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The Significance of the number 108

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The Indian Subcontinent rosary or set of mantra counting has 108 beads. 108 has been a sacred number in the Indian Subcontinent for a very long time. This number is explained in many different ways.

The ancient Indians were excellent mathematicians and 108 may be the product of a precise mathematical operation (e.g. 1 power 1 x 2 power 2 x 3 power 3 = 108) which was thought to have special numerological significance.

Powers of 1, 2, and 3 in math: 1 to 1st power=1; 2 to 2nd power=4 (2x2); 3 to 3rd power=27 (3x3x3). 1x4x27=108

Sanskrit alphabet: There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet. Each has masculine and feminine, shiva and shakti. 54 times 2 is 108. Sri Yantra: On the Sri Yantra there are marmas where three lines intersect, and there are 54 such intersections. Each intersections has masculine and feminine, shiva and shakti qualities. 54 x 2 equals 108. Thus, there are 108 points that define the Sri Yantra as well as the human body.


if you need more information visit web page

108 meaning

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the significance is the sum of the digits is nine, the purest of numbers, and is a divine number. You will find, if your research the number nine, including all the numbers that have the sums of their digits equaling nine, it is pure magic. I have made many comments about the number nine on these forums, even the game of nine-ball, but this is a mere grain of sand on the beach of nine. (I got blisters on my fingers).


For interested parties, 666 also equals nine, and is a divine number because god has no devil competitor. If he needs a devil, he will become one or send one of his confidantes to play such a role (i.e. hiranyakasipu, ravana), or just be the dark side (like Yamaraja, et al).


108 is the most perfect of all the "nines", thus the vaisnava guru is known as assottera satva. Tridandi 108.



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I am not superstitious about numbers. Ultimately, there is only ONE and One is the original number.One represents Krishna - the ONE supreme entity that all others entities exist within.

What really matters is the relationship between the soul and the Supersoul.

We are all simply at the mercy of the Supersoul Paramatma who ultimately exists within Krishna.

Being honest and sincere with our Supersoul is much more beneficial than trying to get lucky with some superstitious number.


Material numbers are ultimately an illusion.

The only real numbers that matter are spiritual numbers that have spiritual significance.


108 is ultimately the most significant number for Gaudiya Vaishnavas because there are 108 principle gopis of Krishna and therefore 108 principle Upanisads.


Because the number 108 reminds us of the 108 principle gopis of Krishna, it is therefore a most auspicious number.

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