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  1. I actually know quite a few atheists who don't know science all that well and then they go around acting like they do. The fact that this universe is complex and structured should tell you something. Very few scientists disagree about the existence of God. There are very few atheistic scientists, the rest just do what they do: research.
  2. I noticed that someone said what if dinosaurs are like the reptiles of today only much bigger. Well, current scientific views say most dinosaurs were not reptiles, more like birds. Popular dinosaurs like T-Rex and velociraptor are prime examples, they have even found fossils so well preserved that it even showed feathers on both of these species.
  3. Just asking, I hope you realize how illogical you sound. Just to let you know Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian. So it seems more like he is saying "Jews shouldn't mingle with unbelievers". As for people of other religions going to hell, why do near-death experiences say otherwise. I am doing near-death research and so far no sign of this "Satan". The only time I come across it is on a holy roller website with no source as to where they got the story.
  4. Sephiroth, I understand that! Guys how are we so sure that all dinosaurs were wiped out...we still have crocodiles, alligators, frogs, cockroaches, mosquitos etc. What makes us not think that some dinosaur survivors lived til not too long ago...think about the fact that dragons are mentioned all over the world.
  5. Yes, that is true....but what the article failed to tell you is that at the end of each cycle something bad happens...natural disasters, famine etc. We'll just have to wait and see.
  6. Is this evil spirit feeding off your uncle's energy. I think you may have put that in your post. If this spirit is the same as what has attacked me before chanting Krishna's name or another mantra has helped a lot. Last time it attacked me I just said Lord Krishna's name and it backed off.
  7. Have you guys seen parts of the documentary Jesus Camp? It is disgusting and I think it should be shown all over the world including India especially.
  8. If anyone here knows of Edgar Cayce and his past life readings of Atlantis tell me what you think about it.
  9. Yeah, I think C14 dating is messed up. Exactly, how are they so sure they have the correct date? Oh, and it's pretty obvious that India was one of the places that was highly civlized. Anyone can read the scripture and understand how advanced the philosophy is will see what I'm talking about.
  10. You know I've always wondered about that. If humans frequently cremated their dead at that time we may have no way of knowing scientifically that anatomically modern humans like us may have lived at that time and had civilization. Also if during this age humans made things out of metal more than they made things out of stone we would have no way of knowing either. The only remains of a possible lost civilization during the Ice Age are the pyramids off the coast of Japan and the Bimini Road in the Carribean area....those two could be our link to deciphering the strange mysteries of human civilization. On another interesting note I have learned that the Egyptian pyramids are aligned with Orion's belt which could only have been built when Orion was at it's lowest point during 10,500 BC, unfortunately carbon 14 dating says otherwise. Also the Sphinx has water erosion on it...the last time there was constant rainfall in Egypt was during the Ice Age. Crazy huh? Could carbon 14 dating be wrong?
  11. I just want to put my two cents into this topic. If anyone pays close attention to the flood/ Atlantis-like stories around the world you will see that something DID happen. They are, after all, found all around the world. Do they Vedas not say civilizations have come and gone? What could be found lying in the ocean that we don't know about? What about those pyramids off the coast of Japan, they could only have been built when the oceans were lower, in other words during the Ice Age. If anyone recalls the frozen mammoth they found a while back that had warm climate food in its mouth and stomach.....don't you find that to be a little weird? Something catastrophic happened. I also have a book on a theory that the Mayans were using the stars to predict the next catastrophe, just to let you know the mayans believe in cycles like the Hindus do.
  12. Okay are you here to preach or to be intelligent?
  13. Okay, I see what you're saying now. Sorry, lol. Just the invasion thing doesn't make much sense.
  14. Yet we have go along with everything they do. God forbid if anyone protested at a Christmas parade.
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