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Sisters marriage a big confusion please help!!!

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My sisters marriage has been a question of many astrologers.Each one has predicted one thing.Please give me your valuable input regarding her marriage and its timing.Will she have a good husband? Please let me know any info regarding the qualities of her future partner...we have recievved both good and bad predictions in the past!

Her details:

15 january 1986

12 :11 PM



thanks all!

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I have gone through your sister's horoscope. Nothing to worry ... She would have had a failure in her personal life once and then she will become alright. Her time for marriage is already started and her marital life will be good. You dont have to worry about mars and ketu in the 7th. The damage for that is done already. Her marital life will be good only.

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On Namo Narayana!


In General, the planetary combinations in bride's chart favours a fairly happy married- life. She will have considerations for her husband and will be a loving pair.


The marriage of the might get delayed. Meanwhile, it is recommended for the bride to spent more time in religious and spritual activities. Never get involved in love-affairs.


Marriage with a person in defence or other active service is quite likely, and bride may be at a a great distance from her birth/ native place. Groom with Rohini nakshtra shall be the best suited.


The primary confusion arises over the placement of Ketu on the 7th house. Though this is normally not considered favourable for happiness in marriage, looking at placement of Mars and Raghu, things are relatively good. Also since Ketu is not in Vrishab, it will yeilds good results.


God Bless You!

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I went through her horoscope, she is of Purvabhadra Nakshatra Meena Rasi born on Shasti Thithi. Looking at her horoscope it looks very tight in terms of marriage prospect. I guess many people backed of from the proposal seeing her horoscope. However, there is one thing. As she is of Aries ascendant, the effect of Manglik is sudued great, but the problem is mainly because of Rahu and Kuja in Sama Saptama. The remedy for this is Durga SaptaShati parayana.( more the better). And looking to her Navamsa for married life, it indicates decent married life, but her husband will be of either little bit dark colored or might be older( more than nominam societal norms these days say more than 6 yrs. And to keep spiritually strong ask her either recite Vishnu Sahasranama or Lalitha Sahasranama every day.


Best Wishes,

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Yes indeed. complexities are there in predictions for marriage as well as career.



Marriage delay cannot be ruled out but more than delays there are dellusions and indecisions about marriage.


-Venus placed in the sign of saturn suggests some delay but JUP and SUN in the house of saturn further gives bad results.

-Mars and ketu in 7th house creates problems and there are changes of quarrels with spouse.

-Manglik dosha has many cancellations and not all mangilk people suffer through loss of spouse, ill health etc. but presence of Mars in 7th house gives tendency of indecision about marrying someone. One thinks a great deal before committing to serious relationships.


-Jupiter in the girl's chart in 10th house debilliated is suggested by many for the reason of 2nd marriage but it may mean: cancelled marriage, postponed marriage, broken relationship etc.

-Venus matures at 25th year of age and that may be the best suited time for marriage. Marriage is possible to someone in worksphere (collegue, father's collegue's son etc...).




-Although selfless service to someone is the best remedy, perform the following for removing obstacles:


-Fast on Saturdays and chant Lakshmi stotram everday.

-Red coral may be worn after trial.

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