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Pranayam is not safe

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I hope someone can shed some light on this.


I attended four pranayama classes and gave up.

I have no previous experience of asanas. I am quite

ill, with heart failure and coronary heart disease.


Each time I did basic Pranayama exercises, very slowly,

gently, only four breaths, it triggered severe angina.


Why is that?


I had similar experience with trying a mudra for allergies.

This mudra for allergies made the allergies much worse, I had

to stop.


A year ago, I tried practicing Qi Gong, sitting down, very gentle,

and slow. This too made me worse.


What is going on in the energy level that is so disrupted that whatever

I try worsens my health. Previously healthy, fell very ill with many symptoms

from head to toe after taking an antibiotic and another med 15 years ago. The heart

and other symptoms are all associated with toxicity from those two meds. I take no meds

and will not do invasive investigations. Occasionally, take some Ayurvedic meds.


Welcome your input, and please share what you think is going on here.


Many thanks.

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You are correct Pranayam is not "universally safe" for all. It should be perfmred under the guidance of a "realised" teacher and not under the guidance of someone who has not yet mastered it themselves. Sadly many of the teachers and schools fall into the latter.


Originally, students were assessed over a period of 12 years before teachers would initiate them with advanced breathing and posture practice. These were based upon insight of the individual's makeup and dosha balance. The 12 year period, helped each individual work out karmic inbalances in energy (excessive solar) etc before they started amplifying their energy. This is also why many fall by the wayside, as they cannot control their urges, and by using postures and breathing techniques to amplify their already imbalanced energy it leads to issues.


Now in your case, it seems you have a weak constitution due to illness. A few things to note:


1) Pranayam relies on the storehouse of prana around the naval to be "full". Therefore sexual retention is a must.


2) Weakness in the heart centre and strain shows there is a lack of vitallity to support his exercise I would advise you stick to other methods of meditation rather than breath retentive forms of pranayama. Other methods that can help are mantra chanting - start out aloud, the vibration of the mantra will help replenish the upper chakras over time. Breath mantra is also strenuous for many, and it leavs the upper chakras "dry" becausr the flow of energy in their system is more downward oriented than upward. The karma needs to be worked out and burnt without strain or delving and reaching for higher levels before an adequate base has been set.




Hope this helps.

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Guest MTR

Pranayama is meant for healthy individuals. Please do not attempt it if you have heart problem. It can even become fatal if done irregularly.    

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Anulom Vilom Pranayam is pretty harmless to anyone. You should try this pranayama, very slowly with deep breaths.


Heart blockages and Angina Pectoris can feel increased/worsened after an increased bloodflow/saturation that is caused by many pranayama. However, 

on the long term, research has been proven that many pranayama, for instance kapalbhati, can cure any heart or lung disease. But in your case, 

I wouldn't take any risks. Practise yoga or pranayama only under supervision of experienced yogi's or trainers. 


Take care.

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