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I am personally not a very religious person. I am hindu. I do believe in hinduism though however my parents never really bothered teaching us about hinduim. Whatever i know is what i see or heard or been told. My knowledge about hinduism is not very deep you could say.


So my question is if a hindu wants to marry a muslim would it be allowed? are hindus allowed to marry someone from a different religion without making that person convert to hinduism? Would it be considered a sin to marry a muslim?


Any response would be very helpful.

Thank you.

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And be prepared for those that are not so open-minded. Give each other the space to practice your personal devotional services and do not put the others faith down. Remember that you both knew about the others faith before the marriage and so do not try to "convert" the other after marriage.


In-laws and possible children could be a problem though.


As far as being a sin - why? You would be married.



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I was born into a Hindu family and last year got married to my boyfriend who was born in a Muslim family.


When we were dating, things were really bad with the parents. However, we dating for 6 years before getting married. We wanted to be sure!


I am very much interested & curious about Hinduism and practise to an extent.

My husband is Totally uninterested in religion. He believes in God as the creator of our universe. But does not participate or wants to know much about his parents religion.


Note: that both our parents are very practical, libreral and love us both heaps.


Things are great for us at present. Our parents are happy with us. Both our relatives and family friends are ok with us because we had wedding reception to the satisfactory to our parents & community.


But my advice to you is:

1) not to be hasty in you decisions, see if this person is worth the effort.


2) just because you do not practice your religion today, you may change your mind, so be prepared.


3) if you can't get your parents blessings or at least a "OK", it not worth it. Your parents are very important for your success and sanity!


4) sorry to say this, but the marriage or relationship will only work out if the Muslim person does not practice religion.


As for kids, we don't have any at the moment. When we do have kids, we will teach them what we believe in, what morals our marriage is based on. Naming the kids is not an issue, there are several neutral names.


We would not have married if we did not get approval from mum & dad. No doubts about it!


Also, neither me or my husband has converted. I would never be prepared to do so. I am very proud to be born into a Hindu family.

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Guest guest

one who knows his/her religion well and practices it well

would not prefer to marry another of different religion.


marriage is a personal thing, but it is more a social thing because the couple does not live alone in jungle but in the middle of society.


because the messages of gita and koran are opposite (one is tolerant, the other is brutally intolerant) mislims alwys give problems to non muslims. some muslims recently actually marry to convert the girl.

if the girl does not conver to islam, then they use her

as a prostitue to raise funds for terrorism jeehad.


when hindu-muslims become tense in society,

then the society (parents, well wishers, friends)

put pressure on the person to convert the spouse.

or htey will say, 'what is so wise of marrying a muslim (or hindu)?


a hindu should not marry a muslim before the muslim gives up islam. why marry one with an ideology that has caused so much destruction and deaths to the hindus for 1000 years?


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The problem is our conditioning will not go away unless we chant God's holy names with pure hearts.Frankly speaking God doesn't sees our religion.How we treat each other matters.Love is God and God is love.We cannot predict exactly what will happen after your marriage.I would say be practical and pray/seek help from Krsna/Allah/God.


Everybody is limited in understanding that's why there are so many religions.Truth is hinduism dosen't condemn marriage outside of religion.Purpose of hinduism is to give God conciousness.Then the understanding that all are spirit souls and equally loved by the creator will come automatically.


Hoping best.God bless you.





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"Purpose of hinduism is to give God conciousness.Then the understanding that all are spirit souls and equally loved by the creator will come automatically. "



The purpose if islam is to convert or kill every non muslim.

(see koran).


so, then how a hindu-muslim couple will live happily?

obviously, one need to give up his/her religion.

it is better when islam is given up.





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You say; "so, then how a hindu-muslim couple will live happily?"


Well, it is possible that some people see further than the material identifications that we place on ourselves out of ignorance. /images/graemlins/mad.gif


I know an American Christian woman who married a Muslim man 20 years ago. They are still together and he never required her to convert.


Where is the little raspberry graemlin?

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Apparently, some muslims don't mind marrying christians without conversion, because they consider christians to be "people of the book", ie. bible.


In any case, as I previously mentioned, relationships will never work if the one of the partners is a practicing muslim. It is a very intolerant relgion.


However, there are some very good tolerant people who are born into a muslim family. Even though they may not practice Islam or belive in the concepts, they can't change their family who may.


So, it is always going to be a delicate issue.


You should judge each case/relationship on its merits. Can't apply one rule for all.

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I think that every person must be judged individually on his own merits and morality. It's prejudical to say that all Muslims are bad or good. There are good and bad in every religion. There are also crazy fanatics in every religion (including Hindus).

I am a Hindu and I was always taught by my parents that Pakistanis were crazy fanatics that hated India. But then I actually met a Pakistani Muslim that was so different from the stereotype, and he even married a Buddhist girl and did not even attempt to convert her.

So now I believe that if there's even 1 person out of 100000000000000000 muslims who is good and moral, we shouldn't do an injustice to that one person by branding all muslims as fanatics and unable to marry with people of other religions.

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Guest guest

Three held over teen love murder


By Ayanjit Sen

BBC correspondent in Delhi


The Taj Mahal is famed as a memorial to love

Police in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have charged three Muslim men with the murders of two teenage lovers - a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy.


The police say the teenagers died when they were attacked with sticks, batons and iron rods.


The incident took place at Sarendhi village, about 70 kilometres (40 miles) from Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located.


Built by the Mogul emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his wife Mumtaz, the Taj Mahal is also known as the "monument of love".


A senior police officer in Agra, VK Maurya, told the BBC that the couple, who belonged to the same village, had been seeing each other for some time.


Court order


Mr Maurya said their families and other villagers opposed this relationship.


"The incident took place on Wednesday night when the girl's three brothers came home and saw the couple together," he said. "The three brothers killed them."


Police say one of the brothers surrendered to them and the other two were arrested later.


Murder charges were filed against them in the court which, on Thursday, remanded them in police custody for two weeks.


A court in Uttar Pradesh had earlier asked state authorities to prevent harassment of couples who marry outside their caste.


Saving 'honour'


The murder of couples who belong to different castes or religions is not uncommon in India.


Historically, inter-caste or inter-religious marriages have not been encouraged.


Although the acceptance of such marriages has increased in recent years, this is mainly restricted to urban areas.


And there have been a few cases close to the Indian capital, Delhi, in which parents and relatives killed young boys and girls to protect what they saw as "family honour".

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Guest guest

"I think that every person must be judged individually on his own merits and morality"


Persons are of different kinds,

but The Books (Koran, gita, bible, etc.0 are same for ever.


Judge them and decide which religion you would like to follow.


Then ask: why should one accept islam when it cannot tolerate any other religion?



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Guest guest

i am a hindu n my boyfriend is a muslim... we have been dating for the past 4 yrs.we r planning to get married......

the reason y we r together is that we both belive in god.. actually i started learing about hinduism more only after dating him. he encoraged me to know about hinduism..its always good to know what u r believing.

i feel that islam is the most misunderstood religion that exist today..( naturally as most of the terrorist r muslims)

but koran never asks u to kill people..nor to treat u r wife as a prostitute.wife has her rights( 90% of muslims dont follow that)

there r strict rules a husband should follow with his wife.

so if a true muslim guy gets married to a hindu girl she will be given the respect thats is expected..


in my opinion this kindof relationship can n will work out if both has respect for each others belives..( provided u give the love u r having for each other the first preferance n religion the second)


personnally i will not want to get married to a person who does not believe in god..(krishna/allah/christ)


all these religion belives that god created the whole universe .. isnt that enough.


ofcoarse there are lota social problems n one must be prepared for future..for example the problems with the realtives,frinds,the type of groups u will be in..etc tomorow my child may like to follow islam.. i should be ready for that..etc etc


the most important thing is parents support.. if u love the other person so much god will give the capability to convince them..( after all two gods r helping u)


so i end my opinion by saying

all that happend is for the best,all that is happening is for the best n all that will happen infuture is for the best

. n keep up the faith




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The only way for people of different race, culture and religion to live side by side in peace is to assure none are threatened by the other. Inter-religious dating causes tensions between both communities in general and this is true whether it is liked or not. Certainly individual cases can and have been very successful but you have to look in the general sense. Certainly mixed marriages might be accepted on the surface of a society however there are always underlying tensions about it. So for the sake of peace one should stick to there own kind.

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u have a bad thinking power. i hope u r an educated person. i dont know who u might be , but before making any comments on other religion, rather study and understand what the aspects are being taught.u cant , such blindfoldedly pin point out. and as far as Islam is concerned, this is no such kind of force on others to get it converted. Though it was the mistake made by the Mughals, but this should be taken as the major part. as many of the people in the world does convert them selves to Islam, so will u say that they r forced. my brother/sister at this present situation Islam is the only religion which is going on widespread and that too in a very cyclonic wave. i think u r not much aware of the fresh news. i think u should update ur knowledge and also ur reason. and i am very sorry that u r acquiring least knowledge and values of other religions.


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Marrying someone who is a muslim or hindu either way needs a lot of understanding.First you both need to come to an agreement if you both think religion is important.If it isnt it will be one day.


Are u both going to ask one another to convert before or after marraige.You may not be a religious hindu or he may not be a religious muslim but their families may be.


If u are going to have kids how are you going to raise them.


After marraige you need to understand u may be both scorned at each other functions.There may be talk of hindu/muslim blasphemy where u have to stand united in your views against society.


Get you parents feedback and approval.If you get their approval then everything will be smooth.


If u dont get their approval you both may stand isolated as will be uninvited atleast till you have a family.




There are a lot of happy inter-religion marraiges of famous personalities who respected the unity of all religions.foe e.g Amjad Ali Khan the sarod player.He never asked his wife to convert as his love was unconditional and he respects other religions.


Both of you must study the lives of such personilties and imbibe their qualities before getting married.Good luck.

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Well in my perspective, "religion" is a set of beliefs through which you search for the truth. Whether you search for the truth by making allah supreme or some other hindu god supreme does not make a difference because it is your personal opinion. The truth is, you cannot marry some one because he is a hindu or a muslim or a christian etc. There is love and caring involved. Well, atleast i think there is love and caring involved. Marriage is different from religion and religion of oneself is a set of beliefs that one believes. All the notions however end in one result, just like all the rivers end in one ocean. If you marry a muslim, you shouldn't marry a muslim because he is a muslim but because he is a person you adore and love.


Atleast i think thats the way it should be, the wise and the enlightened think that way due to the fact that they have no mental modifications of various kinds.


The truth is that we are all one and one split to many and many converging into one race, not many see the truth that we are one race and that counts, if you marry one, you should marry one to love one. I am a hindu, but I am no different from a muslim, christian jew etc. due to the fact that my ways are only ways in which i reach the supreme just like the others shall reach the supreme in their own way.


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Guest guest

Are you sure you want to marry muslim, are there not any good hindus around this world, why must you marry a muslim? have you though about your family, and everyone around you. I am not stopping you, but think of it this way,

1) If your a vegetarian, and she isnt, who is going to adapt, what will your kids be

2) How do you know the muslim is really religious

3) It is not a sin, but you must think of the consequences

4) When you grow old, everyone desires to follow what they did when they were a kid.

5) If your both ready to make a commitment, and put religion aside,

I wish you all the best. Just make sure you kids follow the truth.


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Guest guest

Before Giving any comment one must have some proofs or understanding about the Religion. You cannot simply unleashed the enmity towards Islam which u are taught..You have a complete misunderstanding idea About ISLAM. I recommend u to use your brains and aquire some knowledge about ISLAM and know How it treats women.. WIthout knowing anything the people like u giving comment about ISLAM to increase Rancour which really absurd..

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Guest guest

unless you are a muslim or totally ignorent of islam,

you would not write such a post.

of course a sheer fool can write it too.


i would like to know what answers you have for the following:


- did mohammed marry many wived including nine year old child?

- did mohammed had his army?

- did mohammend forcibly invade and convert or kill kafirs?

- do you know what mohammed ghauri did to prithviraj

when in his 17th battle with him he won?


- did his followers (muslims) do the same?

- did muslims invade india over and over for 1200 years?

- does koran say that a women can go to haven?

- is the conept of islam haven any better than 72 virgins that give abundent sex?

- why is that where ver there are muslims, they alwasy cause terror to get more land and laws of their own?

- can you describe some tolerant acts of muslims?


there are many quetionslike this.


BTW, what you like about islam?

what you dislike about kafirs?


jai sri krishna!



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Guest guest

you can marry a muslim girl but you will have to

become a muslim first or else it is not permisible for a muslim girl to get married to a hindu unless her husband becomes a muslim.

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Guest guest

who said mohammed (saw) married to a 9 year old girl.

i think you should have your knowledge tested before you say any rubbish.


who am i trying to make understand an idol worshipper lol.

what can your idol give haan.and how many gods you'll have its time you'll wake up and worship one and only allah.

before its too late.


and ya atleast u tried to get some information on muslims.

but we muslims think it as a sin to reSearch on you hindus.

and give me one good exsample on a muslim turning to hindu but i dont have to give u an exsample of a hindu turning to muslims because all u hindus know that its happening from the past its going on in present and it will go on in the future inshallah.

and ya u say that our koran says that you'll r kaafirs u read it wrong because u know what our koran teaches us that not to call a kaafir a kaafir cause u dont know when he becomes a beliver and belives in one and only allah.

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Dear guests,


Don't mind me saying this, but you both are misled with certain types of beliefs that are of no use, except for bashing each other's religions.


Muslims are very wonderful and good people(most of them). I have many muslim friends , some are very strict in following their religion. For example, one girl in our school wears a head covering. Not sure why , but I guess thats her way of not leaving her culture and heritage behind...(she is from middle east).


Anyway, The fact is simple, the terms "Hindu" and "Muslim" do not even make sense to krishna. In other words, such words are as meaningless as saying "I am Perfect" or " I am God" or "I am my body".

In reality, just because you have been in the body that belongs to a hindu family does not make you a hindu... What if you (Guest who was bashing Islam here) was a Islamic warrior in the past? How do you know ? Are you going to kill yourself if you found out that you were?-- the answer would be no... and it would be ridiculous to kill your self just because you have done something in the past birth as an Islamic warrior.


Again, the guy who was bashing Idol worship... You can bash any religion you want, because it is "NOT" yours. I can sit here and start bashing Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. because its not mine. But you see, that is a mistake, because when you start bashing, you do not realize that you are bashing because you have your own insecurities about your religion.


There are two types of people, the people who try to reach perfection and go to allah by following his example and showing compassion to all. And the people like most muslim and hindu "activists" who bash other's religion for a selfish purpose--- gain a sense of power by converting other's to his/her set of beliefs.


Pick one.


Thank you.


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