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Praise of Kali

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"Kali is black because her ways are secret, invisible, one does not know what maya is up to in her ruthlessness to destroy.She creates all kind of chaos to help establish order. She can take any form, she can dazzle, confuse, terrify, entice. She does not discriminate using singular logic, her comprehension is all consuming, she does not miss a thing. She is Krsna's weapon, she works herself up into a frenzy in her divine hunger to coax out the demon's crowning weaknesses of lust, ego, pride, greed until she can no longer contain herself and in an ecstatic moment blasts the enemy with the universal powers of annihilation.. When the universe is in the state of collapse,Shiva has to pacify her. By this point Kali is so drunk on the blood of her victims, and her mocking laughter and screams can be heard far and wide. With Shiva's help in pacifiying the great queen the world is restored to order once again until Kali's roaming tongue tastes another qualified victim. It is a dance of ecstasy and surrender to the lord many times over, a beautiful divine play. She is the great mother. Death is her signature and Birth is her gift.

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