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  1. I think so too! I am hoping that someone would look at my chart and show me some guidance. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Thank you very much for looking at my chart. I am in need of some guidance so if you can take some of your precious time out for me I will be really grateful. Recently I have developed a gambling habit and its taking its toll on my life. I don't gamble regularly but when I do I cant stop. Not being able to find a potential marriage partner bothers me a lot and if I do come across someone, something goes wrong. My blood pressure has been quite high for past 10 months. Our company is cutting down on staff so my job might go. I have absolutely no idea where I am going in my life, there is no sense of clarity whatsoever. Please do respond. Thank you for your kindness. Jaggu My Details: D.O.B 14/07/1982 P.O.B AMRITSAR, PUNJAB T.O.B 17.07PM
  3. I have been wearing a yellow sapphire and been having the same effects.
  4. I have noticed I have been turning religious for past few months. I have been wearing a Yellow Sapphire since August. I dont know if its a temporary phase I am going through or is it something else. Whatever it is, I am loving it. I have started to live in a bliss and I am carefree most of the time. I was very ambitious until sometime ago but that feeling is declining now, not chasing money or material goods anymore. My favourite line now days is; nothing is going to last but GOD's name. I am worried that this phase may end and I dont want it to conclude. Could you please look at my chart and shed some light. D.O.B 14/07/1982 P.O.B AMRITSAR, PUNJAB T.O.B 17.07PM Jaggu
  5. Mappyin, Like Mr. Rao said give your birth details for more accuracy. I wana know about this Saturn and Mars business too.
  6. I have Saturn and Mars in 11th house. Been told both together arent that bad.
  7. Thank you very much for your time. Any suggestions on the Marriage side??
  8. Seems no one likes me or may be my questions arent interesting enough ;)
  9. Greetings to All! I am interested in working for one of these organisations; Army, Police or Secret service. I will be really grateful if you would be kind enough to look at my chart and guide me which one is best suitable for me, if any. My parents are pressuring me to get married. Its not that I dont want to but my last relationship was very traumatic & stressful. I am still going through after-effects and not very confident at the moment(We started in end of Nov 07 and broke up in the last week of sept 08). Please advise me if the time is right.... Please highlight any other aspect of my chart which might be worth knowing. D.O.B 14/07/1982 P.O.B AMRITSAR, PUNJAB T.O.B 17.07PM Thank you very much jaggu
  10. I am still waiting for your advise.
  11. Im no astrologer but let me tell you this, the kind of attitude you have towards others and your false ego, you wont be getting anywhere. You dont have the right to judge other people and look down on them. "They complain about other peoples` faults, while their own self-conceit only increases". Jyotish is there to guide you, everything else is in the hand of The Great One. Besides if you so capable, what the hell you doing here?
  12. I have noticed that everytime I try to do something important such as buying a car or applying for a job and more recently starting my own business. The hurdles pop up from nowhere and either the whole thing is called off or is delayed. Im trying to start my business, I have given the deposit for the goods im purchasing. Unfortunately cant unlock the cash from sources i was suppose to get, this is my own hard earned money and now im in a dilemma as im being pressured by the supplier. Also I would really appreciate if you could look at my basic outlook of the future, especially getting married. So the good people of this site, please be kind enough to reply me back. D.O.B 14/07/1982 P.O.B AMRITSAR, PUNJAB T.O.B 17.07PM Jaggu
  13. Dear USR Thank you very much for your time, appreciate it. Take care
  14. Dear Mr. USR, Thank you for your precious time again. You say 'best of luck' as if you are not going to reply me back again . What does "pitrukaraka" mean? I applied for the police job last year 02/05/2007 to be precise but failed the interview. I want to apply in defence but the lack of education stops me(never managed to finish off my degree). At the same time i want to do some kind of business may be because it runs in the blood, so kind of double minded. Im quite happy with the job i have at the moment but there is craving for more or may be its greed. Not sure if this is of any relevance but I wore a blue sapphire from nov 2005 to october 2007 - took it off when my father's health started to deteriorate. And now the advice bit, you going to give me more advice or shall i stick to what you said in your first reply. Thank You
  15. Elections? Another career option; never know might give it a try. Anyway on serious note, Thank you very much for your time. you are right, My father's health is a cause of concern(acutually quite serious). Now that you bothered to look at my chart, would like to ask you couple of more questions(I'll be cheeky here): is there any indication in my chart which suggests a sound financial status and also anything special in my horoscope or is it a normal one. I want to go into defense forces, police or the secret service, any possibility? Thank you P.S. As my questions arent that important so im in no hurry for the reply. take your time.
  16. I have Shani and Mangal together in 11th house and i have been told they generate very negative results. Could someone be kind enough to have a quick glimpse at my chart and enlighten me with some information, not just about the above planets but others bits and pieces too. Much appreciated. D.O.B 14/07/1982 P.O.B AMRITSAR, PUNJAB T.O.B 17.07PM
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