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Does anyone know why people worship the shiva linga??

I was reading on a american website which says that people worship the shiva linga and chant the shiva gaytri to improve their sexual stamina..is that true??


It also says:

Lingam is worshiped by all women in India: unmarried daughters pray to be blessed with good husband, and married once blesses with good sex. Shiva is the creator of the system of marriage, in which both partners accept equal responsibilities, disregarding caste or community. Shiva himself came from a mixed family and through his marriage to an Aryan princess helped a lot in unifying the warring fractions in India at that time.

Shiva is the seed, or origin of the multidimensional universe, giving rise to all other ontological categories. Yet, there is no duality in Shiva because he is still completely immersed in blissful union with Shakti.His consort is the divine Mother herself, in her forms of Parvati, Uma, Kali, Sati, Amba, Durga and her other beautiful, wild and sexy manifestations. Only with Shiva the Mother Goddess is in her complete personality.


This doesnt make sense ..what do you think of this?


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<font color="brown">Subrotoji,</font color>


--This doesnt make sense ..what do you think of this?--

<font color="blue">

I think that is not true which you have read. The concept of that scripture (which you have read) is partially going downward. The second paragraph of your post is Ok.


The 'Shiva Linga' is the symbol of lord Shiva. It is the representative of lord Shiva. It is the medium of lord Shiva. It is the transportation medium of the prayers to lord Shiva, like this internet, satellite, modem etc. like your signature to approve your statement. The website (you surf) is misguiding something. </font color>


<font color="brown">

Om Namah Shivay ! </font color>

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Linga means indicatory and not phallus.


It is indicatory of the Sarva -- the all whom sages percieve in different ways.


Maha-Narayana Upanishad




I-7: That alone is Fire: That is Air; That is Sun; That verily is Moon; That alone is shining Stars and Ambrosia. That is Food; That is Water and He is the Lord of creatures.



3. Who is the giver of Self (all Selves in reality being Himself); who is the bestower of strength (as nourisher through food); whose command even gods are eager to receive; whom immortality and death obey like shadow;



I-70: The Supreme represented as the ocean has overflown to the whole creation. He has created at first creatures according to the deserts of their various past deeds. He is the ruler of the universe and the munificent giver of gifts to the devotees. He dwells together with Uma (His power giving spiritual illumination) in the hearts of devotees which are holier than other parts of their body (the seat of the Divine) -----





XIII-4: Narayana is the Supreme designated as Brahman. Narayana is the highest Self. Narayana is the supreme Light. Narayana is the infinite Self. [Narayana is the most excellent meditator and meditation.]




XVI-1: [by these twenty-two names ending with salutations they consecrate the Sivalinga for all] – the Linga which is representative of soma and Surya, and holding which in the hand holy formulas are repeated and which purifies all:

Nidhanapataye Namah! Salutations to the Lord of the dissolution of the universe !]

Nidhanapataantikaya Namah! Salutations to the end-maker (Yama who is responsible for the death of all creatures)

Urdhvaya Namah ! Salutations to the Most High standing at the head of the categories which evolve into the universe !]

Urdhva-Lingaya Namah ! Salutations to the principle of Sadasiva embodying the power of Intelligence

Hiranyaya Namah Salutations to Him, He who is beneficial and charming to creatures

Hiranya-Lingaya Namah Salutations to Him, He who is visualized as the Linga made of gold

Suvarnaya Namah Salutations to Him, He who is endowed with attractive splendour

Suvarna-Lingaya Namah Salutations to Him, He who is of the form of Linga made of suvarna (silver)

Divyaya Namah Salutations to Him, He who is the source of bliss in heaven

Divya-Lingaya Namah Salutations to Him, He who is worshipped as the divine emblem

Bhavaya Namah Salutations to Him, He who is the source of the cycle of birth and death !

Bhava-Lingaya Namah! Salutations to Him, He who is worshipped as the Linga by human beings

Sarvaya Namah! Salutations to Him, He who is the suppresser of the universe at the time of final dissolution

Sarva-Lingaya Namah ! Salutations to Him, He who has the shape of the Linga emblem of Sarva, who gives bliss

Shivaya Namah ! [salutations to Him, He who is most auspicious !]

Shiva-Lingaya Namah ! [salutations to Him, He who has the form of Sivalinga !]

Jvalaya Namah ! [salutations to Him, He who has the form of a flaming splendour !]

Jvala-Lingaya Namah ! [salutations to Him, He who has the form of the brilliant Linga !]

Atmaya Namah ! [salutations to Him, He who is the Spirit - Atman - dwelling inall creatures !]

Atma-Lingaya Namah ! [salutations to Him, He who is concealed in the heart of all creatures being their inmost Self !]

Paramaya Namah ! [salutations to Him, He who is unsurpassed !]

Parama Lingaya Namah ! [salutations to Him, He who is the Supreme Lord of bliss and liberation indicated by the Linga emblem !]



XXI-1: May the Supreme who is the ruler of all knowledge, controller of all created beings, the preserver of the Vedas and the one overlord of Hiranyagarbha, be benign to me. I am the Sadasiva described thus and denoted by Pranava.


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Jai Ganesh


Namaskar Atanuji


Nicely presented Lord Shivas Glories, may he bless us all


here is what Bhagvat says

SB 8.7.33: Exalted, self-satisfied persons who preach to the entire world think of your lotus feet constantly within their hearts. However, when persons who do not know your austerity see you moving with Um&#257;, they misunderstand you to be lusty, or when they see you wandering in the crematorium they mistakenly think that you are ferocious and envious. Certainly they are shameless. They cannot understand your activities.

SB 8.7.34


Jai Shree Krishna

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Dear Subrotoji,

The last sentence of your question is about the most interesting and most important. It shows that you have not accepted whatever has been written but have placed an enquiry to the world...thus to your own heart about the validity of the information you have percieved. Congratulations.

Now for the data on the web site.

Please understand that half baked knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. Due to transparency in communication and the ease and availability of information, i.e. the scriptures and the practices of Indian tradition has permeated around the world. But, the true essence of the scriptures and the experience cannot be transmitted on the internet nor any other media. One has to obtain it from a Guru and he/ she has to live the scriptures in order to truly understand thier meaning. Otherwise, the scriptures and other texts will be interpreted in the context of the life which has been already led by the individual.

In the west, materialistic outlook....seeing is believing...type of thought process is highly prevalent...although the tide is slowly shifting...nevertheless, for the most part, the core of the individual is still outward oriented. I think you can understand what happens when the scriptures are interpreted in the materialistic perspective. This is more the case with the Tantric texts....especially the vamachara tantra texts. Remember that the rishis of yore anticipated the spiritual and transformational texts in the wrong hands...that's the reason why the texts have the essential information coded and hidden behind the easily decipherable gross information. While the materialistic mind gets hung up on the material interpretation of the text, the inner oriented mind tries to uncover the hidden truth and meaning behind the lines.

Another great reason why tantra is so popular in the west.


People are tired of the same run-of-the-mill concepts of energy release. Tantra gives them a new twist...people think they are growing spiritually.....while they are being sold to the same old concept ! That's why tantra is so popular in the west.. so much so that the very word tantra is associated with sex. I live here...I know exactly what I am talking about....and its sad. But in a way, this is a way of sifting out the false aspirant from the real aspirant.

I read through the web site. I have seen this time and time again...so many books and articles are available which carry the same information garbed in different colors and clothing.

Subrotoji, I humbly ask you to be very careful when you read interpretations of the Indian scriptures and to exhaustively enquire the authenticity and the source of that information before making it your own belief. I also pray that you find a Guru who will clear away the false veils and provide you with a path of true understanding and Knowledge.



Ravi B

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shiva linga can be installed in the north with the flow of water from the yoni going eastwards or alternatively the linga can be established eastwards with the flow of water going norht... these are the only two positions adviced...

further it isnt adviced to have a large shivalinga within the home... as the rituals required can be quite some task... that is why a proper linga sthapana is always done in a temple.


and about the initial discussion i find the topic very interesting and enlightening

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if you have to go into the concept of the shivalinga you will have to have a brief understanding of ancient history.


one of the theories says that dravadians were the origonal inhabitants of india and the aryans where the nomadic races which came here with their concepts of gods and their customs... the aryan gods like indra, surya, agni, vayu, etc etc etc have their counterparts in zeus, apollo, etc etc etc... indra is the king of the gods and his weapon is the thunderbolt ... while zeus is also the king of the gods and his weapon too is the thunderbolt...


the concept of dravidian gods were far more abstract and the aryand had no gods to counter the dravidian concept of shiva-shakti ... here the aryans came up with vishnu and brahma who were conceptualised as supergods capeable of equalling shiva - shakti in might...


the dravidian concept of shivashakti is that shiva is the cosmic awareness and shakti is tht which binds him to this existance... without shakti shiva is prone to firece temper... shakti draws the energy of shiva into the pricess of creation and when shakti stops binding shiva he once again metamorphs into the firece destructive element and destriys creation... that is why "shiva-linga" the male principle is always bounded in the "shakti-yoni" incidentally linga is the male phallus and yoni the female vagina ...and many aspects of tantra try to harness this energy...

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