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  1. First thing is that, in the worship you just need to concentrate in god and mantra which you are reading while worship. Because of this problem, you can't take bath, so you can't do your worship regularly, but worship doesn't mean to take bath or don't eat. It's just mean from your concentration.
  2. Just try to keep understand your parents that, you can't leave without her, and can't marry with another girl.
  3. I don't understand your question, please explain it clearly. So that we can help you.
  4. When you are reading this mantra, just concentrate on the mantra, don't think about anything else, and it can be possible because the time of your wishes fullfillment is not coming till now, so one day you will definitely get it.
  5. I don't know anyone who can energise the yantra in Banglore, but in jaipur, you can find it easily. I know one astrologer, who can provide you this service.
  6. This way astrology plays a very significant and momentous role in development and outlooks of a company. If these phases are taken care of at the time of rendezvous of the key managerial people then there are very good chances of success of a body corporate.
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