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Are all the religious societys worth it

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Dear Canyenero,


I am not sure about how religious societies work, as I am not a member of any, but I think...religious societies should be applauded for their efforts in preaching the religion. So whatever I am going to say now, is about religious societies in general.


I think a religious society is like an electrical current....and the members...are like electrical aplliances...so...in order for the electrical appliance to work...one must switch on the appliance. Weird explanation one may think.....


Religious societies, religions, scriptures, way-of-life as said by any religion and rituals are there in this world and all are beautiful...but to understand the beauty....one must switch on the acceptance mode to really benefit from the afore mentioned currents of source available.


Not all have the right understanding of religion, though the efforts by religious socities available now are extremely good in propagating awareness, knowledge and the right conduct, a member should have. One must transform oneself to accept and be in the right mode to really understand the objective of the society.


I think the key lies within the individual to have transformation. I strongly believe transformation if not from within, is futile.


I hope this insignificant effort of mine does answer your questions. If not, I am sure, there will be many knowledgeable members here will point out the right answer for you. Namaste.

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One of my questions is, even with all these religious societys, some time's I wonder does does it effect any one. What worth all the preaching when it goes through one ear and out the other.

I am not an athiest but you still see the usuall.:confused::confused:


Perhaps you should ask those who listen to preaching and forget about it later on why they are wasting their time listening to preaching?


I'm very doubtful that everyone is like what you said they are. I'm certain not, and I know many who are not.


Perhaps your confusion could be cleared if you look toward good people who still exists in this world, instead of looking at corrupted and worldly-minded people.

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