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Advice regarding Gayatri mantra

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Dear Sir,



I have read that Gayatri mantra is the most powerful mantra. I have been chanting Gayatri mantra daily 3 to 4 hours for the last 4 months but I still don’t experience any transformation, changes or miracles in my life. I have tried chanting with sound for 2 months and also through whispering(without sound from my mouth) for another 2 months.

Which is the correct method?

To obtain the best results from Gayatri mantra, how should I chant… how long should I chant everyday… or what should I do.

I want to become more Intelligent, wealthy, healthy and have a good life partner.

Please advice.


Also pls advice how to pronunce the following words in the gayatri mantra correctly: 'svah' or 'svaha'? 'nah' or 'naha'?




Thank you...

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When you are reading this mantra, just concentrate on the mantra, don't think about anything else, and it can be possible because the time of your wishes fullfillment is not coming till now, so one day you will definitely get it.

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Hi Dear friend

it is heartening to know that you chant Gayatri. Remember that without blessings of LOrd none can get motivated for Gayatri Mantra.

Even I chant but not sincerely like you, but whenever I chant I feel immediate effect of its power transforming my Life.

First of all, if you practising it then eat only Saatwic or pure food. No Non-Veg/Junk outside food.

Second observe celibacy. Third speak less and speak truth as far as possible. fourth be in good comany and entertain Good thoughts. That will grant you success in your sadhana very quickly and most important of all HAVE FAITH IN ITS POWER..


Thanks and regards

Asutosh Kumar Jha

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