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No one but God in this world ....

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parable of sri ramakrishna --



one day a learned guru told to his dearmost disciple , " no one is your own in this temporary world ...only god is your own ..... leave everything and come with me to himalayas to achieve him !! "


but the disciple was just not prepared yet . he replied back doubtfully , " o gurudev , i know that god should be my priority in life , but how can i forget the love of my family members ? the loving care of my mother . the dedication of my faithful wife , the unconditional love of my little daughter , how can i forget those ?!! "


the guru replied , " all right , i will show you that no one is your own in this world except god . i give you this miracle tablet . today when you go home lie down on bed and pop it in your mouth . and your bodily functions would cease immideately ! but you shall continue to live unnoticed and can see and hear everythin around you . i shall come in due time "


trusting on the wise words of his guru the disciple set off towards his house and swallowed the pill as directed by him to fall down apparently dead ! the mother came rushing in and started crying . the wife broke down . the little daughter started sobbing .....it was a sad moment .


at that time the guru came in the garb of a fakir and said , " dont worry mother , i will cure him . he is not yet dead as you think !! "


hearing this the family members all became overjoyed .


the fakir continued " here, take this small tablet and make him swallow it , he shall be revived in a flash !! "


the family became overjoyed and as they were about to pop it into the disciple's mouth the fakir interrupted and said ," wait a minute , there's a condition ! "


"what condition? " they exclaimed


" before you make him swallow it one of you must take this second tablet which i give to you now . but one who accepts to take this one shall die in return of his life . im sure since you love him so much and cannot live a moment without him you shall bravely come forward and accept the offer ?! "


no one replied . finally the mother said , " o wise man , whatever was destined has happened and now he is dead . but if i leave who shall take care of the litlle grandaughters and their marraige ? who shall take care of my ageing husband ? "


the fakir turned to the wife ..


the wife replied " im unfortunate to have lost my husband at so early age . but alas what can be done ? i cannot die , for i have to act the gaurdian to my daughter . "


all the while the disciple was seeing this happen around his apparently dead body . he was shocked back to his senses and having entered his body once more he started with a jerk and said to the fakir , " gurudev , lets leave immideately .... .................................................................

.................i shall start tapasya in the himalayas .... !!! "

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this reminds me when this great Vaishnva constantly tells his disciples,"All


your family ties..it is all chaar din ka naatak.It is very selfish.They just


want they own happiness and they gather all the saaman of the world


and then they decieve each other,"Oh-i love you unconditionally" etc




Once Arjuna told Bhagavan,in leela,Damodara ! please show me my son just once.Please !'(Abhimanyu was dead.)


Bhagavan told him,"You've seen him and hugged him for so many years ! are you not satisfied ??"


Arjuna insisted,"Please."


So Bhagavan presented Abhimanyu from Goloka by yogmaya.


Arjuna yelled,"My son !"


Abhmanyu replied,"Whose son ?? You've become my son so many lifetimes.What is this you are saying ?"


Arjuna got embarrassed and Sri Krsna,as usual,smiled.


so,don't think you will do some bad karma by detaching from your


family.Who says leave them ? Do your duties.Bhagavan just wants your


mind.Keep your mind in God and keep your body engaged in your


duties.This is how everyone attains bhagavan.You don't have to go to a


forest to attain God.Arjuna attained Him during a battle."



I love Ramkrishna's way of explaining things.He hits it right on target...Being a Vaishnava follower,his teachings just hit me right in the face,

like eg,"Attach your mind to God." etc etc.

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