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  1. Being very ill, and reacting to many things, including Qi Gong & Pranayama breathing, I tried practicing mudras from a book. The allergy mudras increased the allergies, frequency and severity. Can anyone explain why?
  2. Which method of meditation for a beginner, interested in self healing
  3. Hi, I am also very new to energetic healing. What aRE Deoi Ashtapad Jap or Tershula Kriya and sadhana? and Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and SCK? I am looking for someone who can teach me to heal myself (very ill). starting with??? I tried pranayama breathing, but as I wrote in my post, it made me ill. The heart pranayam triggered horrid angina, and one for the lung, made me dizzy, nauseaus, hot, cold sweats, and had to lie down. It triggered some autonomic dysfunction from which I suffer too. I have no experience with asanas or anything else other than Qi Gong. Where do I start? Whatever it needs to be gentle, slowly, and build up on that. I am full of toxins, and highly allergic, unable to eat most foods etc.. Many thanks
  4. I hope someone can shed some light on this. I attended four pranayama classes and gave up. I have no previous experience of asanas. I am quite ill, with heart failure and coronary heart disease. Each time I did basic Pranayama exercises, very slowly, gently, only four breaths, it triggered severe angina. Why is that? I had similar experience with trying a mudra for allergies. This mudra for allergies made the allergies much worse, I had to stop. A year ago, I tried practicing Qi Gong, sitting down, very gentle, and slow. This too made me worse. What is going on in the energy level that is so disrupted that whatever I try worsens my health. Previously healthy, fell very ill with many symptoms from head to toe after taking an antibiotic and another med 15 years ago. The heart and other symptoms are all associated with toxicity from those two meds. I take no meds and will not do invasive investigations. Occasionally, take some Ayurvedic meds. Welcome your input, and please share what you think is going on here. Many thanks.
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