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  1. Dear Sir, I have read that Gayatri mantra is the most powerful mantra. I have been chanting Gayatri mantra daily 3 to 4 hours for the last 4 months but I still don’t experience any transformation, changes or miracles in my life. I have tried chanting with sound for 2 months and also through whispering(without sound from my mouth) for another 2 months. Which is the correct method? To obtain the best results from Gayatri mantra, how should I chant… how long should I chant everyday… or what should I do. I want to become more Intelligent, wealthy, healthy and have a good life partner. Please advice. Also pls advice how to pronunce the following words in the gayatri mantra correctly: 'svah' or 'svaha'? 'nah' or 'naha'? Thank you...
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