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  1. DEAR ALL, Greetings to you all.. i was really surprised that there exists a medium to exchange and get knowledge on Hinduism... i have one wise query.. hope i get the answer from here.. I got initiation from my guru and i do medha dakshinamurthy mantra japa daily. the problem arises when i am travelling. i need to take bath to do my puja and its not like i can quit the puja when i am busy. i am doing my puja without any break since 5 yrs. Can anyone suggest me what to do while travelling? Is there any other way in which i can finish my puja because in trains i can manage but i can't while i travel across countries. This i s a serious problem for me.. i will be grateful to the person who answers me. please help me and give a suggestion. Regards, Rakesh
  2. i've been searching for info on this mantra since many days. i got initiation from my guru for this beautiful medha dakshinamurthy mantra. but my mantra is slightly different. it is OM NAMO BHAGAWATE DAKSHINAMURTHAYE MAHYAM MEDHAM PRAAGYAM PRAYACHHHA SWAHA.... everything is same but the beeja mantra is diferent.. should i continue with my guru's mantra or shall i change it while chanting? also i have another doubt.. i do this puja everyday wherever i am.. but some times it will be difficult for me during travelling... particularly during long train journeys.. like 48 or 50 hr journeys. how should i do my puja in that case?
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