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Why nobody replies to me, it's my 3rd post...please

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I am going through very tough time. I am divorced and have 6 year old daughter. I am currently pursuing masters. I am not working. Since Aug.07 , I am involved in one or the other court case. First it was related to divorce , which got finalized in Oct.08 and now, since Nov.08 a new case came up and hearing is in Sept.09. I just want to know what future holds for me. I am very sad, depressed, lonely. Please read our horoscope.


Thank You


My details

DOB:7th May 1975

TOB: 9:05 am

POB: Muzaffarnagar,UP(India)


My daughter's

DOB:8th Aug. 2002


POB:Santa Clara, CA(USA)

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You are born in gemini lagna. Lord of 8th and lord of 12 in lagna together with lord of lagna in 12 is not a good sign for health, you need to take care of your health. Ketu mahadasha has started for you since august 2008 which will run till 2015. Since ketu is positioned in 12, it will show its ill effects. Jupiter is a lord of 7th and 10th as per your chart, which is beneficial for you and is placed in his own house, with moon. When the transit jupiter enters pieces in december, 2010, the things will start improving for you. 2011 will be a good year. As per the chart, there is also indication of 2nd marriage.

with regards

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My humble view = exhange between 1st (mer) and 12th lord (venus) brings the effect of ketu onto ven, mer and sat. hence the difficulties / onstacles in marriage during end of mer dasha. The dasha of lagna lord in 12th with ketu closely conjunct brings in obstacles, problems etc. Also mars (6th lord - disputes, health) afflicts 9th and being dispisitor of rahu aspects mer and hence the legal issues.


well placed jup, moon and sun will help the cause. Propitiating ketu and Mer could help.

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