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FASTING as a remedy against malefic planets

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Thank you very much. My married life is in a mess and we are separated since May 2005. Could you please suggest a remedy to patch my life problems


Thanks a lot


Please see your Inbox. I have sent you a PM.

Then, if you wish, you may email me through the HomePage of my website, which you can access by clicking on my username, on the words "Medical Astrology" on the left of this message.

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Dear Medical Aastrology Ji,


My birth details are: February 2, 1974; 1333 hrs; New Delhi, India

I have not been able to get a full-time job in the usa for more than an year now after having completed an mba degree last year in May.

Kindly provide your kind advice regarding when to fast to get a good job and have a smooth and prosperous career. I currently fast on Mondays.


Kind regards


Hello, the negative features of your horoscope are:


There is a kaal-sarpa yoga,

Lagnesh Venus and Yoga karaka Saturn are both retrograde,

Saturn is conjunct ketu in 2nd,

Lagna is in a severe paap-kartari yoga.


I think you would benefit by reducing energies of Saturn, by fasting on SATURDAYS and continuing to fast on MONDAYS too, if you are able to fast twice a week.


If this is not possible, fasting on Mondays should be preferred.

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