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Kalki Bhagavan Or Sai Baba?

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I was wondering who do you think is more truthful, Sai Baba or Kalki Bhagavan? I belive Sai Baba is corrupted and a false prophet, but i see a lot of truth in kalki bhagavan. Ive never seen anyone enlighten others like that. Whats your opinion?

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my opinion is that they have to be put both in jail


that's not the system to chose a spiritual guide.. you have to search for purity, not for someone who's a little less criminal

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Sai Baba has not claim to be Kalki as he knows the scripture and knows when Kalki will appear. If he claims to be Kalki than he would be contradicting himself. He could be the incarnation of Krishna as Krishna himslef had stated in the BG that when ever religion declines he would take a form and that is what he meant. An avathar for the mellinium. But as for Kalki Bhagawan who is married and initiated by someone would mean he is stupid to claim to be the avatar of Kalki. As per Kalki purana it is said that Kalki would only appear at the end of Kali yug where all that we enjoy now would have perished and there would be no modern gadgets like motor vehicles or television and so on. In that period all would have no knowledge of any science or would have forgotten about science and tecnology. The world would be in total chaos and men would ride in horses and bullock carts like the madievil period. So you can imagine in what circumstanses and situation Kalki would appear. With this fact we can strongly say Kalki Baghwan is a bogus icon. Not that I am against him or what but what I have read about the appearance of Lord Kalki in Kalki purana and the situation at hand. This is not the mellinium Kalki would appear. Religion may be declining but has not disappeared or forgotten by man. But in Kalki's period thee would be no religion and people would kill each other over monor things and anarchy would be the order of the day.

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~ Kalki Purana, I[2], Verses 11 and 15


Kalki is born to a man named Vishnujasha and a woman named Sumati in the Hindu month of Baisakha, which starts from 14th or 15th April and lasts till 14th or 15th May. So, Kalki will be born 12 days from the full moon day (after 14th/15th April), which can be anytime between 26th April to 15th May. I[2]. V.31 also says that he had three elder brothers. According to I[2] V.32, the King of the land where Kalki is born is named Vishakhjupa. As per I[2] V.4, the mission of Kalki's life is to destroy Koli - the equivalent of the Anti-Christ (in whose name the present age is named). Koli signifies a person as well as the vices which are peculiar to this age. As per I[3], V.25 Kalki was given a white horse, which he rode during his conquests all over the world. In fact Kalki is always symbolized as riding a white horse. Compare this with the Revelations :


19:11 I saw the heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it is called Faithful and True. In righteousness he judges and makes war.


The marriage of Kalki


You shall go to Sinhala, marry your beloved Padma and start your conjugal life.... You will then set out to conquer the world and defeat the Kings allied to Koli, defeat the Buddhists and hand over the rule to the pious kings named Devapi and Maru.


~ Kalki Purana, I[3], Verses 9 & 10


The wife of Kalki is named Padma who lives in Sinhala, which is commonly known as Sri Lanka. However, as I mentioned before, this may be an allegorical reference to an island nation, separate from his own country. In his endeavour to conquer the "Buddhists" and other kings, he will be assisted by two kings allied to him, apart from the king of the country in which he is born to and many other friends.


This island (Sinhala) is situated on the other side of the shore. The island has pure water and is full of people. Full of various types of Aircrafts and decorated with jewellery. The beauty of the island is enhanced by huge buildings and flags and gates decorated in front of them.


~ Kalki Purana, II[1], Verses 39, 40, 41


The interesting part of the description of the island where Kalki's wife-to-be stays is that apart from the huge buildings that the island city has, its sky is also full of Aircrafts! (called Vimana in Indian literature). We come to know from other sources that the name of the city where she stays is named Karumoti.


He (the father of the bride) gave away Padma for marriage to Kalki as per the traditions. The "King of the World", Kalki after having his wife and having been well received by the gentlemen of the island, expressed his desire to stay in the island of Sinhala for a while in order to see the island.


~ Kalki Purana, II[3], Verses 15, 16


Padma is fair and Kalki is dark, both are opposites to each other...


~ Kalki Purana, II[3], Verse 19


Kalki, the annihilator of Koli forgot his mission and stayed there happily in that home (in Shambhala) for many years...Padma gave birth to two sons named Joy and Vijoy who were powerful and famous.


~ Kalki Purana, II[6], Verses 32 and 36


Kalki's war with China (or maybe, North Korea)


The great conqueror, Kalki then paid homage to his father and started for conquering Kikatpur with his army. The Buddhists live in that city. The residents of that city do not worship God or their forefathers. They do not fear after-life. Other than the body, they do not believe in any soul. They do not have any pride in their lineage or in their race; money, marriage etc. are insignificant to them. People of that place eat and drink a variety of things. When Jin (the leader) heard that Kalki has come to fight them, he gathered a huge army and went out of the city to fight Him.


~ Kalki Purana, II[6], Verses 40 to 44


Although the city of Kikatpur is unidentified, yet it is specified that "Buddhists" live there. But the descriptions of the belief of those people are anything but Buddhist and are more in consonance with the ideology of the Communists, i.e. people who do not worship God, do not believe in after-life, soul, race and the significance of wealth and give the collective more importance than the individual. The choice of foods of the Chinese (or Koreans) are also considered exotic in other parts of the world. Interestingly, the name of the leader is also mentioned as "Jin". As we all know, Jin, Xin or . are very common names among the Chinese. On 15th March 2003 the Chinese Communist Party elected Hu Jintao as the new President of China. By religion, China (or Korea) is predominantly Buddhist, although no religion is allowed to be openly practiced under the Communist rule. Thus the description of the belief of the people and their religion are not contradictory but very appropriate.


He (Jin) took up various types of arms and started war with Kalki. Even the Gods were surprised by the techniques of war adopted by Jin. Jin injured Kalki's horse with a javelin and made him disoriented and unconscious and attempted to take him away, but could not lift him...On seeing that, King Vishakhjupa got angry and encountered Jin and picked up unconscious Kalki in his own chariot. Kalki regained his consciousness in a while and encouraged his soldiers; following that, he rushed towards Jin after getting down from the chariot of Vishakhjupa.


~ Kalki Purana, II[7], Verses 5, 6, 8, 9


It seems that Jin was not a mean enemy and Kalki did not have a smooth ride either and had his moments of ups and downs. Of course this is what is expected if a western force confronts the mighty Chinese army, the biggest in the world in terms of numbers.


Soon, Garga (associate of Kalki) and his army killed 6000 Buddhist soldiers. Bharga and his soldiers killed and injured 11 million enemy soldiers and his mighty allies killed 2500 of them. Kobi along with his sons killed 2 million enemy soldiers, Pragya killed 1 million and Sumantu killed 5 million soldiers.


~ Kalki Purana, II[7], Verses 5, 6, 8, 9


It seems that Kalki and his allies kill or injure an army which is almost 20 million strong. An army of this huge proportions can only be assembled by a country like China and its allies. Thus, the attack on the city of Kikatpur does not merely represent an attack on a city but on a country, probably in alliance with others.


Soon Kalki smiled and said unto Jin - O Sinner ! Don't flee but come and face me...Soon your body will be pierced with my arrows. Soon you shall depart from this world. Then, no one will go along with you. So, you and your allies surrender before me. On hearing the words of Kalki, mighty Jin said "The fate can never be seen. I am a materialist, Buddhist. Nothing but the perceptible are accepted by us. The unseen and the imperceptible are banished by us. Hence your effort is fruitless. Even if you are Godly, I am before you; see if you manage to kill me. In that event, will the Buddhists forgive you?


~ Kalki Purana, II[7], Verses 15 to 18


Once again, the ideology of Jin is apparent from his own words. This is contrary to what the Buddhists profess - Buddhists believe in fate, soul and rebirth like the Hindus. But this "Buddhist" does not believe in fate or the imperceptible and this ideology is not the ideology of any religion, but that of Communism. But for communism, China would have been the world's largest Buddhist country and its people, at least in private, still follow the religion. Verse 26 describes the death of Jin in the hands of Kalki. The next few verses describe the battle between Suddhodhan, the brother of Jin and the forces of Kalki, in which the former manage to inflict some heavy damages on the forces of Kalki, using, among other things an weapon if illusion (Maya). Ultimately Kalki managed to defeat the Buddhist forces who either died, lay injured or fled the battlefield.


But it was not the end of the war yet. On the verge of the defeat of the "Buddhist" army, their womenfolk gathered to battle Kalki and his allies. This is quite unprecedented in the annals of Hindu epics or for that matter, history and stories from anywhere in the world.


The wives of the Buddhists, gathered for battle riding on chariots, birds, horses, camels and bulls to defend their husbands. These beautiful, powerful young ladies devoted to their husbands did not seek the shelter of their children. These glorious women, dressed in battle-gear and various jewellery came to the battlefield armed with swords, power-weapons, arrows and javelins. In their hands were heavenly rings. These beautiful women consisted of hair dressers, women devoted to husbands (house-wives) and even prostitutes. These women, troubled by the death of their husbands and fathers came forth to fight the army of Kalki. People even care to protect objects like soil, ashes, wood etc. Therefore, how can these women tolerate the death of their husbands in their presence? The womenfolk of the Buddhists, seeing their husbands injured and troubled came in front of them and started to fight the soldiers of Kalki. Seeing the women take to battle, the soldiers of Kalki were amazed and came to Kalki to inform him about the whole matter in details. Hearing this, Kalki, clever as he is, arrived there on a chariot accompanied by his allies and army with a cheerful mind. Seeing the women astride in various types of vehicles, standing in formations, Kalki started saying "Ladies, please hear what I have to say. It is against the principles for men to fight against women..."


~ Kalki Purana, III[1], Verses 11 to 20


We can guess that Kalki indulged in intense diplomacy to dissuade the women from fighting. Kalki Purana describes in the next few verses the words of Kalki which can be called the unashamed flattery of the women by Kalki. Though not quite relevant, it will show that the Kalki Purana is not simply a text of war and conquest and gloom and doom that we associate these times with. Rather, it shows the human and the spiritual aspects of the whole war.


...On your beautiful moon-like face, falls the locks of fine hair. Everyone's mind become cheerful on seeing this. Which man can hit on such a face? On these beautiful faces are a pair of eyes like lotus with long eyelashes and dark pupil. Which man can hit such a face? Your breasts are decorated like the necklace of Shiva. Even the pride of the cupid gets hurt on seeing this. Which man can hit on such a place? Which man can hit the spotless face of a woman on which play the locks of fine hairs from the head? Which man can hit your slim waists weighed down by breasts and decorated by very fine body-hair? Can any man shoot an arrow in your eye-soothing and feminine pubic area covered by fine hair and untouched by sin? Hearing these words of Kalki, the infidel-women smiled and said - "Sir ! When our husbands died in your hand, we too have died". Saying this, the women prepared to kill Kalki.


~ Kalki Purana, III[1], Verses 21 to 27


All such attempts of eulogizing femininity by Kalki cut no ice with the women. At this point of time however, a miracle happened which persuaded the women from fighting Kalki :


...However the weapons remained in their hands. The various weapons metamorphosed and stood before the infidel-women decorated in gold and said "Ladies! Do ye know Kalki as the Supreme God, empowered by whom we take the lives of living beings. Have confidence in our words. On His command we propagate and on his glory we have attained various forms and by His mercy we have become renowned. By His empowerment does the five elements carry out their own actions. He is the Supreme Being Himself. Under His wishes has the nature created the whole Universe. The creation and the continuity of the creation is nothing but His action. He is the Beginning and the End, from Him arise all the holy things in the world. It is He, who is our husband, our wife, son, friend and relative. From Him comes forth all these illusion-like happenings. Those who know that life and death are nothing but coming and going under the influence of love, affection and fondness, those who are devoid of any feelings of anger and hate, who are the devotees of Kalki, they know the above illusion-like happenings as false. How was Time created? Where does death come from? Who is Yama (Death incarnate and lord of the underworld)? Who are the Gods? By His illusion, it is Kalki who has become many. O Ladies! We are not weapons and no one gets hurt by us. He is the weapon and it is he who hits. These distinctions are nothing but the illusion (Maya) created by the Supreme Being. ...We cannot hit the devotees of Kalki. Hearing the words of the weapons, the women were surprised. They shed their illusion of attachment and came to seek Kalki.



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If you follow Kalki Bhagavan's teachings, you would know who is he. Please don't judge if we donn't understand Divinity. It is not who is more truthful or greater. But what matters is that what truth has been discovered by you and how much integral are you within your heart. If you know your truth, you don't have to rely upon anyone's feedback, opinions etc.

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Its not right that he goes round letting people call him Kalki Bhagwan in the first place. Also he doesnt focus on past incarnations if Gods nor His leelas. Gods incarnations come to restore dharm. Which dharm does This "Kalki Bhagwan" restore? Where is the Bhakti in his following? As Bhakti (hari naam sankirtan) is most appropriate for this age.

I dont question His authenticity of a dev reincarnate. But i wouldnt see gim as Gods incarnation.

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Why should he cheat people?

Does he get any benefit from that? He has no wife children .he has already submitted everything for the humanity.what else do we need? he is God.No less.No one else can do so much to the world.he has done more than other guys who claimed to be god(including krishna) had done for the world.

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Are you talking of Satya Sai Baba? You are saying he is > krishna?


He has not done anything special which reflects his 'Godly' nature. His miracles of creating watches,idols etc have been prooved as hoax. He was involved in bloody murders at his site. And so many other allegations???


How can say that he is 'God'?





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quote:"He was involved in bloody murders at his site. And so many other allegations???"


None that you could prove or name . lol.


"He has not done anything special which reflects his 'Godly' nature."


He has done but you havent noticed.such great activities are not possible by ordinary humans.


" His miracles of creating watches,idols etc have been prooved as hoax."

creating watches is a hoax???It is the Sankalpa Siddhi of the Lord.

Sai Baba said: it is not for them to know how or why I create things. I create them by my own will just as I created the universe.



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Well, to be frank, I have not met Satya Sai Baba, but have read a lot about him specially on net, and my views are based on that.


Also, I came to this conclusion after thinking myself on his 'abilities'.


Question? Why he only creates objects small enough to be concealed... Why dont he clears all doubts in the minds of people like me by creating big objects. CAN HE CREATE A ELEPHANT, which is bigger than himself? if he can create universe, he can do it right?






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Well glad that someone raise this issue. Its bcoz of these morons who claim to be god , our sanatana dharma is suffering. A little test for both of these morons would be to test them in live tv, and both should be questioned to recite a particular verse of vedas and so on. Sai is on hospital for some surgery, hanging on to his life with the help of a ventilator (the so called god). Leave aside god, both satya sai baba and the vijaykumar, clerk of lic(aka kalki) is not even greater than a beggar who has submerged in bhakthi. And no amt of good work can justify the cheating of these two ppl. And one more thing for those guys who are stating the charity work done by these morons, charity work should be done with ur hard earned money not from money which has been cheated by others.Even a donation of one rupee by a poor and virtous man is many times better than these ppl's so called charity. I think ppl havent learnt lesson from puranas and so on, there were demons like raavana and hiranyakashipu who thought they were gods and enforced it on others in other yugas, its ppl like sai and vijaykumar in kali yuga.

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