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Rahu in Rahu

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Respected Gurujis ,



Im a Software Engineer and going through a bad patch, i lost my job 2 months ago and going through rahu in rahu mahadasa and antardasa. Sir can u please tell me when ill get a gud job and when i get settled !!!


My birth details are :

Place of birth : Nagpur

Date of birth : 25 march 1984

Time of birth : 20:17 pm



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I am also going through Rahu mahadasha and just finished my Rahu antardasha in Dec, 2008 only, it has given me illenss and I am still recovering from it and it made me come back from abroad, but things are improving now as now it is Jupiter antar-dasha. good luck and have faith in God, things will improve soon,thanks



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Dear Priyesh,


Your lord of career is involved in a very auspicious yoga with Jupiter, though placed in 6th from own house. It is further debilitated in the Navamsa. To give it strength, It would be very good if you can pray Lord Shiva on mondays. read Shiv Chalisa. Chant "om Namoh Shivaya". wear white clothes on monday.


Also read Hanuman Chalisa on saturdays.


Kind regards

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