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As rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

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Throughout history, compare the body count left behind by the followers of the teachings of Jesus and Mohammed vs. the teachings of the Buddha (Atheist), Mahavir (Jain) or Sri Shankara (Advaita). A tree is known by the fruit it bears.




And so the obvious point is the one Supreme God the Muslims and Christians and Indian Vaisnava's call out to by different names is the same God although the understanding of the nature of that God by the adherents of different religions may be on different levels of maturity.


Those that are outside of this understanding are the mayavadi's and polytheists whereever they may be found.


But yet as simple as this is to understand we see the Muslims and Christians condemning the Indian Vaisnavas as worshippers of some strange god called Visnu or Krishna thinking Him to be one of the Hindus many demi-gods.


We can understand their confusion because afterall the Hindus do seem to have a god for everything. Just this last week on this forum I learned they have a smallpox god they worship with weekly fasting etc.


But maybe the strangest thing of all is some of those involved in bone fide Vaisnava sampradaya's who can't seem to shake the small minded sectarian viewpoint that the God of all existence, all the innumerable universes, must come from India and have a sankrit name and that He is so limited that He cannot send His messengers elsewhere to spread God conscious and draw suffering living beings back to His shelter.


Personally I seek to distance myself from all such narrow mindness rather it comes in the form of a human form dressed nicely in dhoti, tilak and sikha or not.

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Allah is known by the Koran which comes courtesy of Mohammed, the founder of Islam.

Notwithstanding your criticism of Swami Rama Krishna, Swami Prabhupada seems to agree with him:



Letters : 1976 Correspondence : April : Letter to: Mr. Dhawan -- Vrindaban 2 April, 1976 : 76-04-02 :

Answer: I have not sufficient information about the instruction of Hazur Mohammed Sahib, but if you mean Mohammed, the inaugurator of Islam religion, I accept him as empowered servant of God because he preached God consciousness in those parts of the world and induced them to accept the authority of God. He is accepted as the servant of God and we have all respect for him. Letter to: Mr. Dhawan -- Vrindaban 2 April, 1976 -- Prabhupada Letters


Lectures : Initiations : Initiation of Jayapataka Dasa -- Montreal, July 24, 1968 : 680724IN.MON :

So offenses are ten kinds of offenses. The first offense is to deride at the Vedic literature or scriptures. Satāṁ nindā. And those who are preaching God consciousness, never mind in any part of the world. Those who are preaching God consciousness. In your country, Christian... Not in your country. Of course, it was preached in Central Asia, but now Christianism is spread all over. So Lord Jesus Christ, he also preached God consciousness. And Mohammed, Hazrat Mohammed, he also preached God consciousness. Initiation of Jayapataka Dasa -- Montreal, July 24, 1968 Initiations -- Prabhupada Lectures



Conversations : 1975 Conversations : March, 1975 : Morning Walk -- March 11, 1975, London : 750311mw.lon :

Prabhupāda: Yes. Śaktyāveṣa avatāra, somebody empowered by Him, not Kṛṣṇa Himself. Just like Christ. Christ is also empowered incarnation. Śaktyāveṣa avatāra. Mohammed is also. Anyone who is preaching about God is empowered incarnation.

Morning Walk -- March 11, 1975, London -- Prabhupada Conversations





Maturity, yes.


The mature islamic god called Allah advocates killing christians and jews unless they pay Punitive tax(Jizya) unless OR worship Allah of Quran and accept Muhammad as the Final messenger.



Y: Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor

acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.



Y: The Jews call 'Uzair a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah's curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!.


Very Mature indeed.

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Allah is known by the Koran which comes courtesy of Mohammed, the founder of Islam.

Notwithstanding your criticism of Swami Rama Krishna, Swami Prabhupada seems to agree with him:


That is correct.I am guilty of deliberate omission.

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Here in our place if your name ends with a letter "a" it means your gender is female. If it`s letter "o" it`s a male. I have a friend whose name is Kristna and she`s a woman. We never call Christ, Christa but Christo. In other words, the people here thinks Krsna is a woman not a man.

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Nobody accused him of that.But he endorsed a religion that advocates killing for god, which makes him ignorant since he is a non-violent person.


This is where education plays a role.Claim of spirituality cannot be a guard for ignorance.I am objecting to the ignorance of RK and the large scale embrace of this ignorance by hindu population .




I'm sorry but it is not apt to call RK an ignorant person...If you've achieved Bhrahmgyan.That is that.What education can you offer him ???

He talked to Durgadevi WHENEVER HE WISHED.


If we followed this logic...Vaishnavas would be trhowing stones on the statues of Buddha and Shankaracharya by now.

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LOL ...........again ?


Jal and water the same isnt it ?





"it is the same god that people are searching for . the hindus are drinking the water from one ghat and calls it jal , the muslims are drinking it from another ghat and calls it pani , thr christians are drinking it from a third ghat and calles it water and some call it aqua . but in reality there is no difference in what they are searching "


YATO MAT TATO PATH once more ........................ha ha ha.


lol !!!



by this you have established this beyond doubt that you are an idiot(by your own logic ) . you didnt understand this 'simple' thing for so long !!



ha ha ha...........



you talk ...nonsense.


did RK ever preach to have Indra as ishta deva ??? Or Agni ???



And btw,just so you know,Vivekananda was perhaps the most popular Other-than-hinduism- hater of his time


"Hinduism is the mother of all religions anyone ??"



I'm not saying he was wrong...i accept Vivekananda's veiws that Vedas are superior to all scriptures...but you don't know half of what's happened behind your back,in your camp.

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