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  1. Flute has got nine holes that is a resemblance of navadwara in a human body. Krishna being a Yogi this navadwara is under his elusive power so he can play with it. I got this knowledge from Acharyan Hari Swamikal from Kerala. So no problem in having Krishna picture with flute.
  2. No problem worshipping Ayyappa. Our home has got a 30 yr old ayyappa picture. Try to fetch a copy Ayyappa Sathyangal in Malayalam or Tamil written Acharyan Hari Swamikal in Kerala. He is an authority in this subject
  3. Just go through the sakthi Siva was linked and Vishnu was linked. without sakthi nothing can exist. Stop this vaishnaivism and saivism, all conflicts will help others to make inroads to our great culture.
  4. Hi, Dont be afraid the just remember Yedha Yedha hi Dharmasiya.... it is not our job they wont control production. The nature will do the needful and they will also receive the needful. So don't worry.
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