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  1. Dear vsk and smaranam, First thanks for ur response. It was quite unexpected actually I thought no one would reply and had stopped coming to this thread. For vsk sir, thanks for ur invitation but I think I have found my eternal guru and the way to achieve moksha. The first time I posted I did not know many things , but I am more mature and have pursued rigorous studying under the best possible guru one can ever have,now I know my past births,what I was and what is my duty in this birth. The only thing my guru told me was not to reveal intricate details of pst sadhana.And for smaranam sir, I agree with ur point and I have always performed astakshara japa silently in mind silently and I have never chanted it aloud.Offcourse I got some ego when I got siddhi,but it was removed quickly by the grace of guru and srimannarayana.And for vsk sir,I do not want to join any organization as its another bandha.I want to remain anonymous and in seclusion and practice my sadhana.Anyway thanks for all your advice and may the almighty shower his grace on everyone.
  2. I agree completely with Rahul even I was one of them who had dreamt of using powers to my benefits. But after recieving the mantra from a guru, u would definitely come to know the truth. And ur mind will not go in a wrong direction. You will realize how tamasic vashikaran is and will take ur life as it comes. You will not try to change ur destiny even if u have power to do so.The only noticeable change in a sadhak's life would be he will not feel the pain even in the most sorrowful situation as he knows the truth. And meanwhile I realize that one who is asking for these things are mostly women who want their husbands, some sick lovers and students. Do not worry sadhaks, all these people are not mentally evolved people and they would not complete the sadhana even if they start it. Sadhana is like a way of life and u need to continually evolve and be prepared to jump into next level.
  3. Well glad that someone raise this issue. Its bcoz of these morons who claim to be god , our sanatana dharma is suffering. A little test for both of these morons would be to test them in live tv, and both should be questioned to recite a particular verse of vedas and so on. Sai is on hospital for some surgery, hanging on to his life with the help of a ventilator (the so called god). Leave aside god, both satya sai baba and the vijaykumar, clerk of lic(aka kalki) is not even greater than a beggar who has submerged in bhakthi. And no amt of good work can justify the cheating of these two ppl. And one more thing for those guys who are stating the charity work done by these morons, charity work should be done with ur hard earned money not from money which has been cheated by others.Even a donation of one rupee by a poor and virtous man is many times better than these ppl's so called charity. I think ppl havent learnt lesson from puranas and so on, there were demons like raavana and hiranyakashipu who thought they were gods and enforced it on others in other yugas, its ppl like sai and vijaykumar in kali yuga.
  4. Yes there is a moola mantra for Madhvacharya and Sri Raghavendra swamy.Infact it is only in Madhva Sampradaya, I have found a moola mantra for Bheema Sena. There are secret moola mantra for many Gurus, but they are not in public bcoz these mantras will bestow siddhi quickly. Infact , no one would teach the mantra of Madhvacharya publicly, it is said to give the highest gnana.Infact I cannot find a book in the market and even in the recent editions of tantrasara , they have erased the Madhva mantra.If u want that mantra u should go to Mantralayam or Raghavendra Swami Mutt of triplicane in chennai. But many believe that harivayu stuthi is the mantra for Madhvacharya. The real thing is there is nyasa for HariVayu Stuthi where moola mantra for hanuman,bheema,and madhva are used. I think I have given enough clues , those who really want it can get that with some checking of harivayu stuthi as I cannot publicly utter that mantra.
  5. Well Madhvas have a great system in place actually, they have to chant gayathri mantra in sandhya , after the end of sandhya a madhva who is initiated in tantra will have to chant hamsa mantra , pranava mantra, narayana asthakshara and krishna mantra.Narayana Asthakshara has to be chanted 3* gayathri mantra.i.e., normally 3*108 = 324 times. After that they can chant their istha devatha mantra. Infact there is a paddhathi in which one who is initiated in narayana asthakshara and krishna mantra in madhva paddhathi can chant something around 79 moola mantras of various devathas without initiation which are given in tantrasara written by Sri Madhvacharya. Their view is that Narayana Asthakshara and Krishna mantras are the greatest mantras and every other mantra is inferior to that. I have seen many madhva pundits who have been very successful in attaining siddhi in that way. The another striking point from a technical point of view is that they have to chant hamsa,pranava,narayanaasthakshara and krishna mantra before any mantra, bcoz if u choose a kshudra devatha for material gains and chant for some days and then unable to chant that for some days, kshudra devatha will start doing harm. But if u follow madhva paddhathi , there will be no harm as the above four mantras are powerfull and no devatha can do any harm to Narayana's devotee.
  6. Science proved that the Dinosaurs were exists on this earth. Why do we not get any reference of them in any Scripture? Have you ever read the hindu scriptures, it says that in krita yuga the size of a human was 21 cubits and his life time was 100000 yrs.It becomes decreasing as the yugas passed on, 14 in treta and 7 in dwapara and 3and 1/2 im kaliyuga. Before critisizing the hindu scriptures , try to do sadhana. Because hinduism and the teachings of it is not an intellectual thesis , it can be known only thru practical sadhana. Even I have some questions for science, the only question is what happens to a man after his death. Remember I am nor against science nor a fanatic towards hinduism, I am in search of truth. Moreover I think you should study sankhya philosophy, the todays science is nothing compared to it, it gives a detail description of atoms and also the creation of universe. I would also recommend you to study chandogya and brihadaranyaka upanishad. I hope even you would be fascinated by these, they donot talk about vishnu or shiva , they will question ur perception on evrything.
  7. I have a sudarshana yantra which was made by combining narasimha yantra and sudarshana mantra. Yes , its very powerfull and will create a positive energy and don,t worry abt bad effects because sudarshana homam is done to destroy the negative forces and just pray to it daily or weekly once.
  8. Sorry but according to vedas, there is no chance of lord vishnu appearing on earth in physical forms in kali yuga.Hence he is called as triyugaavatari, there is also one thing that people should not. Kalki avatar is not in kali yuga , it is at the time of pralaya as per vedas, and there are certain rules for a man to be considered as a avatara of any devata let alone sri krsna. According to vedas, there are 32 physical qualities in an avatara purusha. It is called some shastra but I don't remember that name. According to vedas praying to a false man claiming to be a god is also a sinful act. Any intelligent person can understand the characteristics of an avatara by understanding two features - the principal feature, called personality, and the marginal features. In the scriptures there are descriptions of the characteristics of the body and the activities of an incarnation, and the description of the body is the principal feature by which an incarnation can be identified. The activities of the incarnation are the marginal features.This is confirmed in the beginning of Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.1.1) where the features of an avatara are nicely described. These words reveal Krsna's principal feature. The other marginal features indicate that He taught Vedic knowledge to Brahma and incarnated as the purusa-avatara to create the cosmic manifestation. These are occasional features manifest for some special purposes. One should be able to understand and distinguish the principal and marginal features of an avatara. No one can declare himself an incarnation without referring to these two features. An intelligent man will not accept anyone as an avatara without studying the principal and marginal features. But there is also an interesting thing, according to some mantriks god will appear in an physical form to a devotee who does tapasya for 5 years and chants his beej mantra 13 crore times.
  9. Hi I was initiated into Asthamahamantra some months ago, I was doing jap as told by my guru. The onething I used to follow other than regular jap is chanting Om Namo Narayanaya mentally every second after the day of initiation. One day at 2.00 p.m before going to sleep I prayed mentally to Narayana that he should appear in my form so that I can see his divine form and meditate on that.After that I went to sleep. Before this dream , I was meditating on four arm picture of MahaVishnu . In the dream, there was a sudden appearance of Chakra which was much brighter than sun and there was some type of mantras in the background (I don,t remember it properly and I didn,t understand it) and there was also a sound of shanka. I tried to speak with that chakra and I tried to get up but I was unable to do so. I was also unable to see anything in my dream for initial few mins when that chakra appeared. I am unable to express that situation , u can say that i was dumbstruck. Then I woke up and realised it was a dream. I thought I should tell to my guru,but I was afraid.There is also a change in my character after that dream, I refuse to speak unnecessarily now, there is some type of burning feeling in my chest sometimes. My friends say that i have become a introvert. Is this common in mantra practice or is this a result of doing something wrong in mantra practice.I am confused in my mind as I am just 20 yrs old and I have not studied any Vedas,I just followed my guru's teachings as purely as I can. If this is a sign of wrong then what should I do.Pls clarify or share if any of you have similar experiences. There is also one thing I should say that there is a feeling inside me that I just cannot stop that mantra reciting mentally, my brain starts it automatically when I wake up in the morning till the night, I believe I even recite it in sleep.Is that wrong or are there any specific rules for reciting that mantra.
  10. Exactly Flora, people like stupid tenali would not have studied bhagavadgita or any vedas , they are just an insult to hinduism. If any of the people want to know the real power of Sri Guru Raghavendra , go to mantralayam and take sankalpa to serve(seve) gurugalu for a mandalam(48 days), he would definitely appear in ur dream or in any other form.Even the superstar Rajnikanth goes to Mantralayam before and after every movies.
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