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A little Intro & Test Message

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Namaste, ya'll...



My given name is Reese though I now spell my name "Rij" of course pronounces much the same :tongue:



I have been away from my Sanatana Dharma for some twenty-five-plus-years, aba maiṁ vāpasa ā gayā hūṁ.



As for quite the abbreviated "cliffnotes" version of a background:



I started out as a harē kr̥ṣṇa in high school and, ironically, much much later after practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa-style yoga for eight-and-half years, had not made any sort of connection with my Hindu past until recently after my former partner and best friend died of renal cell carcinoma.



It's wonderful to be here and to have rediscovered this beautiful and rich tradition! :D

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All the best for you and wishfully you will discover yourself once again which will not be hard, I am all the time progressing and learning that we have all of this within ourselves as our natural legacy therefore we need to see through the worldly veils of Maya the truth that hides and is the most priceless jewel as are priceless the tears of joy and laugh of enjoyment that comes while doing this and I am truly happy that I am making the same and therefore I am experiencing this wonderful and Priceless tradition that we all share and asking the Gods to assist us with even more courage that I had previously I am exploring the Hindu Dharma and I would like to thank you for sharing this message, wishfully we will talk soon. True devotism has nothing to do with any scholarship and comers from the purest heart and soul together with the mind when it is purified through those three comes the one that is the Divine Jewel within.


Om Namah Shivaayah.

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