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  1. do you have any idea abt her,like where she is,whats she thinking...1st thing you should do is go to astrologer(genuiene one)see wheather do you have marriage bagya now,if not when?then i will tell what to do
  2. as the population of muslims increasing at an alarmning rate what will be fate of hindus in their own country
  3. kindly tell me the procedure of aachman in english
  4. KINDLY mail me regarding this amazing surya vigyaan
  5. Is thier any mantra or tantra to build an army of divine force.
  6. HI,im new here.its nice info you have given....i dont know any mantra or tantra....i love doing meditation... while doing japa & concentrating on air i can suck air into my body not by breating but by skin......can you tell me why it happens...
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