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The Aryans Came Down Like Wolves on the Flock

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The invading Aryans either exterminated, subjugated or made to scatter the settled populace in India. This happened in phases. .In the first phase, the Indian people of the Semitic origin comprising the Indo-Assyrians (`Asuras') and the Indo-Pheonicians (`Panis') were annihilated In the second phase, and by far the worst holocaust upon the Indians. was inflicted upon the Sudra Negroids, who were exterminated from or made to scatter all of North India. Under the impact of the Aryan invasions, the Sudroid race broke up into the disparate units of Dravidians, Kolarians, Dalits and Adivasis. The Dravidian Brahui isolate surviving in Baluchistan is an extremely northern isolate of the ancient Sudric stock. And the third phase was the annihilation and subjugation of the the Indo-Mongoloid populations of Eastern India who were referred to as Nagas or the Kiratas.


Early Settlers


Veddoid (Indian Pygmy) Races


These were the earliest peoples to enter India. They probably came from Africa. Survivals of this race

included the Andaman Islanders and the Veddas of Sri Lanka. They form less than 2 % of the Indian

continental population.


Sudroid or Indian Negro Race


A branch of the Negro race of Africa, they were the second race to enter India. They form around onethird (30 %) of the modern population of the Asian Continent. Originally speaking a Proto-Dravido-Kolarian, or Sudric, language and representing one race, this great people broke up into various distinct sub-races due to the destruction of the Sudroid Indus Valley civilization by Aryan invaders. These branches are :


KOLARIC- After the destruction of the Indus Valley by the catastrophic Aryan invasions, one branch of the Sudroids migrated to East India. Their language developed into the modern Kolarian or Indo-Austric or Mundari languages. They are disparagingly referred to as `Nishadas' by the Aryans. Examples are the Santals and Mundas.


DRAVIDOID - One branch of Sudroids migrated to Southern India and developed into the Tamiloid, Kannadigoid, Telugoid and Malabaroid (Malayaloid and Tuluvoid) and Adi-Dravida (South Indian SC/STs) sub-races.


DASYOID/GONDOID- This branch of the Sudroid race refers to those who stayed behind in North India and mostly accepted slavery under the Aryans. They form 20-25 % of the population of North India (Hindustan), reaching a maximum of 50 % in Gondwana, Bhilwarra and Jharkhand. Most were enslaved by the Aryan invaders, and some continued the resistance in Central India. The Northern Sudras were referred to as `dasyus' (`slaves'). They lost their original language, and were Prakritised (Aryanised).


INDO-SEMITIC - The Semites entered India and settled in the Indus Valley among the more numerous Negroid Sudras.

PHOENICIAN - Referred to by the invading Aryans in their Sanskrit language as `Panis' these are the Mediterranean populations that entered the Indus Valley, peacefully setling among the indigenous Sudroid pupolation.

ASSYRIANS - Referred to by Aryans as `Asuras', they contributed, along with the Phoenicians, the Semitic influence to the Harappan civilization, eg. the construction of ziggurats. Both these races were exterminated by the invading Aryans.


MONG-KHMER - The next race to enter India, perhaps simultaneously with the Semites, were the Mon-Khmer peoples. They form a significant part of the population of Gaudiyan (West Bengali), Odissic and Assamic races. Some of them were referred to as Nagas and Kiratas.



1 Black Skin

The most evident similarity between Africans and Sudroids is their black skin colour. It often approaches deep black, and when shiny resemble tar. The Adi Dravidas (true Dravidians) of South India are black like the Africans with a slightly different hair texture.


2 Nasal Index

The nose of Sudroids closely resembles that of Negroids and Australoids, being very broad. In both pure black African and pure Sudroid it is often as wide as it is broad, ie. the nasal index (ratio of width to height) is 100. By contrast Caucasians are fine-nosed. The Indo-Aryan is thus very similar to the European, possessing a fine nose, while the Sudroid is related to the Africa.


3 Wavy-Curly Hair & Thick Lips

The hair of Sudroids is wavy and often curly, with imported Africans ( eg. the Makranis, the Siddis of Sind and the Dakhin ) it is frizzy. It is a common misconception to asume all Africoids have frizzy hair; it is often curly and wavy in Nubia and Abyssinia.


4 Prognathism

Pronounced prognathism is characteristic of all black races from Africa to southern India and Oceania - Australia. In addition, the teeth are relatively larger in case of Australoids and Kolarians, as well as Dravidians.


5 Skeletal Similarities

Long Forearm -

The forearm of Suroids and Africans are long.

Dolicocephaly -

Dolicocephaly ( long-headedness ) is common amongst Sudras. In fact, many are classed as hyperdolicocephalic. Dolicocephaly is common amongst East Africans in general ( Nilotes, Sudanic Blacks and Cushites - Hamites or Abyssinians )


6. Boomerang & Hunting Customs

The boomerang is used by Dravidian aboriginals, Australoids and is recorded from Egypt.


7. Theological

Both Africans and Dravidians held a common interest in the cult of the Serpent and believed in a Supreme God, who lived in aplace of peace and tranqulity. Murugan the Dravidian god of the mounatins parallels a common god in East Africa worshipped by 25 ethnic groups called Murungu, the god who resides in the mountains.


8. Burial & Death Rites

Burning of the dead body is a characteristic of Indo-Aryans, while burial of the dead was common to Indo-Africans. In both South India and the Western Sudan and Senegal/Gambia the dead were buried and interned in terra cotta jars.


9. Circumcision & Initiation Rites

Circumcision, both male and female, was practiced by Dravidians and is still widely practiced in Africa.


10. Agricultural

Both groups use the hoe for tilling the ground, manuring the ground to fertilize crops, terracing irrrigation and canal building. Wheat of the 6-row variety, which is found in predynastic graves in Egypt, has been discovered at Harappan sites dating much later, as late as 2300-1750 BC. On the Gangetic plain, barley was found at neolithic Hallum in Mysore state (1800 BC). Pearl millet has been found at Saurasthra and Ahar (1200-100 BC). Indian sorghum is clearly of African origin. Cultivated cotton which came from West Africa appear at Mohenjo-Daro and harrapa from 2300-1700 BC


11. Inheritance

Among the ali tiravitar (Adi Dravidas, or real Dravidians), the system of inheritance passes from the uncle to his nephews, instead of his sons (maru makkal tayam) as in Africa and is still practiced by some communities in South India.


12. Calendrical

The Dravidians and Africans used the same calendrical systema

13. Megalithic Cultures

Megalithic cultures in India and Africa dating to the third millenium BC are very similar: both contain black-and-red ware, bones and pottery sarcophagi near water tanks. Cave paintings are also very similar, pointing to ancient contacts.

14. Pottery : Red-and-Black Ware

The black races are consistently associated with red-and-black pottery all over the world. Pottery of the Nubians is very similar to Dravidian pottery.




Evident linguistic connections such as these are abundant:




Botswana, Bophutatswana (reg) Gondwana (region)

Ila (tr.) Irula

Ila Bhilla

Iramba (rift Bantu) Irula

Ganda (tr.) Ganda (anus, Sans.)

Gonder (town, reg.) Gond (tribe)

Gongola Gond

Gonga (people,Ghana) Gond),

Galla (tribe) Goala (caste), Gaya (town

Kongo (river, reg., tribe) Kongu Nadu (reg.), Kond or Khond (tribe

Kadamba Kurumba (tribe, dyn.)

Katanga (distt., Congo) Kurumba

Karanga (eth.Zimbab.) Kurumba

Kamba (n.e. Bantu) Kadamba (or Kurumba)

Kinga (tr.) Kalinga (nation)

Kinga (Nyasa Bantu, Tanz.) Kalinga (natn.,race)

Manyika Mleccha (sans. for barbarian

Masai (e. Nilotes) Malay or Malabar, Mallas

Mende (w.afr.people) Manda (Drav.people)

Nuer Nayar (caste)


Pongo Pengu (tr.,Orissa

Turu (rift Bantu) Tulu

Toga Toda

Tsonga (tribe) Tunga (Kalinga abor. rulg. family)

Tonga (tribe) Tunga

Ubangi (river) Bhangi (caste

Uganda Konda (Dr.tr.), Gonda


Zulu (tr., S.Af.) Tulu

The `Congo' river and the `Kongo' tribes are cognate to the Kongu Nadu comprising the Salem tract in Tamil Nadu prior to its conquest by the Cholas. The Mbangala or Imbangala warrior tribe of central Angola are cognate to the Bangala tribe and the region named after them in eastern India. The Galla are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, forming 40 % of the population. They are cattle-herders, as are the black-skinned low-caste known as Goala (cow-herders) in central India. The Mbundu are the second-largest ethnic group of Angola while the Munda are in Eastern India.

The Godabas of Somalia may have given their name to the Godavari River in the Deccan. Congates of `gond' and `gong' are widespread in Africa and Dravida. Gonder or Gondar is the ancient capital of Ethiopia 1652-1855 as well as the surrounding region. The Gond are a large group of Draviidan tribes in Central India. Senegalese and Dravidian languages are closely related grammatically, structurally and lexically.






References abound to an Aryan invasion in Sanskrit literature.

The ancient singer praises the god who "destroyed the Dasyans and protected the Aryan colour." [ Rg.V. III.34.9 ] and "the thunderer who bestowed on his white friends the fields, bestowed the sun, bestowed the waters." [ Rg.V. I.100.18 ]. Numerous are the references to "the black skin" `Krishnam varnam' [ Rg.V. IX.41.1, Sama Veda I.491, II.242 which is mentioned with abhorrence. Again " stromy gods who rush on like furious bulls and scatter the black skin." [ Rg.V. IX.73.5 ] The singers mention "the black skin, the hated of Indra", being swept ourtof heaven [ RgV. IX.73.5 ]. "Indra protected in battle the Aryan worshipper, he subdued the lawless for Manu, he conqured the black skin." [ Rg.V. I.130.8 ] [ Ann.114 ] The sacrificer poured out thanks to his god for "scattering the slave bands of black descent", and for stamping out " the vile Dasyan colour." [ Rg.V. II.20.7, II.12.4 ] [ ANn. 115 ] "Daasam varnam adharam" [ Rg.V. II.12.4 ] [ Muir part I, p.43, II, p.284, 323 etc. ] [ Ann. 114 ff ] Rakshas are aboriginals

- Ravana = Rakshasendra . Rakshas = Ceylon aborigines since Chinese travellers and Sinhalese chroniclers Rakko or Yakko in the vernacular .


Destruction of Cities -Indra, destructor of cities


The Aryan gods are proudly presented by the Vedic "sages" as the destroyeres of cities. Of these Indra, later considered an incarnation of the God Vishnu, is the prime culprit. Indra is called Puroha or Purandhara, `sacker of cities' - [ S & T 366 ] Indra overthrew 100 Puras made of stone ( asmanmayi ) for his worshipper Divodasa [ RgV 4.30.20 ], evidently belonging to Sambara who is a Dasa ( non-Aryan/demon ) of the mountain [ RgV 6.26.5 ]


No regard was shown to the life of non-Aryans. An Aryan poet says,

" Ye mighty ones [ Asvins ] what do you do there;

why do you stay there among the people who are held in high esteem through not offering sacrifices;

ignore them, destroy the life of the Panis "

-- [ RgV I.83.3 ]

Indra's Destruction of Harappa : The Vedic Harappa Hymn

The famous Harappa hymn of the Rig Veda describes with praise Indra's destruction of Harappa :

" In aid of Abhyavartin Cayamana, Indra destroyed the seed of Virasakha.

"At Hariyupiyah he smote the vanguard of the Vrcivans, and the rear fled frightened."

-- [ Rg.V. XXVII.5 ]

This Hariyupiyah is likely to be the Harappa of tte Indus valley.


Also the date of 1500 BC corresponds to the end of a sangam period when invasions by barbarians occurred.

It is clear that which ‘Brahman” created the chaturvarnya.



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Guest guest



The original notion by Max Muller was actually formulated on the Biblical basis that the Earth is only 8000 years old. The cosmological dates portrayed in the Vedas therefore obviously offended him!


BUT this doesn't refute the entire theory - The Aryans did exist in India in ancient times as well as later times - definately as far back as Divodasa and the Battle of the Ten Kings of the Rg Veda.


That Aryans invaded a primitive pre-Hinduistic civilzation though is pure folly. I see no evidence for it.


If there are any of you who think otherwise I have a single argument to refute it all - the flow of the Saraswati River. Her ancient flow was documented along with 6 other divine rivers of India in detail in the Rg Veda. Since then the courses have changed. If the Aryans invaded later, as scholars would have you believe, how did the author of the Vedas know of these flows in precision?


In short, the Aryans didn't bring Hindu-like philosophy into India. It was already in India and those who stood by it were CALLED Aryans, a certain percentage of whom may have later become nomadic, and all others were tolerated as peoples of other races. There was no invasion!

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Guest guest

The Indus

The Chenab

The Ravi (Parushni)

The Saraswati

The Yamuna

The Ganga

The Sarayu (Ghaghara)

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First, here I am writing as a student of history, and not as a follower of any religion, isms or views prejudiced. I am a follower of Sanatana Dharma, but my defnition of Sanatanam and Dharmam differs from the followers of religions and it is beyond religions and isms.


There exists enough irrefutable evidence that a pre-aryan

civilization existed in this sub-continent. These evidences may be classified into Anthropological, Archaeological, Linguistics, Cultural(customs & manners) and Genetic. Some of these I have already explained.


I have stayed for days with the Adivasies in the Nilgiri belt and in the Chhattisgarh region , explored and observed their languages, customs and traditions. Mummified bodies

in earthern jars of the pre-aryan era were found in various places in Southern India(The Negroids did not cremate their bodies like the Aryans). You only have to see and analyse the physical features of the majority of Indian population to reach a conclusion, plus some linguistics on tribal or place names for a comparative study to find out the origins

(of the majority). The races have intermingled and inter mixed with other incoming races through the ages. But almost pure dravidians could be found in the obcsure and remote regions of South and Central India.


Regarding evidence from ancient Indian writings, an analytical mind and a critical study of the vedas is required, without religious inhibitions.


" In aid of Abhyavartin Cayamana, Indra destroyed the seed of Virasakha. At Hariyupiyah he smote the vanguard of the Vrcivans, and the rear fled frighted."

-- [ Rg.V. XXVII.5 ]

This Hariyupiyah is most likely to be the Harappa of the Indus valley.

The 'purandara' and 'puroha' Indra destroyed a 100 cities made of stone, belonging to Sambara, a non-aryan.

The ancient singer praises the god who "destroyed the Dasyans and protected the Aryan colour." [ Rg.V. III.34.9 ] "the thunderer who bestowed on his white friends the fields, bestowed the sun, bestowed the waters." [ Rg.V. I.100.18 ] [ Ann. 114 ] Numerous are the references to "the black skin" `Krishnam Vacham' [ Rg.V. IX.41.1, Sama Veda I.491, II.242 ] [ Ann. 114 ] which is mentioned with abhorrence. Again " stromy gods who rush on like furious bulls and scatter the black skin." [ Rg.V. IX.73.5 ] The singers mention "the black skin, the hated of Indra", being swept ourtof heaven [ RgV. IX.73.5 ] "Indra protected in battle the Aryan worshipper, he subdued the lawless for Manu, he conqured the black skin." [ Rg.V. I.130.8 ] The sacrificer poured out thanks to his god for "scattering the slave bands of black descent", and for stamping out " the vile Dasyan colour." [ Rg.V. II.20.7, II.12.4 ] "Dasam varnam adharam" [ Rg.V. II.12.4 ] Rakshasas were black aboriginals.


" Ye mighty ones [ Asvins ] what do you do there;

why do you stay there among the people who are held in high esteem though not offering sacrifices; ignore them, destroy the life of the Panis " The Panis were Phoenicians (another earlies settlers, who settled along with the 'Asuras', the Assyrians)


The pre-vedic Harappans built large dams and canals. The 'destroyer of cities' had a passion for the destruction of dams and submerging the conquered areas.

When he (Indra) laid open the great mountain, he let loose the torrents and slew the Danava, he set free the pent up springs, the udder of the mountain. [ RgV V.32.1-2 ]

He slew the Danava, shattered the great mountian, broke open the well, set free the pent up waters. [ RgV I.57.6; V.33.1 ] He releases the streams which are like impisoned cows [ RgV I.61.10 ] He won the cows and soma and made the 7 rivers flow. [ RgV I.32.12; II.12.12 ]

He releases the imprisoned waters [ RgV I.57.6; I.103.2 ]

He dug out channels for the streams with his bolt [ RgV II.15.3 ], let the flood of waterrs flow into the sea. [ RgV II.19.3 ]

He caused the waters pent up by Vrtra to flow [ RgV III.26.6; IV.17.1) Conquering waters is his prime attribute. " rinag rodhamsi krutrimani"


Let us beleive that ancient populace came and settled here, there and everywhere.It is not the question of who came first, who were great. The aryan and pre-aryan civilizations and whatever they have left behind, good and evil, belongs to the entire humanity. Vasudhaiva kutumbakam.









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Guest guest

And virtually all the books written speak of the Aryans as of fair skin, blonde hair and tall- and they invaded and took control of india in stages. And to be honest i dont see how given genetic evidence anyone can refute this as being at least an extremely significant event in the course of Hinduism's history. And also given it is the Aryan caste who dictate Hinduism i see no reason why they would include the religious aspirations of a conquered, subjugated people in their teachings. I make a gneralisation here when i say that it seems its indians living in Western countries who argue most strenuously against the Invasion theory. Its sad that what should be an objective view of history is being corrupted by peoples present social position.

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Guest guest

then i can say, having been in the field of genetics for many years, that the genetic 'proof' that scientists have offered does not support an invasion theory. The Aryans could have originated in India and moved outward over a period of thousands of years - this can also account for the gene markers we see in present day Indo-Europeans and South Indians. The fact is, you cannot say for certain which way round it was just from the genetic evidence.


So, you see, it's not as 'clear' as you seem to reckon.


"Well im in india at the minute .... Its sad that what should be an objective view of history is being corrupted by peoples present social position. "


I'll tell you what's sad. That people outside of India seem to recognise Her great heritage much better than those that live there and (more often than not) refute it. Don't be so deluded. Open your eyes.

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I have not emphasized much on the genetic evidence. But genetic evidences cannot be wholly negated and is subject to

intense non-prejudicial research.


But the existing, living anthropological and linguistic evidences are irrefutable. And the millennia old customs and traditions of the Adivasies of this country cannot be overlooked.


While appreciating and priding in the heritage that our forefathers left behind, we should not arrogantly ascertain that the cosmos revolved around us only or the Ultimate Reality 'preferred' and 'selected' this stretch of land for the origin and flow of knowledge.


Roughly six millennia before, civilizations as competent as to ours flourished in the Amazon, Nile, Niger and Congo valley. Civilizations or philosophies did not spring up like mushrooms on the stroke of lightning..it evolved over a period of time and spread. Flow of peoples and their culture is as old as humans.

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Guest guest


what a con man, whenever a relevant question is asked

of the author he reply's, oh we haven't been able to

get samples from that area....


the problem with these guys is they have an agenda, they start with a theory then try to create facts to support it.


that is not the scientific method, true science is

first discerning ALL the facts (which the author admits

he does not) then making a theory.


what he does is not science, it's disinformation,

he says he knows that the aryans came from southern russia because of genetic markers, how does he come to this conclusion ? he does not say.


the fact is that lighter skinned indians have similar

DNA to europeans, the ONLY conclusion that one can

reach from this data is that these two groups are related, in order to understand whether the europeans

came to india, or the indians went to europe you need

to use anthropological methods,cultural,linguistics, etc.


DNA can only give connections racially, the data cannot

tell the history of migratory patterns , any scientist who says it can is mis informing the audience.


Many things can affect racial mix in populations, to try and give a factual history based on genetics alone

is fraught with potential error.


here is an anthropological article.





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I do appreciate your views.


But then, if science is bogus, history is concocted, linguistics and anthropology is unreliable, shall we hang on

to the infallibility of the Scriptures(of all religions) or our own as the only one which is perfect and true?


The question I dealt with is not whether the Aryans are superior or the Dravidians or who is the 'aadivasi'.


What I was trying to convey was, unlike the aryan-dravidian theorists, there was a constant flow of man, his culture and civilization and there is no pure race in this world.

And the conquerers everywhere has subjugated those conquered, with rare exceptions.


In fact the entire cosmos is a single family.

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Prabhupada has a distinctive understanding of the Aryans, and not all of it is “politically correct” by today’s standards.


Srila Prabhupada taught that:

1.“Aryan” means spiritually and culturally advanced.

2.At the present time, anyone who acquires the appropriate qualities is an Aryan.

3.At a certain period of history the quality of being an Aryan was closely linked to a specific ethnic cluster: Indo-European.

4.Some Aryans migrated into India, some into Europe.

5.Present day whites and lighter-skinned, upper-caste Indians are descendants of the ancient Aryans, namely, the Indo-Europeans.

6.The Aryan ethnic stock is distinct from the Dravidian.


[see below for references.]


In addition, Prabhupada does not uphold the invasion theory, but instead supports the notion of migration. His views are NOT racist, because he maintains that anyone can become an Aryan in quality. It is true he says certain spiritual attributes historically were manifest more prominently by certain ethnicities in contrast to others. Also, he regards some present day peoples as in general having a greater material propensity for spiritual advancement (i.e., propensity for vedic spiritual culture) than others. But inasmuch as this propensity is merely material, Prabhupada always held that anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, could become an Aryan in quality.


The above statements are backed by the following citations (in no particular order):



The word Aryan is applicable to persons who know the value of life and have a civilization based on spiritual realization. Persons who are led by the material conception of life do not know that the aim of life is realization of the Absolute Truth, Visnu, or Bhagavan, and they are captivated by the external features of the material world, and therefore they do not know what liberation is. Persons who have no knowledge of liberation from material bondage are called non-Aryans.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Bg 2.2



The association of devotees (arya-sangama) is the most important factor in this world. The word arya refers to those who are advancing spiritually. In the history of the human race, the Aryan family is considered to be the most elevated community in the world because it adopts the Vedic civilization. The Aryan family is distributed all over the world and is known as Indo-Aryan. In prehistoric days all of the members of the Aryan family followed the Vedic principles, and therefore they became spiritually advanced. The kings, known as rajarsis, were so perfectly educated as ksatriyas, or protectors of the citizens, and so greatly advanced in spiritual life, that there was not a bit of trouble for the citizens.

The glorification of the Supreme Lord can be very much appreciated by the Aryan family. Although there is no bar for others, the members of the Aryan family very quickly catch the essence of spiritual life. How is it that we are finding it very easy to spread Krsna consciousness among the Europeans and Americans? History reports that the Americans and Europeans proved their capability when they were anxious to expand colonization, but at the present time, being contaminated by the advancement of material science, their sons and grandsons are turning into reprobates. This is due to their having lost their original spiritual culture, which is Vedic civilization. Presently these descendants of the Aryan family are taking this Krsna consciousness movement very seriously. Others who are associating with them and hearing the chanting of the Hare Krsna maha-mantra from the lips of pure devotees are also becoming captivated by the transcendental vibration. Transcendental vibrations are very much effective when chanted among Aryans, but even though one does not belong to the Aryan family, he will become a Vaisnava simply by hearing the mantra because the vibration has great influence over everyone.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 4.20.26



Now, a civilized, real, advanced civilization, the Aryans... The Aryans are called advanced. The actual meaning of Aryan means advanced, according to Sanskrit. This is a... Aryan is not any, I mean to say, English word or Hindu or any other language. It is the Sanskrit word, Aryan. Aryan. The word comes from the arya, a-r-y-a, arya. Now it has become a common word, Aryan, but originally it is Sanskrit word. And arya means one who is advanced, or one who is civilized, one who knows, one who has knowledge. Then he is called arya. In the Bhagavad-gita you'll find. When Arjuna declined to fight, Krsna condemned him, "Oh, you are just like talking like a non-Aryan, not Aryan."

So we all belong to the Aryan family. Historical reference is there, Indo-European family. So Aryan stock was on the central Asia. Some of them migrated to India. Some of them migrated to Europe. And from Europe you have come. So we belong to the Aryan family, but we have lost our knowledge. So we have become non-Aryan practically. Because we do not give importance to the spiritual side of life. The Aryan means one who gives importance to the spiritual side of life.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Bhagavad-gita 10.4-5 -- New York, January 4, 1967



Yayati: The great emperor of the world and the original forefather of all great nations of the world who belong to the Aryan and Indo-European stock. He is the son of Maharaja Nabusa, and he became the emperor of the world due to his elder brother's becoming a great and liberated saintly mystic.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 1.12.24



If there is civilization, that is this Aryan civilization in India, Vedic civilization. Otherwise, throughout the whole world... These people were within Aryan civilization. Aryan, Iranian, their names are given. Up to Iran, their field(?). Europeans also, Indo-European. Gradually they declined. Caitanya Mahaprabhu's mission is to make them civilized. Pascimera loka saba mudha anacara. They are all fools and misbehaved. Teach them this Krsna consciousness. They'll be happy. This is Caitanya Mahaprabhu. That is our next step, how to make one civilization, Krsna conscious.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Short Dissertations -- May 24-25, 1977, Vrndavana



Human life is not in large quantity. Out of that, mostly they are uncivilized, and very few Aryan families. The Aryan family -- the Indo-European family, they are also Aryan -- they are very few. The Europeans, they belong to the Indo-European group. The Americans, they also come from Europe. So this group of human society is very few. There are other, many uncivilized groups. Therefore Vedanta says, atha atah: now you have got developed human form of life, civilized life, you have got nice arrangement for your comfortable life. Especially in America you have got all material comforts. You have got cars, you have got good road, nice food, nice building, nice dress, nice feature of your body. Everything God has given you very nice. The Vedanta advises, "Now you take to about the inquiry of Brahman." Athato brahma jijnasa.

This is applicable for everyone, civilized men. I don't speak of the Americans, in Europe, in Asia. Anywhere. Aryans means those who are advanced. Non-Aryans means those who are not ad... This is the Sanskrit meaning, arya.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Lecture -- Seattle, October 7, 1968




So here it is said that vivasvan manave praha manur iksvakave 'bravit. First of all, this was spoken to sun-god Vivasvan, and Vivasvan spoke to his son Manu, and Manu spoke to his son Iksvaku. This Maharaja Iksvaku happened to be an ancient emperor on this planet, and in his dynasty Lord Ramacandra appeared, Maharaja Iksvaku. He is ksatriya. These are all ksatriya. Surya, Vivasvan is also ksatriya. There are two ksatriya families, one from the sun and one from the moon, candra-vamsa and surya-vamsa. They're existing. And the Indo-European stock, they are also coming from the ksatriyas. From the history of Mahabharata, we can understand the Aryan families who migrated to Europe, they also belonged to this surya-vamsa or candra-vamsa. Anyway, that is another department of knowledge. Here it is said that..., Krsna says that "I spoke this philosophy or this system or this doctrine of Bhagavad-gita, yoga."

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Bhagavad-gita 4.1 -- Montreal, August 24, 1968



Hamsaduta: It must be very difficult to get a birth in a civilized society.

Prabhupada: Yes. Certainly. Therefore it is said, labdhva sudurlabham. It is very rare, now, especially to take birth in India in the Vedic society. India means within this planet, the civilized Aryan family. Now Aryan families have degraded. Otherwise Aryan means progressive. So all over the world the Aryan families they have degraded. Otherwise the Vedic civilization was Aryan civilization.

Devotee: Some places they recognize that. When we went to one meeting in Bombay...

Prabhupada: The Europeans and Americans, they belong to Aryan family. They have lost their Vedic culture. Now it is being revived again.

Revatinandana: They came from those renegade kings that ran away from Parasurama?

Prabhupada: Yes, there are so many reasons.

Revatinandana: Is it also true that the Scandinavians come from... Kamsa-nisudana was telling me that the Scandinavians came from Skandha, god of war, and that these people were driven out of India by the Hindu society. They were worshipers of Skandha, and they took shelter in northern Europe?

Prabhupada: Maybe. Actually Aryan civilization was central Asia. Some of them went towards India and some of them went towards Europe. Indo-European stock that is called.

Revatinandana: Central Asia.

Prabhupada: Central Asia. Caucasian. Kasyapa Muni's place.

Hamsaduta: How come they're so white?

Prabhupada: The Aryans are white. But here, this side, due to climatic influence, they are a little tan. Indians are tan but they are not black. But Aryans are all white. And the non-Aryans, they are called black. Yes.

Devotee: They use the term Caucasian to designate those persons who...

Prabhupada: Not only Europeans. The Kashmir side of this Afghanistan, Baluchistan and Punjab, they are all white.

Devotee: Caucasaus Mountains is near Afghanistan.

Prabhupada: Yes. All white. In Punjab, you'll find, they are as white as Europeans. Oh, yes. Kashmir.

Himavati: Also in Vrndavana (indistinct). And they're tall.

Prabhupada: Tall. So Aryan family, whole Aryans, they are white. And sudras are called krsna, krsna, black.

Revatinandana: But the sudras have handsome bodily features also. In Amritsar the people have, I think, handsome bodily features.

Prabhupada: Yes, Aryan family, the structure of body... From the... There is a science called physiognomy. No? Yes. So it can be ascertained. But we have got forget all these material. We have to advance in Krsna consciousness. This is white skin... So you have all taken your bath? So, give me little oil. I shall also take bath.

Devotee: What to do about a massage?

Prabhupada: Do. Do it. (end)

Ref. VedaBase => Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.1.6 -- Sydney, February 17, 1973



Prabhupada: In Bengal the, just like here, so many, black mixed up with white. In Bengal and Madras, so many Dravidian have been mixed up with the Aryan. Therefore in Bengal and Madras you'll find many black.

Hari-sauri: Dravidian?

Prabhupada: Dravidian culture. Dravida. They are non-Aryans. Just like these Africans, they are not Aryans. Now they are mixing up with Europeans and Americans. In India, it was, one from the higher section, brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, they will be fair complexion. Sudras, black. So if a brahmana becomes black, then he's not accepted as brahmana. Kala bahu (?). And if a sudra becomes fair, then he's to be know that he's not pure sudra. Although we do not take very, but, this brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, by birth, but still, we have seen, those who are coming purely from high caste family, their behavior and sudras behavior is different. The family culture. And the spiritual culture lost, still, the family culture keeps them separate.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Room Conversation -- August 2, 1976, New Mayapur (French farm)

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Guest guest



i don't agree with your assesment of what i stated,

i did'nt poopoo science,just the contrary,

what i said is that the 'scientists' who try and

use intagible results from incomplete genetic

studies to substantiate a theory that has it's

roots in the theories of 19th century white

supremacists, who concocted the theory of AI

without any actual evidence that the aryan peoples

came originaly from the russian steppes.


How did they come to that conclusion ?


They guessed, period.


their theory was that the aryans could have originated

anywhere from the nordic area to the area in norhtern iraq/armenia, so they chose the middle of that area

and said that the arayans came from southern russia,

with no evidence whatsoever, all based on linguistic

so called evidence due to the lack of corresponding

words that were similar for things in a cold climate

in both languages.


so they theorized that the aryans did not have use for those

words in india's tropical climate, so those words

did not have interconnected roots.


the problem we find is that ancient india was much larger then today incompassing afghanistan,the hindu kush,

and nepal and the himalaya region.


a more logical reason is that the aryans went into southern europe first,through the levant,where the trade routes were, all hot climates, where words from the

aryan cold climates in india would have no



but noooooo.


the imperialists were not stupid, they realized this simple

truth, big problem then, india was in the process

of being divied up by the east india companies after

the disintegration of the mughal empire, if the word

came out that india was the mother country of european civilization, how would that play in the home countries

(who were under going a religious revival banning slavery)

who were using the pretext of civilizing and christianizing the pagan ,godless,wogs/savages ?


So that bogus theory became entrenched for political,economic,and religious reasons.


the genetic evidence shows connection,nothing else.


for instance lets say 10 families from NW india moved

into southern russia, they did not intermarry

for a long time(like the gypsies), after 6 generations

they would have thousands of people,all genetically

the same.


then they conquer the area around them, the indigenous people leave,some stay and intermarry.


After thousands of years what will the result be genetically, what conclusion would you reach ?


without corroborative anthropological evidence,

you could say that those people in southern russia

today due to the similarity of their genetics

to north indians, must have moved into india in the distant past.


you would be wrong.


all anthropological evidence points to an out of india theory being correct.

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Guest guest



Great post! I appreciate the knowledge and dedication which you put into your work. You're not just throwing empty data to the public audience.


Sir, I am currently doing some research on the Aborigins of India and would like some assistance. If it's possible, please let me know. Thanks.




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Guest guest

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell


Bottem line is that there's a good deal of politics that motivates all of the sciences, including antropology. The AI theory is widely accepted only cause its politically acceptable to the Europeans, who fund the research, and just love to claim Aryan blood (so much so that 6,000,000 Jews were burned as a result). So that's the nature (political nature) that antropology is in now: you have Indians, Arabs, Persians, and Europeans all fighting to claim Aryan blood - even though in the Vedas the word Arya was used as an adjective not a noun.

(Disregard) the blood that flows through your vains, its the strenght of your Yoga that counts.

Also remember the root of ignite is Agni, not the other way around.

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