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  1. Hari OM! Due to troubled time both with our relationship and at my husband work, we consulted an astrologer. And also we visited one of the place at Coimbatore and got confirmed that there was some black magic done on my husband. The person at Coimbatore, also took out the poisoneous substance from my husbands stomach. As had been advised to us by the astrologer we are perparing to perform Surdarshnan Homam at our home on 10th Nov on our marriage anniversary. I read details and power of Surdarshnan Homam on your website and also read through the pervious posts, and now I am getting worried and also deeply scared. Because, my husband is consumes alchoic everyday. He is not ready to get rid of this habit.... My question is - will there be any adverse effect on the family of performing this homam.
  2. As per the advise of astrologer, we are performing Surdarshana Homa at our home on the 10th Nov on our marriage anniversary. My question is my husband consumes alchol everyday.... what will be the impact of this on the homam being performed. Also we are offering Bhagavati Sevan in the evening.... i am worried if after performing all these pooja at home, if he consumes alchol after the pooja.... what will be the impact of this on the family?....
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