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Is Sanatan dharma under threat?

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With all the secular division (such as Swaminarayan, hare krishna, Bhrama kumaris etc.) occuring, is Sanatan dharma in danger of disapeering? Will the creation of all these and new sects create religions within religions like Jainism and Sikhism? And if so, will it mean anything to be hindu anymore?

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Hi, you make an interesting point.

However, does the absence of believers make the truth nonexistent?

It wouldn't matter if people didn't believe or follow or label themselves Hindu... maybe if it could pervade our consciousness, and take us closer to the truth, it wouldn't be necessary even to have a name-tag for it...

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Sanatana Dharma's Strength lies in its " Unity in Diversity". These movements act as a medium to commumnicate the concepts to the masses in an easy and understable way and make it practical.


Vedas are the ultimate of Hinduism, and all of the other scriptures and rituals are based on that.


People take different paths to reach the ultimate reality, based on their personality.


For example, " Who am I " by Ramana Maharshi may inspire me, but you might be inspired by " Arise awake and stop not till the Goal " of Swami Vivekananda. It does not mean both great men are different.



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