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Survival of hidus

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More than muslims, the real problem is with politicians who merely make lofty promises, and the people who vote the same corrupt politicians into power. As long as this goes on, the future of Hindus is at stake. Muslims are there to stay, they will not go away, they have it good in India. They are getting killed by the dozens in Pakistan and many other muslim countries. If there is awakening among Hindus to elect the right people into power, Hindus will continue to suffer and non-Hindus, in the name of secularism, will continue to chip away the power of Hindus.


Yes, the existence of Hindus and Hinduism is at stake. But the Hindus own the responsibility for this sad state of affairs.

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Hi Balaji, Sanatana Dharma is very strong and prospering for many thousands of years. Even during its lost glory to Buddhism and Jainism it bounced back and retained its strong position in India. So raise in population of other religions is nowhere affect the Hinduism. It may reduce the number of adherent not due to the other religion people but only by the hindus. Even India fell not only due to the external forces came and attacked her. It is mainly due to she didn't share her mighty knowledge to other countries. Most sadly she didn't give that knowledge to even to all her citizens. If you read the life history of Ramanuja chariyar who is a great social and religious reformer, great manager and philosopher, you could find even he also did some cast based discriminations.


All the vedas, upanishads, divyaprabhandhams and all the so called holy books were not accessed by everybody. Even now, how many of us read the Bhagavatgita? All we do is just tell they are holy books, holy books... So we are not even touching them. It is our duty to take the message to the common educated people first. Who will do it? It is just you, me and who else realised the vedas are truth and they are for our betterment of life.


How we have to do? SPEAK UP. Start speaking to your friend and relatives about this.

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