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Good astro software

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Dear All,


I am looking for an astrology software with the following features:


Detailed dasha data ie Mahadasha (MD), Antardasha (AD) and Pratyantar-dasha (PD). I want pratyantar becuase I am focusing on the KP system at the moment to predict the exact timing of an event and thus PD is very necessary here. Make sure that the birth chart has all the dashas from the time of birth not from the time of making the chart as some software do that.


KP charts and cusps details bhav cusps etc.


KP significators table including sub lords.


Vimshottari dasha and any other dasha (as many types of dasha as possible Yogini, Ashtottari, Kalchakra, Sooksham).


As many D-charts as possible.


Any other features then please let me know.


I am using Windows XP so please take that into cosideration. Let me know where I can download, how big it is, how good it is as per your experience, is it free, etc. Thanks



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