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Sun and Mars in Aries (4th house)

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Hi Surabhi,


Sun being the 8th lord in exaltation is defenetly not good thing for capricorn acendent. Sun is along with Mars (4th, 11th lord and Badhaka) which clearly indicate that they spoil 4th house. According to my view, you may need to face struggles in life with your relatives.


What about your relationship with your mother side relatives ? do you have any disputes with them?


If these two planets are not aspected by a benefic like mercury, venus etc.. then deffenetely it is going to be a problem for you in your education life and your career also.


Please answer my following queries..


1. Do you have any big tank/Pond located near by your house in north or north east direction?


2. Do you feel that you try for repetitive times in getting the things done too your favour.


You need to give up some water to sun on every sunday to Sun in that tank or pond.


Keep a small red piece of cloth with you always and pray Shanmukha




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Hi Srinivas,


Thanks for replying.


I have pretty good rapport with my relatives. Except with one of my maternal uncle that too no disputes as such just lost touch. I have done double masters with distinction throughout so no probs in education but have not been able to work after marriage since 2 years. But I do have Mercury and venus in fifth house that is taurus. I have just started learning astrology so dont know if that counts. It is true that nothing comes to me easily but I am quite happy with the way things turn out at the end.

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Dear Surabhi ji,

Here is my detail analysis on your chart.

This is really interesting chart.

Lagna Lord Saturn is placed in 9th house along with Jupiter (3rd, 12th lord). Lagna lord position in 9th is good, but he is afflicted by association of Jupiter (who is a functional malefic for Capricorn lagna). Although he is a functional benefic by nature, he is an extreme malefic for Capricorn ascendant by virtue of 3rd and 12th lordship. Thus Lagna lord Saturn is a bit weak here.

In navamsa he is placed in Pisces which is a good position to occupy. Saturn will give you mixed results for you in his dasa and antardasa periods. One more interesting point here is Lagna lord Saturn and Moon lagna lord i.e.; moon are placed in 3/11 positions from each other. This will give you some benefic results for you in Saturn period and sub period, though it won’t be 100% results.(Please note that Saturn is afflicted here with 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter). Jupiter in 9th position gives you heavenly appearance to all the people around you, fair color. Jupiter period will surely give good results for you as he is with Lagna lord Saturn. In Jupiter period and Sub period will give you all kind of success, money, fame, luxuries and foreign travel as well.

Second house and Second lord:

Your Second lord is also Saturn and is placed in 9th along with Jupiter. This is a good placement for Saturn in 9th along with Karaka Jupiter. But –ve point here is he is with 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter and thus afflicted. Association along with Jupiter gives you a sweet voice, but you can not control your emotions and aggressiveness in speech some times. Please note that your navamsa lagna is Aries and Saturn is aspecting 2nd house in navamsa lagna. This might cause you some problems in communication issues also. I suggest you pray for lord Shiva and Parvathi which might improve the situations.

Third house and Third lord:

Third lord Jupiter is placed in 9th along with Saturn. This position is good and you will get benefited by your younger co-borns. You will have a good relation with your younger co-borns and get benefited by them. Jupiter being 3rd lord is situated in 9th which is again a dual sign and house of foreign travel. So you may have short tem foreign trips. Combination of 1st, 2nd and 3rd lords i.e; Saturn and Jupiter in 9th will give you gains from your co-borns.

Fourth house and Forth Lord:

Your Fourth house is weak. Sun being the 8th lord in exaltation is defenetly not good thing for Capricorn ascendant. Sun is along with Mars (4th, 11th lord and Badhaka) which clearly indicate that they spoil 4th house. The reason for you for having a good education is the strength of Mercury (9th lord) being situated with Venus (5th and 10th lord) in 5th. From moon, mercury and Venus are situated in 11th house and aspecting 5th house from moon there in is really very aspicious. Thus benefic results for mercury got multiplied here and it gives you more benefic results in his dasa and antardasa periods in terms of wealth, material comforts etc..

Mercury in this position is capable of giving very good intellectual mind in you and makes you a very creative and nature loving person. It makes you interested in astrology.

Please note that the major planets for any person to get interested in astrology are Jupiter and mercury. If any of these planets are related to 2nd and 5th house or their lords, they make the person interested in astrology. For any person to get proficient in astrology these planets should be strong enough and connect to either a strong Jupiter or Mercury.

Fifth house:

Fifth house is occupied by Mercury and Venus which I had already discussed above. You have done good deeds in your past birth and that good deeds will save you from the adverse results in the end. Mercury being 9th lord is placed in 5th which makes you a devotional person. You generally prefer to pray goddess.

Sixth house:

6th lord mercury is placed in 5th house which is not good and might create some differences between you and your daughters. 6th lord here is situated with Venus. So the impact will not be more. You need to take care about your health as Sun’s position is not good in 4th. You need to minimize your expenses. Saturn is aspecting 6th house by his 10th aspect which clearly indicates that you need to take care of your health and maintain diet control.

Seventh house:

7th lord moon is in Seventh along with Rahu. Moon is afflicted here in 7th position which makes your housband a bit emotional person.This might create some marital imbalance between both of you and you need to adjust with him. Is he working in Government sector?

Eighth house:

Your 8th lord Sun is situated in 4th house which I have already discussed above. But it will give you good longetivity. It is advised to you that you take care bout your skin also as there are chances that you might get skin related whenever ketu and rahu period and sub-period operates.

You own a house and car also but it is advised to be cautious while driving as Sun being the 8th lord is placed in 4th house. Things won’t come to you so easily as Sun (8th lord) is aspecting 10th house. But finally they will turn out for your favour because 10th lord is strongly posited in 5th along with Mercury.

You need to carry responsibilities life long. This is one thing that you can’t escape in your life time. Please note that your 4th house is heavily afflicted by Sun and Mars and no benefic planet is aspecting them.

Do you have any Pond/Tank in North or North East direction near by house? Please confirm on this. You need to give up water for Sun in the pond as a remedy to reduce the adverse effects and get things improved.

9th house:

Your 9th lord is strong and is posited in 5th along with Venus which clearly indicates that you can earn a moderate wealth but not to extreme. Jupiter (3rd and 12th Lord) is placed in 9th. 2nd lord is also afflicted here in 9th with Jupiter (3rd and 12th Lord).

Your 11th lord Mars is afflicted in 4th by Sun (8th lord).

10th house:

Sun and Mars are aspecting 10th house which is not a good sign. I have already discussed about this earlier and you need to try hard to get things done to your favour. Please note that venus is placed in a malefic aquaris navamsa which indicates that you need to carry a lot of responsibilities.

10th house from moon (7th lord) is occupied by Sun and Mars which is a good position for Sun and Mars from Moon ascendant. (Moon is the seventh lord from lagna). The reason for you not working after marriage was the position of Rahu with moon (7th lord). We need to consider 7th house also for predicting one’s profession as 7th is 10th from 10th house.

11th house :

Already discussed about 11th house earlier. Venus, mercury are aspecting 11th house which is +ve sign and you can earn a moderate wealth.

12th house:

12th house lord Jupiter is placed in 9th along with 1st lord Saturn which might take you to foreign land and you can earn a moderate wealth there. Position of 12th lord in this place gives you wavering of mind (Continuous thinking).

Yogas in the chart:

Dhana yogas:

I can see some of the yogas in the chart like Kedaara, Sankha, Mridanga yoga etc..which give you name, fame, wealth and all sorts of luxuries..

Overall horoscope is good.. Later, after some time, I will post remedies also for the yoga bhanga combinations present in this chart



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I have been wondering what will be the effect if Sun and Mars in Aries (4th house) as Sun in exalted in Aries and Aries is Mars's Mooltrikona sign. This will be an interesting combination right.


Yes it is, of course excellent. The stain of 8th lordship is not much because the Sun is exalted and Mars is comfortable and very strong in his own sign. Lord of the 4th in the 4th is great. The mind will be very strong.


- Pablo

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Thank you all so much. Wow Srinivas such a detailed analysis. I really appreciate your time. I am indeed very interested in astrology as you rightly pointed out. No, my husband is not in Govt. he is in I.T. I want to know one more thing. I agree moon is afflicted but its in Cancer (Moon's own sign and it mooltrikona sign) I understand from reading that moon controls Rahu and Ketu's energy. So if Moon is in mooltrikona sign and happy wont that give positive energy to Rahu. (Sorry this must be a stupid question but unless I ask these questions I will never learn. ). My husband is not very emotional, infact he is the reason I feel confident and happy. We do have tiffs but mostly have a good relationship. This is why I asked about Moon and Rahu in Cancer.

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