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How to practise total surrender?

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I have issues in professional and personal life that keep me tense.


I believe that I am doing my best to resolve these issues.


I am aware that in the coming years these issues will be resolved.


But that day is many years away (e.g. my retirement after 5 or 6 years).


Meanwhile the open issues keep me tense and at time cause stress.


I do pray, fast and practise and engage in spiritual deeds. I believe that if I left everything to Him, I will better.


So, in real life, how do I really practise Sharanagathi, total surrender?


Thanks for your help.

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In my experience, Surrender is a process and one cannot really practice it. By oneself its next to impossible. Surrender has to be to a Living person first, for ex a Guru, and then when the glimpse of True Self begins ( as result of the reduction of the Ego ), the process of Surrender begins.

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