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Who is Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa?

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Are you serious? You have had contact with Jagad Guru and you feel comfortable with that conclusion? When I don't listen to what he is saying I start acting under illusion and then I suffer. When I listen I feel peace from within because I am not acting with reactionary thoughts and emotions. Where does the content agnostic find peace?

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I have heard both positive and negative about SIddhaswarup. I don't understand what all the secrecy is about. Looks suspicious to me. Most who talk about him don't seem to really know what goes on in that group. A lot of accusations flying everywhere.



the ones who do gloirfy him sound more like 'born again Christians' than vaishnavas to me. Really sentimental. Just accept Jagad Guru, or just accept Jesus, sounds the same.


There is no valid reason for an acharya to break sannyasa and marry a disciple. Nityananda was never a sannyasi in the first place.


That his followers use that as an example shows lack of knwledge of the Siddhanta.


Great stalwarts like B.R.Sridharadeva Goswami said only the sahajiya section claim that Nityananda was a sannyasi.


If you are secretive, I think you must be hiding something.


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<<<<<Are you serious? You have had contact with Jagad Guru and you feel comfortable with that conclusion? When I don't listen to what he is saying I start acting under illusion and then I suffer. When I listen I feel peace from within because I am not acting with reactionary thoughts and emotions. Where does the content agnostic find peace? >>>>>



Sounds like some one in a cult to me.



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What drew said sounds cult-like.


Not everyone who does not agree with your guru is an offender or a demon. Many great acharyas did not like the idea of a guru giving up sannayas and remaining in the role of acharya.


Acharya means one who teaches by example.


Falling from sannyasa is not a good example.




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We see no acharya in our line who ever had 'private', 'secret' and 'exclusive' followings, who hid the hare Krishna mantra or tried to repackage what Mahaprabhu came to give..


everyone who does not agree with you and Jagad Guru is not an 'envious snake'. Perhaps those who say they are have a lot of hidden envy in themselves and are just paranoid.


I have heard that word (paranoid) a lot in relation to that group.


You may disagree but all the symptoms of that group point to what looks like a 'cult', maybe they are not a cult but it sure does look like it even to a lot of Vaishnavas.



Now they are completely off the internet, what is the secrecy about?


Obviously you are on the internet so you could not be very close with that group.


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We have/had contact with disciples of Srila Siddhasvarupananda Jagad Guru and this was a very friendly contact. Not at all in the way: "We have a exclusively guru", or "the others are o.k. but he is the best".


There was never a "secret" about not to be in internet. He simply says: "Too much gossip, everywhere ... " Does not sound wrong, when I read some threads.


By the way: It as als B. R. Shridharadeva Goswami, who give B. R. Sundara Govinda Maharaja sannyas - then this sannyas was going back to grihasta - then he get again sannyas from B. R. Shridhardeva Goswami.


Nobody knows but Krishna, what is in the heart of the soul ...


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The life of B. R. Sundara Govinda Maharaja cannot be compared to the life of Jagat Guru. When B. R. Sundara Govinda Maharaja broke sannyasa he stayed in the background and would not even bring his wife before his guru. He did not maintain a position in the Math while he was married. It cannot be compared.


The issue of Nityananda breaking Sannyasa was also not addressed. They got that story wrong and still teach it as I am told.


The fact is that group has isolated itself from the rest of the Vaishnava world and it looks cultlike.


I heard one devotee tried to offer a book written by B.R. Sridharadeva Goswami to one of J.G. followers and the guy said, he didn’t need to hear from him that JG was equal.


Even Srila Prabhupada accepted His Grace B.R. Sridharadeva Goswami as his siksa guru.


Also the point of demonizing anyone who does not agree with JG is prominent in that group.


The fact is many acharyas do not agree with him. It is well know that B.R. Sridharadeva Goswami did not approve of him breaking sannyasa and then maintaing the position of acharya and he even initiated some of the followers of JG who took shelter of him when JG broke sannyasa.


They should be more careful who they demonize.


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We should not only not compare one acharya to another - we should stop to judge other persons, especially when we are not forced to make a desicion for our own well being.



That the devotees are very fast in demonize someone, who does not agree with what they think is "right krishna consciousness" is unfortunately true.


Only think of all the quarrels of the last ten years with ISKCON, Gaudiya Math, IRM, B. R. Sundara Govinda Maharaja, B. V. Narayana Maharaja ...


This was and is the reason for so much unnecessary quarrels, disturbing - and the image of sect outside of "the devotees".


So ... this ist one of the main reason, why this group around Siddhasvarupananda Jagad Guru do not mix with others. Only to hear, that other devotees claim the authority of Gurus (that are not even present in the world at the moment), that their guru (Siddhasvarupananda) is false? No use, I would say!


My personal view: When the time is come, that Krishna-devotees stop to fight against each other and begin to appreciate every attempt of others to serve the ideal of Sri Sri Guru and Gouranga, Sri Sri Radha-Krishna - then the time for this group is coming, that they will mix with other krsna-devotees. This was my feeling through all this years, because they had no restriction, to be together with us. Even Tustha Krishna Prabhu and later Balakir Prabhu had friendly contact with us. But maybe the reason is, that also our Guru appreciate Siddhasvarupananda Jagad Guru and visited him in Hawaii - so there was/is respect on both sides for the others.


For the moment there are only some little hints of this group in the "devotee-public". For example when you read on the WVA-Page http://www.wva-vvrs.org/ that also members of the "Mantra Meditation Hawaii" participated in the foundation meeting of the WVA (World Vaishnava Association).

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Many great Paramahamsas from many different Vaishnava camps all say the same thing.


If one does not recognize the greatness and contributions of His Divine Grace Bhakti Raksaka Shridharadeva Goswami Maharaja, they cannot be accepted as part of the sampradaya coming from

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur.


We find in the life of His DIvine Grace nothing to shine a bad light on our sampradaya. While he was living he certainly was recognized as the head of the sampradaya by the vast majority of his godbrothers. Even though he did not take the title Jagad Guru.


His Divine Grace Bhaktivedanta Swami even wanted him to head ISKCON.


If he found something wrong. It should be seriously considered.


If it is true he initiated some from the mentioned group shows he was saving them from something. He would not have made anyone an offender by encouraging or letting them reject their guru if the guru was in good standing in the sampradaya. He was very careful about such things.


Bhaktivedanta Swami gave the instruction if there was some doubt about the philosophy one should go to B.R. Sridharadeva Goswami for calification.


Devaraja is correct on what His Divine Grace said about Nityananda Prabhu, no one should teach different and think they are in the same sampradaya.


If one teaches Nityanda Prabhu was a sannyasi they must be greatly misinformed or just plain Sahajiyas.


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I wonder how much real association there is between the two and if JG was brought up to date on many things or if your Guru was expected to sit at the feet of the Jagat Guru and hear the truth from him.


I would like to know.


Anyone can join the WVA, that is not a sign of who is Jagat Guru nor does it make one a more authentic guru by such membership.


Generally in our line only one who is recognized far and wide from all sorts of groups and especially from his Godbrothers should be considered the Jagat Guru or head of our sampradaya.


The Nityananda thing lingers and is still unanswered. Do they still teach that and also do they still teach the origin of the Jiva is in Vaikuntha or even Goloka Vrndavan? Do they still teach Jesus is the head of our sampraday, Lord Brahma? In other words do they still teach apasiddhanta or was your guru able to enlighten the Jagat Guru on these things?


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Concerning the Jiva issue. There were some guru's not sure on the issue who had the humility to accept what B.R.Sridharadeva Goswami's opinion on the matter was. It did not make the disciples of those gurus think any less of their Guru Maharaja's that they had taken the siksa of a senior Vaishnava.


Even Swami Maharaja took the instruction of a mailman one time. Bilvamangala took the instruction of a prostitute.


Does Jagat Guru now distribute the books of any of Swami Maharaja's godbrothers? Does he take the instruction from any living siksa guru, perhaps your Guru Maharaja?


The symptom of an acharya is humility. He obviously missed out on hearing from some of Swami Maharaja's godbrothers when he could have. Does he now hear from them in the form of books they left and instruct his disciples to read them also?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes I may consider that what I have heard about JG is wrong.


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Rama dasi wrote:

"If one does not recognize the greatness and contributions of

His Divine Grace Bhakti Raksaka Shridharadeva Goswami Maharaja,

they cannot be accepted as part of the sampradaya

coming from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur."


Oh yes, also for me personally, Srila B. R. Shridharadeva Goswami Maharaja is an important Guru. What I can see in this regard: there is a difference between to call somebody a demon, and to say to the disciple: "No, do not read these books, read only this books".

For example Srila B. R. Shridhara Maharaja wrote in "The search for Shri Krishna":

** Generally our teaches advise us: "Pay full attention here. Only then will you understand everything completely, and your march to the end-point will be sincere and satisfactory. Otherwise, sahajiyaism, imitationism will enter your heart. Do you think that in one leam you can capture the summit of a hill? Impossible. You must march, but your march must be sindere. You must make real progress, not imitative proress." This warning ist given at every stage of life. "This is the highest for you. Give your whole attention to this. Do not be absentminded and haphazard in your study. Engage yourself fully in this lesson, and the next higher stage will come to you automatically."

As a matter of policy, we are told that our present stage of instruction is the highest. When a professor comes to teach a child, he will accept the mentality of the child. He will say: "Only go so far, and no further. this is the final stage; give your whole attention to unterstanding this point, and when that is finished, the go further." In this was, by gradual installments, knowlege is revealed. **


So - I do not compare these gurus. I only say: From the outside, nobody can say, why a guru gives a certain instruction. Krishna knows - cause he is in the heart. It is not our job to judge or discriminate for others. Disciple of him have to decide on their own.


And please: Do not make war on a "title". This is anyway a transient shadow.


To Devaraja:

I did not refer to the WVA, to make him a "more authentic guru"!! I refer to the WVA to say: connection with him is possible - but there must be a plane of respect of both sides. And the WVA tries to be such a platform.


Maybe you find some answer on your questions (godbrothers, Jesus and so on) in one thread of another forum:




When my gurudeva visited Jagad Guru, he had not the intention, to be the teacher or the shiksha-guru. So this question do not arise, because the have a friendly relationship and yes: the can learn from each another.


And you can be sure: Because my Guru is a sannyas disciple of Srila B. R. Shridhara Maharaja, he would not have a friendly relationship to somebody, who speaks bad about his Gurudeva.



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