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significance of Navmasa chart?

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Navamsa chart shows the underlying strengths and weaknesses of the main Birth chart, the Rasi. If a planet is strong in rasi but weak in navamsa it will cause suffering and problems in the area of life it relates to in the navamsa.. as well as harming the inherent significations of the planet.. Navamsa indicates everything about the life, but from a more soul perspective.. it also gives finer details on the spouse or marriage in various ways.. it also reveals more about the spiritual nature of a native and the potential for moksha.. it is the God fate, or spiritual workings of life which aren't always obvious in the Rasi chart.. One might have a particular career in the Rasi chart, but what does it mean, what is it for on a deeper spiritual level.. it is too vast a subject for study to list all the technical and interpretative intricacies of those things here..

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