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How to attain peace of mind?

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Guest Naresh Kumar

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Guest Naresh Kumar

I would like to know how could the peace of mind be attained. I worship and pray for peace of mind, try to detach myself, but the bad thoughts deep rooted in my mind from the childhood haunts me and takes away my peace of mind. I feel that nobody loves me, feel neglected, feel under previliged, feel demoralised... am not quick to respond...not a good company...cannot talk with confidence...Any mantra or education to come out of this situation is requested... thanks.

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Guest Mamaraja

You are part and parcel of whole of perfection manifested by Krishna. Chant and be happy. Find Preace by acknowledging your inherent perfection.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram

Ram Ram Hare Hare

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Guest Naresh Kumar

Thank you for your reply. I am told that recitation of some mantras and performing meditation can solve the problem. I request the learned gurus to guide me which mantra is good for this problem and how to perform meditation. If there is any school in Northern India for this, please provide me with it address.  Thanks and regards.

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Read all the books of RK Narayan.


His works are simply a joy to read, you'll understand human nature and thereby understand where, how, why and when to act.


Start with the following :


1. Sampath the Printer of Malgudi

2. The Financial Expert

3. The Painter of Sign


After reading these 3, you'll automatically wish to read the rest.. The Guide is his magnum Opus. ;)

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Hello I am surpriseḍ... Not a single post suggesting the Bhagvad Gītā ? Read, study and understand the Bhagavad Gītā. It is your only medicine IMHO. Do not give up intil you have studied it systematically in sequence. No jumping. Take shelter of that Lotus-Eyed Gītākār, Bhagvān Shri Kṛṣṇa. Let Him guide you, through His Words in this Gita at least . Rest will follow. May Shri Kṛṣṇa Govinda Mukunda Madhudūdan Murārī Janārdana Hari Madan Mohan Bihārī bless you.

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Pranam , Hare Krishna......


It's that peace of mind that we get only through mediation or doing Sankirtana and Nama-Japa . One gets the real satisfaction only through Spiritual practices , not through material well-being.


For experiencing peace of mind , I suggest you to chant " Om " Mantra. It gives us too much concentration and self Bliss. When we chant Om mantra , the mind without much effort gets concentrated. Besides , Benefits of chanting of Om is proven scientifically.



Best luck for your spiritual progress.


Hare Krushna.....

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