment dificulties and big doubts in is spiritual life, but let them come at their time. There is no other way to advance than to go throught these dificulties.


But you are right, let's chant the Holy Name.





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