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Gambling problems and more...

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Thank you very much for looking at my chart. I am in need of some guidance so if you can take some of your precious time out for me I will be really grateful.


Recently I have developed a gambling habit and its taking its toll on my life. I don't gamble regularly but when I do I cant stop.


Not being able to find a potential marriage partner bothers me a lot and if I do come across someone, something goes wrong.


My blood pressure has been quite high for past 10 months.


Our company is cutting down on staff so my job might go.


I have absolutely no idea where I am going in my life, there is no sense of clarity whatsoever. Please do respond.


Thank you for your kindness.





My Details:

D.O.B 14/07/1982


T.O.B 17.07PM

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You seem to be a compulsive gambler and it is a very strong addiction/obsession...just like Alcoholism...For any addiction there is only one mantra-'The first drink does the damage'...I have been a strong alcoholic but am sober for the past three years with the help of Alcoholic's Anonymous...All because I did not pick my first drink...If you have a compulsion for gambling-ensure that you never ever gamble in your life again...This your major problem ...Once you handle this the rest will fall in place...That much I assure you.

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Dear Jagguji,

Jupitor is your second house and 5th house lord resposible for earning money and guiding your intellect.He is in 12th Vyaya (loss or expenditure) sthana .Next Rahu aspect or presence in 2nd house leads the native to all bad habits including gambling.In your horoscope Rahu from 8th is aspecting 2nd along with 10th and 11th lords and by transit Rahu is in 2nd till 5/2011.Restrain your habits ,otherwise you may get into serious trouble.

Remedy can be pray Mata Parvathi and Lord Shiva.


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