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  1. On Namo Narayana! In General, the planetary combinations in bride's chart favours a fairly happy married- life. She will have considerations for her husband and will be a loving pair. The marriage of the might get delayed. Meanwhile, it is recommended for the bride to spent more time in religious and spritual activities. Never get involved in love-affairs. Marriage with a person in defence or other active service is quite likely, and bride may be at a a great distance from her birth/ native place. Groom with Rohini nakshtra shall be the best suited. The primary confusion arises over the placement of Ketu on the 7th house. Though this is normally not considered favourable for happiness in marriage, looking at placement of Mars and Raghu, things are relatively good. Also since Ketu is not in Vrishab, it will yeilds good results. God Bless You!
  2. Om Namo Narayana! It is a popular misconception that Astrology (or Horoscope) seals your future, thus fulfilling your equation of life. Astrology fulfills only part of the equation based upon the components from your previous births, and rest is done your actions (karma) in this birth. Even for a person with Raja Yoga in his natal chart, everything doesn't come in place. Astrology is a map, not a journey. If you wish, please let me know your DOB, Location and birth time. I shall let you know what you can work on. God Bless You!
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