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I Kicked Lord Venkateshwara's statue in order to save him.

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HI all,

A year ago, I had been to Thirupati. I brought back a few statues of lord Venkateshwara. While unpacking, I accidentally dropped a statue(made of clay). In an effort to save the statue from hitting the ground and breaking into pieces, I caught it with my foot. It happened in a split second but seemed like an unusually long time. Time stood still. I was in a dilemma whether to catch it with my foot or let it fall down and break. The story of Maharishi Bhrigu also flashed in front of my eyes... I took a call and caught the statue safely with my foot. Most people would still call it a kick. Now, can you please advice ... Was this a kick? Did I insult Venkateshwara and lakshmi? How can I escape from their wrath and bring them shanti?

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krishna said in shrimad bhagwat geeta " karm kiye ja phal ki chinta mat kar". you did what was your duty now leave the results to future and don't worry about them. when Arjun had refused to fight his own kinsmen, krishna had said that it is his intentions that make the difference. so don't worry if you never intended to insult Venkateshwara you have no reason to worry.

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