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vishnu not supreme- proof (no tamasic texts have i mentioned)?

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other is always beautiful for her children,full of mercy so as the Godess and there should not be any doubt on it but when such word being used I just cannot stop myself,whatever is our sampradaya may be> fair and farmost thing is to respect others and this is absent in Mr.Ranjeet,many times I have seen this and first time I openly wrote,there is no place in religion where you address someone with words like rascal or maidservant kinda words for Mahadevi.Sence must be prevailed.Else door of Moksha will be closed permenantly for such devotee-my open challenge.

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu Matru rupen sansthita Nama: statsayi Nama: statsayi,Nama: statsayi namo namah.

Sorry sant as usual I failed to read anything out of your lines- my old problem may be!


Im talking about devi bhagwatam.Have you read it?

BEsides i dont see Ranjeet making or using bad words fordevi.If you actually read the above story it can be considered bad or even a joke.

Its about brahma vishnu mahesh being carried by a celestial car going to devi loka.Whre they adress prayers to devi who is sitting on a chair and who is beatiful and with red eye wtih all devas at her feet.She turns tridev into young girls and they start serving her.

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And to your maidervant QUERY it is true that durga is maidservant of krishna according to vaishnav philosophy..You may find it insulting as youve not read Brahm samhita i guess.Durga is the mahamaya of this world it is her work to delude.If you read the above story whose sanskrit link i have already given you then ill show you even more amazing things.(not from this book).

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