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  1. Astrology is a science which tells your tendency at a given time and with respect to a situation. It will tell you what you will be made to think....as we do not know what we are going to think in the next 5th minute..It is a guide ...like.... A person approach a policeman to reach a place. He gives the direction. There could be many ways in reaching the place,which one that person takes is his own karma..again based on his knowledge and experience.. That policeman is the astrologer and the person is you. Of course, certain constants are there in Astrology , similarly variables. As we all know, Constants and variables form life. Constants are the factors of action and Variables are the activities in the mind
  2. HELLO, I have gone through your sister's horoscope. Nothing to worry ... She would have had a failure in her personal life once and then she will become alright. Her time for marriage is already started and her marital life will be good. You dont have to worry about mars and ketu in the 7th. The damage for that is done already. Her marital life will be good only.
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