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Shukra in wife's 8th house - is this problem for me

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6th lord in 8th gives rise to Vipareeta Harsha Yoga.It gives her good health,wealth and fame.Good friends.She subdues her rivals and has no inclination for sinful acts.Being lagna lord Venus doesn't harm in anyway.

But hubby is a bit slow,hesitating and helpful.

Appears to be a near love marriage .

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Dear mumbai_techie,


Venus as the karaka for the Navamsa chart and placed with Rahu in the 8th is not an auspicious placement.

Your wife is currently running Merc/Venus until May 2012.

especially with Sun-Sat in the Navamsa lagna

In Navamsa chart 6th lord in 8th does nt give any vipareeta raja yoga etc., - But can lead to break up or separation due to fights or arguments.


I would recommend that you both restrain your arguments since in this period things could get out of hand.

Mercury in the 7th in Navamsa can lead to arguments, discussions etc.,


Hope this helps


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