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Reason Why EMERALD is not good for me

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Hi everyone


I just want to few things to clear my doubts as they effect my life


Why is Panna/Emerald not good for me ... I wore it for few months and saw lots of losses


Does everyone support for RED CORAL and RUBY in this chart



4th August 1976

08:55 AM

New Delhi



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Thanks again for the recommendation


I get so much confusion regarding my chart that sometimes I don;t know what should be done.


Can some one highlight these for me


1. Is Ketu going to drag my career in research field in its Mahadasha


2. Is Saturn or Mercury Responsible for the Losses and Struggle in my life related to Money and other issues


3. Jupiter - Rahu Transits have always been -ve in results


4. Will Saturn Antardasha always be stressful


5. Which career line would be best working out for me..I always work in the field in which I have not studied anything and then again the same struggle starts. I do win it but it gives struggle


6. Does RED CORAL is recommended for me, can some one list the good and bad effects of that on me


Few lines on each would create some confidence in me , Birth details are shown below


DOB: 4th August 1976

TOB: 08:55 AM

POB: New Delhi



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Bro Bro,


Are you wearing something else along with emarald ? are you still wearing Ruby and redcoral? combination of these two or three gems will create unwanted problems.


just wear Diamond and Emerald, the stone shouldnt have any crack mark or web or red inclusions.

Please dont wear Emerald with Ruby or emerald with red coral. combination can be disaster.


Diamond and Emerald only for you friend.


Take care


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