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Shani and Mangal in 10th house... with shani mahadasha.

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Pranam mitro,


In my horoscope, Shani and mangal are in 10th house and i m having a shani mahadasha. life has been very tough and quiet unforgiving for the last 7 yrs and i have to face some real unnecessary struggle for even small small straight things in my career.


kindly tell me the significance of these two planets combination in my chart:


My Date of birth: 13- dec- 1981

place: muzaffarnagar, UP

time: 7:42 am


- Amit

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dear amit


mars and saturn are enemies as you know and together they create trouble in a given house, in ur case 10th and saturn is strong and also its mahadasa is going on .so showed its malefic effects.. they are also malefics for your lagna


also now ur mars antardasa is going on...


it is very important for you to worship lord hanuman every day with devotion..

also pray to shani and mangal on saturday and tuesday , try to visit navgrah temple

even if u are already doing the above, it is the best possible way


also if possible wear a emerald ring in silver for good career



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Please workout (exercise) for two hours everyday for a period of two years in a gym. Forget about all these remedies. Three years ago, I had lost everything including a cloth to cover my genetails due to the effects of Shani. Today I have taken up extreme physical labor (which Shani likes and Mars blesses) and hence have got the answer to all my questions. No one will give you this advice except a person with realtime experience.

I had spent more than $10,000 (USD) on various consultations with various astrologers around the world but I found my answer in this one minute song here:




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