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VIPVAts Ji please help

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I am kumar. Does my chart have doshas and information on my Physically disability, Please help me.


My date of Birth is 20th march 1982

Time: 10:10 am, Saturaday

Place: Bangalore

Rashi: Makara, uttarashada


I am a physically challenged person. When i was at the age of 4 i suffered heavy fever during that time. I was injected at my lower back after that i lost my strength on my back as well as both the legs. I want to go the reason behind this.


And also i want to know what doshas does i have in my birth chart and weak and strong planets in my chart, Please help me.






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Dear Kumar,

you mailed the same problem to me. The reason is simple.

Lords of 3,6,11 are inauspicious.They are termed as Trishadaaya.

In your horoscope,in the rasi chart 3rd lord is Moon, 6th lord is Venus and 11th lord is Jupitor.

Moon and Venus are placed together in 9th.Jupitor is placed in 6th.

You are effected by this disability in Moon-Moon-Venus period.

Remedy for a recovery chance is some good Shanty to Moon and more to Venus which is your lagna lord also.

The other planets are OK.

This answers your mail.

with best wishes,


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dear all,

I am kannan. I want to know about my future and about moksha. I gave my details below. can anyone say abt my future.



DoB: 06-06-1986.

time: 5:50:00 am

Lagna and planetary positions:


Rashi : TAURUS

Lagna : TAURUS


1st house: (lagna): sun and moon.

2nd house: mercury and venus.

6th house: ketu.

7th house: saturn.

9th house:mars.

10th house:jupiter.

12th house: rahu.

I request any one to clarify my following doubts(especially)


When will i get marraige?

Will i get a lovable wife?

Will i get moksha after my death?

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