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Ghosts and supernatural beings

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how can someone become possessed?

how do spirits enter the body?

There are cultures where possessions are actively sought for ...

They have their special techniques .

And not every culture seems to view it as a bad thing ...

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by the same logic, krsna doesnt exist- because he only exists in vedic mythology:confused:

No, logically, if God is Supreme then there is no Satan to oppose him. That is how he cannot exist, why would a loving and caring God create Satan.

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Hare Krishna. According to one chapter of Bhagavad-gita, any living entity may live in a state of nature, either divine or demoniac, and that chapter describes the characteristics of both of them. Therefore, it's up to each individual living entity to choose what kind of nature to live in. Of course, in Kali-yuga it becomes extremely difficult to live a life performing divine habits because demoniac habits are easier to perorm due to the attachment to sense gratification, from which lust arises, and then other bad qualities like anger, greed, bewilderment of memory, loss of intelligence, and finally illusion.


The way out. Fortunately there is always a way out from the demoniac nature and back into the divine nature. In Christianity, the best way out is by simply praying the whole prayer "Our father who are in heaven, blessed be thy name... and so on.. including, don't let us fall into temptation and deliver us from evil, because Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever, amen. And this prayer should be prayed as many times as necessary until complete peace is felt all around.


In the case of the Krishna Consciousness devotees, the best way out of demoniac nature is by simply chanting the maha-mantra Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. As many times as necessary until complete peace is felt all around.


Finally, regarding ghosts, they never pray nor chant the above and that is why they fail.


Hare Krishna. BW.

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Again I've noticed if the demon is possessing a Christian, he will say he's Satan. In other religions this is not so. Did you know that the name Lucifer is originally not Jewish nor Christian?

Hare Krishna! Sri Ugra Nrishinga namaste!

There is a big confusion about the comparative study of respective variety of

persons and personalities auspicious and bad auspicious. Mai be it is not necessary make a complete scannering of all ,for the success in spiritual life.

The bhakta is not an ordinatory classificatory ishwara like Saturn or Sanaischara.


My compresion of 24 years of studing Prabhupada's books and speaking and associate with devotees is: in the common sense the word "demon" indicate

a not good soul , not incarnated spirit, but, in the sense of vedic literature

and Srila Prabhupada explanation , " demon" means " ASURA", a soul who mind

is charged with a preponderance of demoniac qualities . He is not effulgent,

he is " a-sura" who is the contrary of "sura" , divine or effulgent.


A not incarnated bad spirit who posses , for example, a Christian, mai be he,

the spirit , he is an individual spiritual soul , jiva -atma, fallen under the lowest stratification of the modalities of material nature and he perform

the lowest behaviour rajasic and tamasic , of the material nature.

Srila Prabhupada say that SATANA is a name for material nature , the

material energy. The material energy is called "tri-guna-mai", who controls

sattva, rajas and tamas guna (virtue, passion and ignorance). The demoniac

persons utilize passion and ignorance , the holy persons and the devas utilize

the SATTVA - guna or goodness.


In the Christian tradition lucifer is a fallen angel, it is not sure you can identufy he with Satana or material nature .

The devils are different from demon because it appears they are used from

the illusory energy for punishment of miscreants and sinners.

The demons also are victimized from devils in the hellish planets or others

planets. The devils are like a special task-force from Yama, for persecuted

the sinners.


In the vedic period ,before kali-yuga ,the astrologers didn't made consideration

of Urano , Neptun or Pluto, because the human people where not so connected

with sinful activities, but now , in kali-yuga Pluto acts directly on the human

activities like the policeman act on criminal persons, the sinners.



In the Christian tradition , as He arrived to us, is a dualistic, DUALISTIC and

like 'schizoid' consideration for material energy. The people use largely

material energy for himself , uncousciounsly, and after they call "SATANA"

, like a distant, unpredictable, inaccessable person, BUT in true, Satana

is the hardware and softaware of the spiritual soul in the material world, that

is for this reason MATERIAL = immersion in the matter.

For the Indù people is a more articolate position, they worship Durga-devi

or Material Energy personified, some- time separately, some -time togheter

with the worship of Purusha (named Shiva or named Vishnu).


For the vaishnava people, devotees of Lord Krishna or Vishnu, the shakti

or Shakti, in the numerous manifestation favoreable and terrific of Sati,

Uma , Parvati or Durga and Kalì, they are servants of God, Vishnu, in

differents 'specializations' of Mother or destroyer and war, second the

necessities. Exist Bhadra-kali (terrible) and exist Subhadra ,who is the

enchantable deity sister of Sri Krishna. For Kamsa, the demon, Durga

the sister of Krishna , for Kamsa durga is a punisher and for Ravana also,

BUT , for Sri Arjuna , Subhadra is the , The Wife , the personified internal

energy who help the devotee TO SERVE KRISHNA.

It depends from material or spiritual usage we do with matter, similarly

the use we can do with celluloid film or material support for the cinema:

the same for horror or holy films.


SORRY for my not current english (globish). I am not initiated also if I chant

regularly from 24 years.

Upstair the page is only my realizations , the learned brahminical devotees

can QUOTE ESACTLY or correct my poor conclusion. In my memory my

script is not contrar to Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada sentences.




Your servant. Francesco , (Gopaladas ).

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